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  1. Very nice build!
  2. I like its cleanliness :) and coloration of course.
  3. Beatiful dio and canopy, and just beautiful!
  4. This is the EDITS List for now... subdivided into what should take place around the NOSE, MID-fuselage and AFT-fuselage sections: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ NOSE: 1 - Delete the nose chines and make instead angle-sloped chines like in the Raptor, and make them angle flat with the wings` leading edges. 2 - Improve the cockpit - add a pilot figure, a seat/side joystick, and a HUD like on the Raptor. 3 - Remove the humpback curve behind the cockpit. 4 - Make the slopped area infront of the windshield flat and smooth with the nosecone. MID: 1 - Make the wings and the stabirudders at least twice thinner than they are just by gluing their 2 halves. 2 - Reshape the wingtips slightly downwards like on the Raptor. 3 - A complete modification of the intakes. 4 - Rescribe the new locations of the payload doors. 5 - Upgrade the MLGs with larger tires/wheels and straight pylon mounting mechnisms. 6 - Reshape the entire underfuselage surface - highlight the curves around the engines; lenghten the curves around the intakes. 7 - Extrude the entire length of the plane from just behind the intakes` leading edges area. AFT: 1 - Extend the stabirudders`s trailing edges to math the 2-zig-zag shape. 2 - Round and reshape the nacelles on top to give them a slightly inward angle, and the nacelles`s shape on the bottom fuselage too. 3 - Move the engine nozzles slightly forward and add completely modificated nozzle flaps - like on the Raptor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Perhaps there are plenty of other things to do... such as editing the antenna mounting locations (making new antennas), adding RAM patterns over the edges of the panels, etc.... I would love to see some more suggestions....
  5. hi huys, probably you know that: still i didin`t watched it already.... :)
  6. I have no idea about the Academy kit, but the ZM kit has just about a dozen leftover pieces after finishing the kit... if this is a factor to consider... :)
  7. Hi buddy! These joints are flawlessly spot on... so perfect that i don`t want to touch them. But, the entire body will be extended 7-8mm, so the location of the wings too... and the joints respectively... :)))) w8 me a just bit more to finish editing the Edits list....ppp
  8. Very beautiful!
  9. And the "other" parts of the kit: just 2 sprues + 1 with the clear parts. The details are amazing though. Perhaps the 2nd most detailed 1/48 cockpit i`ve ever came across. The markings and the decals are just a few, with a good amount of "no step" stencils... i think they are for the YF plane. I`ll have to check out the situation with these stencils on a typical Raptor, cause i suppose that they are quite less. The instruction sheets are easy and beautiful as well. I started making a list with all the mods needed for a conversion into the F-23A, and will uppload it a bit later. Cheers for now and thx for coming by! :)
  10. What`s up guys? :) Here is what i got yesterday - this wonderful HobbyBoss kit in 1/48. The YF-23 is a very cool plane, but i plan to make it even cooler - for instance how it should look like as a serial F-23A Black Widow II. Of cource, i don`t plan to start it any time sooner. Yet check out this monter kit - so nice boundaries and continuities and curves and shapes... beauty beauty!
  11. Painted boxes + decals. Looks too contrastingly colorful, but should be allright after some filters...
  12. Just check out the ingredients for the other 2 nose bays... ...a little bit of this... ... and that...
  13. Some nice colors here too. GJ!
  14. Lovely!
  15. Your topic is better than an encyclopedia! Lovely stand, makes it look pretty cozy.