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  1. One pitot, one small antenna before the nose gear, and one larger antenna just aft of the nose gear. Two dielectric panels. All the GWH T-33A kits (three) have the two panels on the nose. Cheers Brad
  2. Great news, My GWH Late T-33A arrived today and the kit has the 12-hole main wheels in the box. They look great, so I can finish my CT-133 hopefully for the Nationals in Phoenix. Cheers Brad
  3. Hi Tony, I wasn't aware that it was finished. Thanks for that. Brad
  4. Guys, What colour was the canvas cover for the two control sticks to cover the linkages in the cockpit? I don't seem to have a pic to show them. TIA Brad
  5. Hi, The RoCAF T-33A boxing; (2nd boxing of the GWH kit) comes with the NACA inlets molded on the fuselage. All I had to do was drill the aux air vent on the left side rear fuselage, and scratch the pair of exit air vents. Not sure if I need to add the gun camera and/or the small light on the right side air intake. Cheers Brad
  6. Ok, thanks Tony. Saves me from drilling holes on the headrests. Brad
  7. Thanks Yves, and yes that scheme. I am using GWH's T-33A with the vent mods added, and Mike Belcher decals. Thanks Brad
  8. Guys, Did the CT-133 seats have cushions? Also, I have seen pics of the shoulder harness upper anchor point through the headrest and some underneath the headrest, which is correct? TIA Brad
  9. Hi Tony, I am doing a CT-133 from the Symmetrical Era in 1982. Dark Grey (501-102) and Dark Green (503-301) over Light Grey (101-327). Thanks Brad
  10. Yes, they are. The seats in the GWH kits are nice, but I just want to ensure that they are the correct version of seat for the CT-133. Brad
  11. I built 1 and have 3 left. I wish they came out with an A model. Brad
  12. Guys, Can I use the seats from the GWH T-33A for an RCAF CT-133 or do I require AM seats? TIA Brad
  13. Just a fantastic build Michael! Great paint and weathering. I can't take my eyes off it. Truly captures the feel of this iconic aircraft. Well Done! Cheers Brad
  14. Thanks guys. I ended up going to PM this afternoon and was kind of disappointed. I did manage getting a kit that I wanted but most stuff I saw has been out for awhile. Their supplies was nearly bare. I have been to Calgary several times for the show and always found the shops chockers with kits but I think it's the times. Brad
  15. Guys, I am visiting my sister Okotoks and haven't been to Calgary in a while. So which is the go to place these days? Uncle Rick's was my fav, but he sadly passed on. Is Chinook still decent? TIA Brad
  16. Very nice. I was going to place mine on the USS Los Angeles, but I have only seen pics of Mystic 1 on La Jolla and Dallas. Brad
  17. Thanks Ken, I have built quite a few of the Hobby Boss submarine kits, and I agree that Micro-Mir has a more broader selection. I am retired Royal Canadian Navy and a Sonar Operator, so I enjoy submarines. I just finished the HB 688 3-1 kit, and wish to build a Sturgeon now, so that's why I asked about their kits. I also got the Riich DSRV kit, but really disappointed that it doesn't include the multitude of decal markings for the real thing. Thanks for the reply and the links. Brad
  18. Just wondering how these kits are, fit especially. Thanks Brad
  19. Hey Guys, Is the USN boxed A-4B the same as the Falkland's boxed A-4B/C without the antenna? Brad
  20. Floyd, Where do we purchase your goodies? Do we just email and paypal you? TIA Brad
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