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  1. I have these three sets of 1/350 Pit Road IJN Aircraft SBM02, SBM03, SBM04 for Sale. Prepainted with a decal sheet for additional markings. all are sealed. Any interest on here? Been searching around a bit, seem somewhat rare and not sure what they are worth. I'm located in Canada, so buyer would pay shipping cost from here, paypal only.
  2. Draw decals are DIGITAL Silk not ALPS printed. Not sure how that differs from traditional silk printed decals. Quality is good. Nice printing, and much more durable then ALPS printed. I've had good luck with them but have heard that they can be trouble with compound curves. Small price to pay for some unique subject matter. SeAN
  3. Pics of my recently Completed 1/48 Sanger vac B-47 as the CL-52 Orenda Iroquois testbed. Cheers!
  4. Hopefully the box of oddball vacs survives on to the new store. Highlight of every trip to the island 🙂
  5. Fantastic! A little sad for the loss of the iconic location, but great news that it will live on.
  6. Package showed up yesterday. Thank you so much!!!!!
  7. Excellent! Let me know what you'd like for them and how much to ship Sean
  8. Good day, Anyone have a couple spare AIM-7's from the 1/32 Academy F-18 kit? Need two for a project I'm working on. Cheers, Sean
  9. WTB 1/72 Dragon Saturn V. Any help finding one would be great! Thanks, Sean
  10. When I ordered he only had the 1 kit. Then I ordered the second. So I doubt it has anything to do with ramping up. Sometimes I wish guys like this would find a reliable distributor. Concentrate on production and leave everything else to someone who can handle it. Sean
  11. I've made two orders. Both off ebay when he was first getting started. Both times took a very very long time to get the kits. Little communication and when he did respond it was always the same lame excuses. I did eventually get both kits but decided the kit quality vs price wasn't really worth it. I've seen some chatter on FB saying similar things. Too bad because manufacturers who produce Air Racers are far and few between. Hope you get what you ordered, Sean
  12. Without a doubt the manufactures will survive. We are seeing new companies pop up every year. And together with the well established old favorites we are seeing a ton of new releases every year. Even someone like Revell isn't really gone, just restructured and split up. The hobby has evolved from a children's toy into the adult pastime we have today. I would argue its never been stronger especially when you take a look at the thriving aftermarket and modeling products available. Add to that the second hand market this hobby is going strong. As for the cost, maybe looking at the pri
  13. Seems like you have more of an issue with the local importer/retailers. As noted above the price of the kit is quite reasonable at most places online and here in Canada. If it is that out of reach at the current price do what the rest of us do. Wait for a sale, check out a local swap meet or hunt ebay/facebook/forums and I'm sure you'll run across one eventually at an acceptable price
  14. I noticed the mistake after they were buried under several layers of gloss clear. Unfortunately I had a tight deadline and didn't have the time to fix it. The decals were not bad but definitely sized incorrectly in several places. Looking forward to giving it a go in 32nd next time. I was the West Coast engine tech on the team. It was decent. Found the nose a bit fiddly. Intakes and rear fuselage didn't go together easily, but I have some ideas for the next one. I do like the separate flight controls, landing gear and most of the detail. Overall I was happy with h
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