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  1. This is a really wonderful build - congratulations on the work you've done here! -Ret
  2. Hey Pete - really great stuff here - I always appreciate the time, level of detail, research and ingenuity you bring to these projects - thanks so much for sharing. I consider myself lucky to have seen your work "in person" and up close. Thanks again - and hopefully we'll be meeting sooner rather than later! Ret
  3. Wow - lovely scratch building! Zond was such a fascinating project that so narrowly missed being the first to carry humans to the moon. You've captured the texture of the thermal blankets especially well. Very admirable as well having to buy a Guinness for your art :-)
  4. It's so great you post these workups Pete - like a master class! I'm getting so many ideas to put into practise - thanks again.
  5. Beautiful work as always Pete - and it looks like we got a bit of time now before the show. Ret
  6. Wow - absolutely amazing attention to detail - very inspiring! Thank you for sharing. RET
  7. Great idea Ricardo - hopefully we can discuss at Heritgecon!
  8. Wow - lovely work Ricardo - makes a nice companion piece for Al Shepard. I particularly like the execution of your diorama - you've captured the flag reflection wonderfully on the visor - Congrats! Will we see it at Heritagecon? Best - Ret
  9. Thanks Pete and Crowe T for the tips - Look forward to trying them out!
  10. Hey Pete - great build! Just out of curiosity - which hardware store and which paint - I've been using the Tamiya stuff in the past - but would welcome an option and opinion, Many thanks - Ret
  11. Hey Pete - can't wait to see what you do with this one - have been wanting to know how this kit is since it was released. It will look really nice next to your Shuttle! Where did you get it from?
  12. This is really something special you're doing - very exciting. Even more so knowing it's all in metal - really incredible!
  13. Ah the decal dance - usually a tough step for me. I've tried coating the area first with microsol and had some success as it seems to want to bite the decal from the get go. I've also coated clear and then put the decal down while the clear is still wet. I feel the pain.... -ret
  14. Is the umbilical cover a scratch build?
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