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  1. Guys,Does anyone have any US Navy decals for the FJ-4 Fury? PM or email me if you do and can part with them. slam_eye@yahoo.caThanksBrad
  2. Brad-M

    Kinetic CF188 1/48 Production Line x4

    Hi, PM sent. Brad
  3. Brad-M

    1/48 Mig-25 Upgrade Set Question

    Thanks all. Guess I was dreaming. Brad
  4. Guys, Is there a set that converts the new tooled ICM/Revell Mig-25 RBT to a PD? TIA Brad
  5. Brad-M

    Aires 1/48 A-4B/C Cockpit Question

    Hi, I wasn't aware that there is a width issue. Since the cockpit is quite small, I might just replace the seat then. Any idea what seat would be good for an Argentina A-4? Thanks Brad
  6. Hey Guys, Has anyone tried to use this cockpit into the Hobby Craft kit? TIA Brad
  7. Brad-M

    Mig-15 Help

    Thanks Helmsman and Gabor. Very much appreciated. All the best Brad
  8. Brad-M

    Mig-15 Help

    Ok, were Mig-15's NMF, or NMF with a protective coating? Just wondering if a model of a Mig-15 that was NMF would have showed different shaded panels or not. TIA Brad
  9. Brad-M

    Is ZM Going to give us an F-4G?

    Thanks Dave and Nik. Brad
  10. Does anyone know if Zoukei-**** plans on producing a 1/48 scale F-4G as part of their Phantom run? TIA Brad
  11. Brad-M

    Kinetic CF188 1/48 Production Line x4

    Looking super! I would love one. Cheers Brad
  12. Brad-M

    Which 1/48 Kit for an Su-27?

    Thanks all, I will wait for the GWH kit. Their T-33 and F-15 are great kits. Brad
  13. Brad-M

    Which 1/48 Kit for an Su-27?

    Aren't the Su-27 and the Su-35 2 different aircraft? Brad