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  1. Thanks for sharing Mike - you did a great job with it!
  2. Thanks Pete! - yes there should be a big "United States" on the side - except that when I was reworking the wing root seam I tore them off - both sides - just never replaced them. Nothing gets past Hawkeye! :-)
  3. Thanks Jetplane! - I'll probably try to model Discovery - haven't done one yet. Good luck with the rest of your build too - I'm keeping an eye on it....
  4. Great work on the shading - you've really captured the differences nicely!
  5. You've done a wonderful job scratch building and adding to the base model - very well done!
  6. Lovely build there! Was the CSM foil BMF foil or was it painted? How did you find the build - I've done the Dragon and the Revel in the past. -Ret
  7. The 1/72 build was one of my first while getting back into building scale models - I was trying techniques I'd seen and admired from other folks builds - I added the TPS "medical tape" tiles one by one - on the 144 build -which came after - I started adding whole sections of the medical tape and then cutting the tile shapes afterwards. This was faster and much easier - the model was then painted and weathering was done after with some diluted artist's ink - applied almost like a light watercolour wash. I also painted various areas with differnet shades of white and grey for added weathering..
  8. Hi Jetplane - thanks for the comments - here are some other images - I think as Pete once said - "good from afar - but far from good". I have another 1/72 Shuttle I've been working on for awhile now - hopefully will learn from my earlier build. - see what you think....
  9. George - thanks - been following your 1/100 build - beautiful shading you've done! The 1/72 pictured above is the Revel - it was built before I learned about such "advanced" techniques such as sanding seems :-) - I'll see if I can post more....
  10. I'll see what I can do - the site keeps restricting how much I can post - also I must say I'm not very happy with the photos - but that's my problem!
  11. Hello George - thanks for the kind words - I know Pete and a few other folks on the forum - always nice to meet more. I'm following along your build as well with keen interest! Here's another angle of my 144 stack and an image of my 1/72 Revel Shuttle - both were done awhile back - hopefully I've learned a few things since - I'll try and post more. Take care - RET
  12. Thanks - not sure if correct scale, but seemed to work out ok.
  13. Some photos of my build from a few years ago. I used medical tape for the TPS and added details to the launch platform. I'll try and add more photos - but the site won't let me. See what you think.... RET
  14. This is a really wonderful build - congratulations on the work you've done here! -Ret
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