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  1. Hmmm, these water bags will cover up so much from the beautiful sight with the pipes...
  2. Thank you very much!
  3. Hey guys! I am searching for Kinetic F/A-18C #48031 Instruction sheet scans in 600dpi. If anybody have this kit and a scanner, could you please help with scanning the part with the aggressor camouflage schemes and PM me (or send it to my email - I will appreciate the help. Thanx in advance!!
  4. Just to share my 1st "Feature article" in Aeroscale about the movement of the landing gears in the Harrier. With more info/pics about the attachement of the pylons and the doors. :)
  5. youtube

    I usually type the model that I want to build and go through all the related videos in YouTube... They all are interesting...
  6. Check this out - a friend of mine unboxing this enormous SWS kit:
  7. Just to share this great No.1 video from a longer serries of building this iconic tank...
  8. One of the best ones!
  9. ...did i saw the word "paint" within the lines... Awesome!
  10. Oh yeah, that red tiger tail... Amazing.
  11. So do you mean that this is not the way the aircraft is painted in reality? hmm.. the title says ""Corosion Maintenance" and it sounds like an ordinary flying plane, but of course i`m not sure about that. I remember a clip showing how the F-35 is painted - with a robot... While this Hornet seems to be painted by hand and it kinda makes sense as the A-version is a rather old-school plane.
  12. I just found this movie and found it very interesting. This thick paint coat doesn`t permit any preshading to popup. :P
  13. Oh yeah, i see a diorama! Batman & Robin talking with someone and a space ship on the background... Very laid-back, relaxing and serene scene!
  14. Such a compliment! Thanks! I could recommend the GT Resin nozzles. I didn't use them, but according to the pics and my experience with their other products, I could say that the quality is awesome, maybe the best resin nozzles.
  15. Hi dsahling, yeah, i`m a great admirateur of Chuck`s models and definitely the F-15C. I prefer a slightly more weathered appearance of the nozzles, and i made the nozzles for my model with just a little PE scratchbuilt pieces, otherwise the pure oob nozzles with dozens of mods. Here is how they look, on p.9: