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  1. Very nice work indeed! How was the fit of the kit, especially the windscreen? Congrats on the Nats award! Brad
  2. Well here I am 03 Jan and still no sighting of my Kinetic CF-188 from LM. :( I know it shipped on 16 Dec, but that's it. Hope it didn't get lost in the Christmas mail-nightmare. Brad
  3. careful, we Canadians love Tim Horton's coffee . It would be like dissing the Sydney Opera House...we just wouldn't do it. Cheers Mate Brad
  4. Most Excellent!! Thanks Brad
  5. Hi, Scroll through this thread: Brad
  6. Good thing I have the Canuck sheets :) Brad
  7. Thanks for this info. I'm still waiting for mine. Ordered on Dec 16. Brad
  8. Enjoy the kit Stephen, a Nice Christmas gift! Cheers Brad
  9. Hi Colin, Is it in the Op Impact set? If so, then I have it. Thanks Brad
  10. So where do I find one of these pylons? Thanks Brad
  11. So does Hasegawa make this pylon in a kit, or in their weapon sets? Brad
  12. Thanks Stephen. Hope you are doing well! Happy holidays to you too! :) Brad
  13. Well I ordered this kit a week ago, and I have yet to hear from them that it has shipped. Anyone else order from LM and get a shipping notice? Brad