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  1. CT-133 Cockpit Colours

    Hey Tony, Any idea why we had those tires in the first place? Did we ever start using the spoked version of tires before switching to the 12 hole version? Brad
  2. CT-133 Cockpit Colours

    Hi Tony, Both kits that I have from GWH have the spoke type wheels and not the 12 hole version, so I need to source new wheels I guess. Even the Academy kit has the spoked version. Brad
  3. CT-133 Cockpit Colours

    Thanks John and Don. Brad
  4. CT-133 Cockpit Colours

    Ok, sounds great Tony, thanks. Brad
  5. CT-133 Cockpit Colours

    Am I correct in saying that everything was black, except in the early 70's when the instrument panels were painted a medium gray; 36231? I am starting my GWH kit and it's going to be a camouflaged bird in the 80's. Yes I have all the vents intakes sorted out :) Also, wheel wells, were they interior green or silver by the 80's? TIA Brad
  6. CF-104D

    My fav scheme as well! Nice pic. Brad
  7. Hasegawa vs Kinetic F-18 Comparison Question

    Thanks Darren for posting the pics. It's not perfect, but it gives me an idea as to what they might look like side by side. I'll build them both. I also has a Super Hornet 2/3's built that will have RCAF markings on it just because. :) Cheers all Brad
  8. Hasegawa vs Kinetic F-18 Comparison Question

    Guys, I have both the Hasegawa kit and the Kinetic CF-188 kit, and I am just looking for opinions if they both would look ok together side by side. For example, I have Hasegawa Mk IX Spitfires next to my Eduard ones, and you can sure tell who is who. Thanks Brad
  9. Folks, Has anyone built both and placed them side by side for comparison? If so, any diffs to how they sit and look? TIA Brad
  10. I believe the F-86-40 is the extended wing, which is too long for a Canadian Mk VI Sabre. Brad
  11. Nope, been an assembler all me bloomin life :) Brad
  12. Gents, Does anyone currently make these for the Hasegawa kit? I know CE did, but long out of production. Red Roo perhaps, or is that only for the Mk I-IV Sabres? I would pay a good price if the CE set became available...hint hint :) TIA Brad
  13. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    Just checked my boxing, and the nav lights G15 and G16 are present, and my decals are perfect. Brad
  14. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale Huey

    So I just picked up the Squadron Walk Around book titled "UH-1 Huey Gunships" and there isn't very much at all regarding the UH-1D. Is there a reason? Was the -1D not considered a gunship perhaps? TIA Brad
  15. Kitty Hawk 1/48th scale UH-1D Online Build

    How did you get it from them? I did the pre-order thing with them, and they told me they weren't releasing the kit until Mid-July. Brad