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  1. Finally it is ready for the parked mode pics. Here are only a few with some nice shadows of the facets at nighttime + white flashlight: The WIP and the in-flight pics. I plan on a sunlight fotoshoot shortly. Cheerz.
  2. Any idea what happened with the posting? 🙂 Yesterday, I tried to post it, but it did a server error. Now, I just tried pasting the only the text, then add the pics one by one, and after the second edit - it says: ''This comment can no longer be edited. It may have been moved or deleted, or too much time may have passed since it was posted for it to be edited.'' Well, it is just 7 images and I edited it twice. 🤔 This never happened before... I'm trying to add the rest of the images in this post below:
  3. The cockpit area is finally done. Here is the mix of all tiny parts besides the parts for the ''moving'' of the canopy... ...that entered into the cockpit... in one way or another. The magnets that keep the canopy close are also glued and painted. Then, I updated the ejection handles of the seat with a yellow/black twiseted wire, which worked pretty fine from the first go. The pilot figure is also painted. And everything is in its place and glued. A couple of pics with the canopy closed and open: The 3D printed
  4. Wowsers! I have the HB kit, and only did the MLGs to open and retract, and I thought it was the most complex and difficult part. I had no idea that there are things like that on the agenda... if I build it some day of course. 🙂 I'm saving a bookmark of your topic, hopefully, it will be very very useful one day. Thanks, and keep up the good work.
  5. That varnish coat is tremendous! GJ! Do you plan on some subtle weathering indeed?
  6. Top-notch! The weathering is awesome!
  7. The fuselage is now one piece, and I straightened the connection with the tail section by adding these plastic plates: The tail section recieved alignment rods to hold the afterburner can in place, too: And I thinned the trailing edge along the nozzle - here the upper half is thinned, while the bottom is not ready yet. I'm very happy with how it looks now.
  8. The NLG is ready - here are the parts: Assembled/painted: And retracted: The motion is not quite gracious, so I didin't take a video. So, everything was ready for the gluing of the two fuselage halves - I added all sub-assemblies on one of the sides. Also, I preserved the OOB J-79 engine for a plausible outdoor display with the cradle, as it is a very very nicely detailed engine, and it would be a real shame to hide it permanently insidie the fuselage. I switched it with the leftover parts from
  9. Sp pristine and clean! I like the paintwork, and if you do some subtle weathering, it should look even better...
  10. From quite some time, I'm thinking about what should I build next - another plane, or this heli. 🙂 And when I see builds like this, it inspires me to lean towards the heli... Awesome result and paint scheme. Congrats!
  11. Surface preps: formation lights, the gun bay is closed, and the small panel on the bottom side where is the center fin/hook is also added: Just barely glued. I'll sand them flush/rescribe/etc later. Then I cut the Reskit afterburner parts, and couldn't resist to take some ''transparent'' pics at night 🙂 : Plenty of details here... but I used it only for testfits so far. Meanwhile, the rest of the afterburner can is assembled (with several milestones) and painted:
  12. Very good progress, and very GJ with the matte patterns. Btw I have built this kit too and noticed it really has some imperfections, yet - it is the best of its kind, imo of course.
  13. ...the camera screens look like ice cubes waiting for some whiskey, for example. 🙂 A very nice placement of the PE pieces - definitely make a difference. Btw, what do you plan for the panel lines and the zig-zag RAM lines along the edges? - maybe some sanding and rescribing, or just leave them higher than the surfaces?
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