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  1. Brad-M

    RCAF F-101 Colours

    Hi Tony, That's my plan. Thanks Brad
  2. Brad-M

    RCAF F-101 Colours

    So I pulled out my references and went over the kit's marking scheme for the RCAF option and it is pretty messed up. The kit marking option for the Canadian bird is the RCAF +3 ERA with flash scheme, but they state that the IR Ball is included, plus the paint calls out 16440 grey on top, and white for the underside. This is of course wrong, as the scheme should be natural metal. There is the option of not including the IR sensor, but just paint it NMF.
  3. Brad-M

    RCAF F-101 Colours

    I use Tamiya paints, does anyone have a mix for Voodoo Grey? I was thinking of starting with XF-18 and going from there. Brad
  4. Brad-M

    RCAF F-101 Colours

    Hey Phantom, so what did you use for the Voodoo Grey on yours? I'd like to know, as does serendip too I imagine. I picked up one of these kits at Skyway just yesterday. Great collection. Cheers, Brad
  5. Yes, I have read them all today, thanks everyone. Brad
  6. Hey Guys, Sorry if this has been asked before. but can a Mig-25P be built from the PD kit? TIA Brad
  7. Brad-M

    1/48 Kitty Hawk UH-1H double build!

    Great work on the fit of the windshield, Did it take much fiddling around or was it a drop fit? Brad
  8. Guys, I want to get a 1/48 Mig-25 from ICM. Sprue is out and Squadron only has the Recce, so I am looking for a reliable source from Ebay. TIA Brad
  9. Brad-M

    RCAF CT-133 Bottom Side Grey Colour Querry

    Yup, found that site earlier. Thanks Gary. BTW I am using the Belcher decals set. Brad
  10. Brad-M

    RCAF CT-133 Bottom Side Grey Colour Querry

    Thanks Chris, but I don't own their instructions. Brad
  11. Guys, I am at the painting stage of my GWH RCAF CT-133 and I am stumped as to which 101-327 Grey I should use. My aircraft will be painted in the Symetrical Era scheme, but in my research I have done, I have read that there is 3 possible shades of 101-327 Grey. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Brad
  12. Brad-M

    Severing Ties...

    Last night at our local club meeting we had our swap and shop, and I parted ways with my 1/48 Hasegawa CF-188 boxing of the Hornet. It was loaded with goodies, and went to a good home. I did this so I can move on and build the Kinetic CF-188 kit. Please Kinetic, don't fail me. Wish me luck. Brad-Who loves the Spitfire, but makes room for the CF-188
  13. CanMilAir closed it's doors for decals, so I am looking to see if anyone might have sheet ID 511, which contains markings for RCAF pilot Bert Houle and his Mk VIII Spits. I would pay a decent price if anyone has it and can part with it. I am in Victoria, BC Canada. TIA Brad