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  1. Good Day, I know this a very long shot, but I am looking for either the Mk 4 or Mk 5. I am in Oak Harbor, and I don't do paypla. PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks Brad
  2. Thanks guys. The HB 100/102 kit only comes with 2 standard drop tanks, 2 LR-155s, AIM-9P's and L's and 2 M117. Brad
  3. Nice pics Chris. Is that a drop tank under the belly? Brad
  4. Ok, I picked up my Hobby Boss 1/48 Hawk 100/102 kit today from the LHS in Victoria during my visit with my daughter. She gave me a couple of hours to hang out with a few of the local club guys. I noticed that most pics of the RCAF Hawk has a cubic ACMI pod on the left wing tip, where can I get one of those? Also, is that a drop tank under the belly? It's not in the kit. I have my excellent decals from Caracal coming to me along with some resin seats. Lastly, for now, what colour of blue is the CT-155 painted? TIA Brad
  5. Roger..order placed on the Wolfpack set from Sprue. Thanks guys! Brad
  6. Guys, Does our Hawk use the MB Mk 10 seats? Brad
  7. Hey Brad, are you going to add any weight in the nose to yours? Brad
  8. Hi Chris, I don't have PP. Brad
  9. They don't take credit card, only PP and western union money transfer? Brad
  10. Thanks Brad. The other Brad
  11. What resin intakes did you get Brad, and are they a drop fit? Brad
  12. The Trumpeter F-106 is very nice. Some say there are issues with the intakes not being shaped correctly, and the canopy is off too, but I like it. I got mine from a seller on the forums. Brad
  13. Thanks Brad, I'll holler if I need pics. Chris, I haven't seen a two seat pit from Aires yet. Cheers Brad
  14. Hi, Thanks for the reply. So do I need to remove the entire pour block on the pit? I assume I need to remove all the side detail of the kit cockpit, including the two square openings to the rear of the sill on each side of the kit cockpit too? Brad