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  1. Is the 1/48 Hasegawa A-4M Skyhawk kit available anywhere on the planet ? Is Hasegawa planning to reissue this kit ? SharkOwl
  2. Please try not to forget these Hawker Hunters International Operators : Kuwait, Qatar and Abu Dhabi. 1. Qatar Hunters have never been covered on a decal sheet at 1/48 scale. 2. Decals for Hunters of Kuwait from the first version of the Academy Kit released 20 years ago are now very difficult to find. 3. Abu Dhabi Hunters have been produced on an ADS decal sheet in the far past but are now impossible to find. 😎 SharkOwl
  3. Thank you for the information KursadA ! A very good news indeed. Please share with us the progression of the design of this brand new decal sheet ! 👍🥇⭐ SharkOwl
  4. Any chances that CD48037 decal sheet be eventually reprinted ? 😎 SharkOwl
  5. Take note that only RB001 and RB002 Indian Rafale are wearing the fuselage roundel just behind the Canards like French, Egyptian and Qatar Rafale. From RB003, Indian Air Force Rafale are wearing the fuselage roundel in the front, below the cockpit. Here is a photo of RB003 taken at Bordeaux Mérignac, France, by Christophe Ornecq on October 30th. Plus : Be careful about the Qatar roundel outer ring : It is not red but purple, the same purple color of the Qatar fin flag. Please include more codes options on your future decal sheet for Rafale of Egypt, Qatar and India. 😎 glevass21
  6. I received confirmation from "Eduard" that they WILL NOT produce a Gripen photoetch ladder ! I will try with CMK of Czech Republic but the ladder is quite complex and the twin seater ladder is by far more complex. Not sure that CMK is interested but lets wait their answer. Anyway, I start 1/12 scale drawings of the ladder for the single seater that I will eventually share with you. It will then be easy to print it at 25 % to 1/48 for scratchbuit purposes. Ciao ! Glevass21
  7. Thanks to Mr Geoff Martin of Afterburner Decals for this information and congratulations particularly for your F-16 Stencils Decal No.48-016 for the Tamiya Vipers. Just and idea for a future evolution of this decal sheet or a specific decal sheet for Viper engines including : Internal Burned Ceramics Exhaust Decal stripes for GE and P&W engine. Take a look Best regards ! :D glevass21
  8. Good day AfterBurner Decals is announcing for a SEPTEMBER RELEASE "Desert RoadRunners" 48-043 F-16C 150th FW "Tacos" New Mexico ANG, Kirtland AFB sized for the Tamiya Kit. But....we are now far past mid october !!! Do you know the release date for 48-043 ? I absolutly need a "Meep ! Meep !" Viper ! Thanks for the info :) glevass21
  9. Do you know if a 1/48 photoetch / resin ladder is available on the market for the 1/48 Italeri Jas-39 A/C Gripen ? I found it for 1/72 scale produced by "PART" of Poland but nothing in 1/48 Scale. After their 1/48 Draken Ladder could "EDUARD" produce a 1/48 Gripen Ladder ? Glevass21 Photo :
  10. I do not know if this have already been covered on this forum but I am asking it anyway : I would like to have a complete list of what is needed to convert the Academy 1/32 F-16CG to the F-16MLU actually flown by Norway, Belgium, Denmark and The Netherlands. Many thanks ! Guy LeVasseur Quebec
  11. Your best option is the french ''Fonderie Miniature'' offer including brand new decals, basic Esci kit and superb resin + photoetch detail parts. A preview of this multimedia is available at : http://www.modelingmadness.com/scotts/viet/48m3epreview.htm I build one in the colors of the UaeAf ( United Arab Emirates ) and it looks cool with its desert sheme ! Guy LeVasseur Rimouski
  12. And you can find a preview of this reboxed old kit from our ''brother website'' modeling madness at : http://www.modelingmadness.com/scotts/viet...2283preview.htm Enjoy Guy LeVasseur Rimouski Quebec
  13. Here is some brand new reference of the Machine/Human Interface of the F-35A Lighning II : The one piece screen intrument panel ; The cockpit opening from a frontal hinge ( like the Mig-21 F-13 ) The ( kevlar ) Hud Integrated Future Helmet The Ejetion Seat The Pilot Equipment Click on each photo at the following address : http://www.codeonemagazine.com/archives/20...fice/index.html Guy LeVasseur Rimouski Quebec Canada
  14. For Gripen Fans like me. Thanks to a friend of Ipms Stockholm, who gave me this information, we have now available detailed photos of Swedish and Hungarians Gripen including : A, B, C, and D Versions ; Close up of the retractable In Flight Refueling Probe, the boarding ladder the APU vanes, the wingtips, the modular Recon Pod, etc... etc... The photos have been taken directly at the Saab Factory at Linkoping, Sweden, by a Hungarian photograph/fan. His web site address is : http://superfighter.freeweb.hu/index.htm Enjoy ! Guy LeVasseur Rimouski Quebec Canada
  15. Good day all ! I have seen two illustrations of this new Mustang on Hobby Link Japan Shizuoka's report mentionning a release this summer. I would like to know if somebody can confirm a release date and/or share with us other illustrations. Thanks ! Guy LeVasseur Rimouski Quebec Canada
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