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  1. Not even a bit of resin aftermarket set to go with your build, Janne? Something must be awfully bad with the world these days!
  2. Thank you both Turtle & Tom. Your replies were a great help to me. Oh, no; I've got the Murdock set to convert either the Hasegawa E or Monogram J 1/48 kits to the C version. I just learnt from you that the Cutting Edge set was not accurate in order to make the conversion. I was this close of getting it, so I guess it was just my luck not to have gotten it. Cheers, fellas. Henka
  3. I wholly agree with that statement. I've known the real SuE up close and personal, so if you happened to be a kit builder, then you'd go with the Kitty Hawk kit. Otherwise, get the Kinetic kit. It's a much better kit even when it's got some fitting issues. Perhaps this is the case for a valid reason? There's something odd with the radome shape in the Kitty Hawk kit. Then again, I don't like the way Kitty Hawk molded the exhaust cone to be detachable, making it look like a lousy toy if you chose to keep it detachable, which leaves an awful trench of a seam line. Somet
  4. Nah, Berkut ought to be a moderator "wannabe"? Why would anyone care whether he's bothered anyways? Never mind, members are able to make whatever questions they pleased. If he's bothered, that's his problem, you know.
  5. Tom! Thanks once again. Yes, I meant my other right on the picture. Well, okay; it's just the Cutting Edge instructions sheet says they're deflectors. First pic you posted make everything clear to me now. So the rocket pack opened in an opposite way than the speedbrake; I was not able to fathom how in hell the rockets were released otherwise. Second pic you posted made me make up my mind about doing an E version instead. The two pieces on the left of the picture I posted above (which Cutting Edge call "deflectors"), look nothing like the real thing in any case. One last qu
  6. Hi, Tom! Thanks a lot for your reply. Yes, the deflectors are a separate part, on the right in the picture. I'm doing the C version, so the deflectors are to be inside the bay. My question was aimed at learning how the deflectors worked when they had to perform their task. I certainly didn't know that the Crusaders could carry rockets; I thought it could be more like JATOs, to be honest with you. Cheers, Henka
  7. Rob, I don't know about the 1/72 Cobra Company set, but you could always take a good chunk out of the 1/48 Cutting Edge bit if you sold it on evilBay, like $70 or so.
  8. What are the rocket exhaust deflectors used for inside the speedbrake bay on the F-8? I just received the Cutting Edge set CEC48434, and I haven't got a faintest clue what they're for.
  9. Brass tubing as well...? Nice! I should try those. Mine where a tad wobbly when I attempted cutting brass tubing. Last time I bought at UMM, John sent me the CMK spare blades I'm asking you about. Saw that now he's got ones which read Tiger on them.
  10. Calum, mate! Howdy? Thanks, I'm ordering a JLC handle on UMM. Do you know how the JLC spare blades fare against the CMK ones? I hear the latter are a tad harder than the former. Cheers C! H
  11. Thanks, British Storm! I'm asking a relative who's travelling in Cali to run an errand for me, so I need to know how Future is known up there. Also, I've learnt that the stuff is not flammable, so I'd also need the bottle's aprox. dimensions so as to purchase an airtight container for her to keep the bottle inside her luggage.
  12. Fed up with my CMK holder; it's made of plastic and only holds the razor blade on one point. Was checking the UMM-USA page and saw the JLC holder looks way much stronger. Was wondering whether the JLC holder will work with the collection of CMK blades that I've still got left; lots of them. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Hennie
  13. Uwe, I've build the Revell kit, and I've added a whole plethora of aftermarket sets to it: I've bought Hypersonic Models' exhaust, which are a must. Clickie there! I've also gotten the Verlinden Upgrade set from someone who didn't know what he got; he sold it to me for 5 quid! Added the Paragon Flap and Slat set and the DMold seamless suckers.
  14. That's an awesome build. My mate in Hong Kong, the one who's grafting the Ciro Models #410 set onto the new KH kit, has also got the KoPro kit; he says that using the new Kitty Hawk kit as a template, it would be possible to fix the issue with the KoPro forward fuselage. The fixing involves a cut behind the cockpit bulkhead, or something like that. Hope to have the pictures in order to share them with those of you truly interested.
  15. Well, there's an Asian modelling mate who happens to be grafting the Ciro Model set #410 to the new kit as we speak. Will ask him for pictures, but if you cared to surf the web for a while, you might learn what the area of concern with the old kit was, which is ahead of the new kit's, as far as I was told; here: I myself use to concur on the idea that just because a set reads "to fit an specific kit", that doesn't mean that it cannot make to fit just any other similar kit in the very same scale, that is. Nice castings those Ciro Models ones. Cheers,
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