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  1. Hi, I was thinking of getting a set of these for my ICM Mig-25 PD kit. Has anyone used these or other products from ResKit before and can comment about the fit and quality? TIA Brad
  2. Thanks for the replies. I have tried those places, and no joy. Cheers, Brad
  3. Guys, are there any Canadian hobby shops that sell aftermarket Eduard PE sets? I am tired of always going to US shops for a couple of PE sets. I am looking for 1/48 Mig-25 interior sets. TIA Brad
  4. Tons of awesome detail and weathering, but the first thing that caught my eye is that awful star and bar decal on top of the roof.
  5. I find it irritating that when you click on a scheme expecting it to get enlarged, only to find it's smaller than the original pic.
  6. Two that come to my mind are: 1/48 scale Hampden 1/48 scale Buccaneer Brad
  7. Great work so far, thanks for posting. Is that the kit cockpit with just AM belts?
  8. I really want to do an ASW bird, but would prefer it in 1/48 scale. Has KH hinted that they might scale them down? Brad
  9. Brad-M

    Eric Hartman

  10. Brad-M

    Eric Hartman

    Hasegawa did a 1/32 boxing of his G-4 which has decals in the box. It is kit # 08135. HTH Brad
  11. Hi Guys, Anyone have this kit and no longer wish to build it, I'd love to hear from you. I am in Victoria BC Canada and I have paypal. My shipping address could be Eugene Or if that makes it more enticing for folks from the US of A :) PM or email me at bhmain@shaw.ca Cheers Brad
  12. The overall scene is awesome. Nice work on the blast door and the pilot figure is amazing. Brad
  13. Guys,Does anyone have any US Navy decals for the FJ-4 Fury? PM or email me if you do and can part with them. slam_eye@yahoo.caThanksBrad
  14. Thanks all. Guess I was dreaming. Brad
  15. Guys, Is there a set that converts the new tooled ICM/Revell Mig-25 RBT to a PD? TIA Brad
  16. Hi, I wasn't aware that there is a width issue. Since the cockpit is quite small, I might just replace the seat then. Any idea what seat would be good for an Argentina A-4? Thanks Brad
  17. Hey Guys, Has anyone tried to use this cockpit into the Hobby Craft kit? TIA Brad
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