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  1. one of the best A-6 builds I have seen in a long time. Chris
  2. Great work so far Aigor, can't wait to see the finished build. Chris Causey
  3. Thank you Andrew for the compliments on the U-Boat. I was a little nervous about doing the weathering on it but it came out pretty good so far and glad you liked it. More pics to come soon. Chris
  4. Hey Guys, I had to take a break and get away from airplane models for a while and decide I wanted to build this beast of a kit. This kit is very fun and different to build and goes together pretty well. I did not go out and spend big bucks on any aftermarket parts for this kit cause I don't normally build ships and haven't in about 12 years or so. This is going to be my take on the U-Boat 564 Type 7 C version. This particular U-Boat did some missions around Florida and the Gulf of Mexico and sunk many cargo ships in Operation Drumbeat around 1942 and 1943. I did not find to many images on the
  5. Thanks Joel, Glad you like them and the A-10 is my favorite one to.
  6. Fantastic looking P-40 Aigore, really top notch work. Chris
  7. That In-Flight Tomcat turned out awsome. Really cool display.
  8. Thanks Bruce, No Worries and will post some new stuff up in the near future. Chris.
  9. Thanks Shan for the comments and for looking, glad you enjoyed them. Sorry no F-14 builds coming antyime soon. Chris
  10. Thanks rcaffan for the advice and critiques, I am an average model builder so I do not strive for perfection on my builds to much but feel it looks as best as I can create it to be and that's fine with me. I did do some research and used photos that helped me come to these two builds. Thanks for looking anyway. Chris
  11. Really Beautifull Phantom Build Iceman, Best one I have seen yet.
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