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  1. 14 hours ago, Alvis 3.1 said:

    Don't worry, you aren't on the Tally Banned list. Fun fact: Very few people get banned from ARC. Most flounce off on their own.

    As who who "made" the site, yes, it's the content for the members who "make the site". Steve just paid the bills to host it, and set it up to run.
    But hey, nice swipe at Steve, knowing he's not around to defend his reputation. I'm sure your "source in the know" has their facts right, uh huh? Noticed you didn't name them.

    ARC doesn't generate enough money to support itself. it's been that way for decades, likely since day 1. Steve has never made that a secret. People do things for reasons other than money. Steve's also made it clear why he's wanted ARC to exist, so it can be a place where modellers can share info, and avoid the fractious issues of the old rec.mod.scale site. Some of that followed Steve here, and some of that went away too.

    If you have serious suggestions on how to moderate the site, please post them. No vague hand wavium ones, real, actual real world ways to improve the moderation. Those of us who've done that job for a very long time would love to see what new ideas you can bring to the table. "Fair and even handed" is vague. It usually boils down to one person wants their point of view left unchallenged, even in the face of facts, and they storm off in a huff. So please tell us exactly how you can appease experts who cannot abide being questioned and others who have new information. 

    The vast majority of actions moderators now have to handle here are the spam events. Currently they are under control. 

    Since Face Book showed up, sites like this have taken hard hits. Traffic is seriously down, and with sites like Face Book you can avoid seeing opinions you don't like. That's a bit harder here. While several fractious events in the past haven't increased traffic here, they were all long ago, and no longer are a factor in current operations here.


    Why would Steve's wife have a video of her shopping if Steve is working 3 jobs? I wouldn't think that would require asking.


    Why hasn't Steve contacted anyone? I would have to assume he has his reasons, and I don't take that as a personal insult. 

    As for why somebody would pay somebody else to video their wife who is making monetised content videos, well, that's called paying for a service. A valued adding service. People have a job making videos that are professionally edited and shot. Did you notice the large amount of drone content? The guy is most likely a paid producer of content. Sometimes you have to spend money to make money. Since you don't know exactly what the specific economic goings on are behind the scenes, all you're doing is just pointless speculation bordering on rumour mongering. He's likely better off paying somebody to shoot the material than take time off work to do it himself. You know, that 3 jobs thing.

    In any case, until Steve gets in contact with anyone, it's all supposition. I'm sure many are concerned, but getting wound up on the discussion board isn't going to make him show up any sooner.

    And yes, I know it's Easter, but let's try to dial down the self martyring statements.


    Alvis 3.1


    Well said Al.



  2. Raymond has always been a very class act. He has always helped me out in my orders, and I am one of those very impatient people who hates to wait. It is too bad that this Covid pandemic has pretty much put a huge bind into everyone's lives, but it's where we are at and will be still for a long time to come. Patience and kindness is the key folks. I think the big guy in the sky wants us to realize this. 🙂


    Happy Modelling


  3. Ok Guys, thanks for the replies. I was thinking a Russian Mig-25, even though it never happened, I was thinking a Russian 146th Guard Regiment bird versus a NATO combat fighter. I know why the Mig-25 was developed, but I was thinking in terms of a What-If scenario between Russia and NATO. 🙂



  4. Hey Gang,


    Anyone here like me who likes to build aircraft from opposing nations of conflict? Like the Bf-109 vs Spitfire or Yak-3 for example. Now that I am almost finished my Mig-25PDS in Russian markings, what combat jet fighter might it have come across from NATO? I have an F-15C to be built, would that be a good match? Maybe an F-16 perhaps?




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