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  1. Super, thanks very much guys, much appreciated. I have a decal sheet from Icarus Decals that I will use, and will decide which kit to go with. Brad
  2. Hi Gang, If I wanted to build a Greek F-4 Phantom, which kit would be the best to use in 1/48 scale? I am hoping to build it in the Aegean Blue scheme, the original SEA scheme, but before the Aegean Ghost camo. So I guess I am looking at the F-4E in the late 70's with leading edge slats? TIA Brad
  3. Hi Dutch, Thanks buddy, but wrong scale. I am working in 1/48 scale. Brad
  4. Would it be possible if Hasegawa produced this weapon with an empty launcher and not loaded? Brad
  5. Gang, So I am a bit confused with the Lau-10 rocket launcher and the Skyraider. I plan on adding these to my 1/48 scale Tamiya Navy Skyraider, but have seen launchers that have 4 rocket tips sticking out of these launchers in pics, but the Hasegawa Air Weapons set "B" doesn't have the rocket tips sticking out. Is the Hasegawa set incorrect? TIA Brad
  6. So does anyone know when Sweden began using the AIM 9 Sidewinders on their Drakens? Thanks Brad
  7. Hey Guys, I want to build the Hasegawa 1/48 kit, and was wondering what loadout it would have had for an intercept mission in the 70's? Could I simply use two fuel tanks under the fuselage and a Sidewinder 9 under each wing pylon? TIA Brad
  8. Hey Guys, I am wanting to add aftermarket exhaust for my Hasegawa 1/48 Super Hornet E model, but can't decide if I need the type 1 or Type 2? Any help would be great. TIA Brad
  9. Eduard's is a brand new kit, no re-boxing of the HB kit.
  10. Hey Steve, So very glad to hear from you, and hope things get much better for you very soon! Cheers Steve Brad
  11. GW, Then why not just leave. You're nothing but a troll, an internet school yard bully. Please close the gate behind you.
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