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  1. Hey Steve, So very glad to hear from you, and hope things get much better for you very soon! Cheers Steve Brad
  2. GW, Then why not just leave. You're nothing but a troll, an internet school yard bully. Please close the gate behind you.
  3. Mr GW8345, You seem to have an axe to grind with this site's owner? Why? This is a free site for you to visit, so why do you care what Steve Bamford does or doesn't do with it? Give it a rest already.
  4. Ok, wow, I was not aware they had lost all the aircraft that were serviceable and active. I guess it's now the Su-27 then. Thanks
  5. If this has been asked and answered, I am sorry, but I could not find it here. Are they using the 9-12 or 9-13 or both? I wish to try and build one in 1/48 scale. TIA Brad
  6. Guys, Does anyone know which decals are applied onto the missile pylons? The instructions do not show which decals on the sheet to use on the pylons. Any help would be appreciated. TIA Brad
  7. Raymond has always been a very class act. He has always helped me out in my orders, and I am one of those very impatient people who hates to wait. It is too bad that this Covid pandemic has pretty much put a huge bind into everyone's lives, but it's where we are at and will be still for a long time to come. Patience and kindness is the key folks. I think the big guy in the sky wants us to realize this. 🙂 Happy Modelling Brad
  8. If you want two very trouble free builds, you can't go wrong with Hasegawa's Bf-109G series and their Ki-84 Frank fighters. Not a ton of parts, great fit and good to excellent detail. HTH Brad
  9. Brad-M

    CP-107 Argus

    Tony, That hobby shop would have been Argus Hobbies near the base. It's no longer around. Brad
  10. Guys, On the Russian Mig-25PDS, how far back is the aircraft's underside fuselage left un-painted? Thanks Brad
  11. Super looking cockpit and paint job Rod. If you are reading this, what paint did you use for the Air Superior Grey? Cheers, Brad
  12. Hey, no copyright issues to fear from Andy, fire away 🙂
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