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  1. Ah the decal dance - usually a tough step for me. I've tried coating the area first with microsol and had some success as it seems to want to bite the decal from the get go. I've also coated clear and then put the decal down while the clear is still wet. I feel the pain.... -ret
  2. Is the umbilical cover a scratch build?
  3. Gorgeous Pete - love following your builds - I end up saving your pics to use for reference on my own builds. Thanks for this - ret
  4. This is great to see - thanks so much for posting - looking forward to watching this progress - amazing work!
  5. Hey Pete - I want to personally thank you for starting this GB - it was lots of fun and great to see some of the fantastic builds going on from far and wide. All the best - and see on the Real Space forum! -ret
  6. Looking real good Pete - hang in there! Where do you order the 1/2 round from - I didn't even know there was such a thing. I'm inspired by your build - I've got the same kit - new - but haven't had the fire in the belly to do what you're doin'.
  7. Adrianu - wow! Your work is spectacular - and congratulations on the other stunning projects. As Pete suggested - try starting a separate posting to host your work - it's well deserved. And yes - Pete's work is incredibly inspiring! Hope to see more - Ret
  8. Really lovely work Pete - can't wait to see the CSM!
  9. It's lookin' real good Pete - another fine build! Was the MESA after market as well? I love the combination of foiling, after market and scratch building that you do - a real pleasure to watch. Best - Ret
  10. Absolutely fantastic - thanks for posting! ☺️
  11. Wow -spectacular - can't wait to see lifftoff!
  12. woh - could you cutoff a thin layer of skin containing the hardened glue then wrap the whole S1C with a new "skin" of thin sheet - then redo the intertank? Worth a try HD - this is an amazing build! Keep trying man! Best - we've all been there - Ret
  13. Beautiful work there as205! You've done a fantastic job of highly detailing the build - well done and congrats! all the best - Ret
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