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  1. Wow - really nice builds David - thanks for sharing! Look forward to seeing what else you have, Cheers- Ret
  2. Really amazing work - thanks for sharing the build progress - fascinating to watch and learn! -Ret
  3. The solution you've used for the LM ascent stage panels is very effective - the thickness of the plasticard seems to look just right. The plasticard holds the wrinkles nicely and I like how you are able to do the riveting. Undoubtedly time consuming, but very realistic result. Look forward to seeing the finished model. Are the panels scaled as per the diagram or have you slightly oversized them? Looks like fidely work. Thanks for sharing - Ret
  4. Wow - those LM interiors are something! Are you trying to rebuild the LM as well? I'd be interested in hearing about your work on the LM interiors. And yes, K2Pete's work is amazing and inspiring - I've certainly referenced his work many times in my own builds. Ricardo has also done some amazing work as well with his Apollo 16 Orion build - which I think you can find on this site and others. There are some really wonderful and helpful folks in the community!
  5. I think it's always difficult to match pieces in scale - but it looks like you've got a good thing going there. I'm thinking that the difficulty lies in the fact that most of the Kapton didn't cover a surface so much as cover a open space on some of the LM descent quads. Looking good!
  6. Really beautifully done work and detail. Will follow with interest - Thanks!
  7. Those are quite the collections, aren't they? Here's a photo I have - don't remember from where though - similar to the ones you posted - maybe the same SM. The Apollo 4 albums from those sites had a few images of the vehicle stacking that showed a flight configured SM.
  8. Watching this with interest - I have a newer release of the same kit and would also like to do a block 1, These are some interesting photo sources as well - fun to look through their sites as well: Mike Acs’s albums | Flickr Drew Granston’s albums | Flickr I've been using Bare Metal Foil for a lot of my work - comes in gold, aluminum, chrome and copper - but it does cost. Here in Canada I've think I've maybe used some Lindt chocolate foil at times - but really just hit and miss. The photos you have for reference are from a test articl
  9. Hey CJ - thanks for posting the pics - it was a very enjoyable and well organized show as always. It was great to see Ricardo and talk with some other new friends! Sorry I missed you. The foil is a tricky thing as I've rediscovered doing my second 1/32 CSM - I wasn't particularly happy with the results because I think I forgot the lessons I had learned the first time. What I'd say is this - on the SM apply the foil on separate panels - don't try and do the whole thing at once - I ended up with problems trying to apply the foil to too large of an area - there's a kind of elastic quality to it a
  10. Stunning work! I was just looking at this at Collectspace and surprise - it's here as well. Will bookmark for reference, Cheers - ret
  11. A LM? Holy cow Batman! I'm pulling out my popcorn now. You could always do an H mission and forgo the SIM bay. I started going through the kit again and now I'm remembering - it's a whole series of issues to dance around. The CM and SM are like two different kits - each with their own challenges. Yours will look great - you did a stunning job with the pair of Tomcats. ret
  12. Hi CJ - just saw this thread - thanks for the tip of the hat. The CSM I did was a few years ago - so I'll have to try and remember what I did. I'm actually working on the same kit again right now, but want to do it as a cutaway - we shall see how far I get. As Pete noted the huge challenge for the kits are the seams that cut across the SM radiators and right down the CM hatch! I mean really, who engineered this kit? - I think i just gently worked the SM seam - but also covered part of it with new panels - I covered the RCS quad panels with paper or thin evergreen polystyrene. That got rid of a
  13. Hey CJ - I've seen your F-14s in a few photoshoots from Heritagecon - Ricardo linked to Fine Scale Modeler facebook page with pics posted - yours is there! - Have a look! I think the thing about these shows is that there are two separate aspects to them - there is the "show" part of them and there's the "competition" part. It's of course nice to get a medal - but there are so many variables to work through with that - I don't envy the judges for sure. But, it's also great and rewarding to have folks recognize and appreciate your work. Your Tomcats were fantastic! IPMS HAMILTON
  14. Thank Ricardo - great photos of a great day!
  15. Hi CJ - thanks so much for posting the photos - it was a great show - overwhelming at times! It was wonderful chatting with you and seeing Pete and Ricardo again. Your pair of F-14 were amazing and loved the presentation! I was thankful that Pete brought his work as it's quite something to see them "in person" as one can appreciate the level of work and detail that he has put into them. I know Fine Scale Modeler photographed his Shuttle and Hubble - so I look forward to seeing the pics of that. It was also great to see Ricardo's newest piece of the Cosmonaut - spectacular! All round a fantast
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