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  1. Hey Pete - yes, I spoke with both the Torcan and Guelph organizers and both said they were trying to find venues and hoped to have shows on in the fall. Nobody seemed to know about London. Lets hope they can pull things together - it was alot of fun this past Sunday. This is a photo from someone named Bill Cambell of my entry. The photo s not mine. There are many more images from Ricardo and others on the Facebook site for the show. I'm not a fan of Facebook for various reasons, but some good images there. RET
  2. Hi CJ - thanks for the Pics! - they look great. I'm sorry I missed you, as I was there as well as Ricardo. Ricardo did the Apollo 11 astro and flag and took the gold medal for it! I did the Shuttle with Hubble - it's the 1/200 Hasegawa kit - it took the silver! There were not many real space entries this year - but the show itself was packed and good to see. Lots of folks and there were apparently over 600 entries in total. It felt good to be back with so many people in "normal" settings. I met up with Ricardo and we had a wonderful chat, and I also had the chance to meet up with a bun
  3. Hey Pete - indeed! I need to get myself organized somewhat and take some photos. I have a few real space builds - but many lately have been aviation. Love your updates - we'll all keep movin' along.....
  4. Hey Pete - yes I've survived the "health crisis" just fine. Been doin' some reading, getting outside and in between working on a few builds. But good god man - you're a modelling dynamo! That out of scale cutaway LM looks amazing - you could build a test stand for it and display as is...no? Love to watch you're builds - always an inspiration - hope we can all see them in person soon enough.
  5. Wow Pete - nice to see your posts - I'm pulling up the popcorn! -ret
  6. Thanks for sharing Mike - you did a great job with it!
  7. Thanks Pete! - yes there should be a big "United States" on the side - except that when I was reworking the wing root seam I tore them off - both sides - just never replaced them. Nothing gets past Hawkeye! :-)
  8. Thanks Jetplane! - I'll probably try to model Discovery - haven't done one yet. Good luck with the rest of your build too - I'm keeping an eye on it....
  9. Great work on the shading - you've really captured the differences nicely!
  10. You've done a wonderful job scratch building and adding to the base model - very well done!
  11. Lovely build there! Was the CSM foil BMF foil or was it painted? How did you find the build - I've done the Dragon and the Revel in the past. -Ret
  12. The 1/72 build was one of my first while getting back into building scale models - I was trying techniques I'd seen and admired from other folks builds - I added the TPS "medical tape" tiles one by one - on the 144 build -which came after - I started adding whole sections of the medical tape and then cutting the tile shapes afterwards. This was faster and much easier - the model was then painted and weathering was done after with some diluted artist's ink - applied almost like a light watercolour wash. I also painted various areas with differnet shades of white and grey for added weathering..
  13. Hi Jetplane - thanks for the comments - here are some other images - I think as Pete once said - "good from afar - but far from good". I have another 1/72 Shuttle I've been working on for awhile now - hopefully will learn from my earlier build. - see what you think....
  14. George - thanks - been following your 1/100 build - beautiful shading you've done! The 1/72 pictured above is the Revel - it was built before I learned about such "advanced" techniques such as sanding seems :-) - I'll see if I can post more....
  15. I'll see what I can do - the site keeps restricting how much I can post - also I must say I'm not very happy with the photos - but that's my problem!
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