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  1. my favs are F`s

    1/32 Tamiya Spitfire Mk IXc, "Kicked Up A Notch"

    Hi Chuck! It's nice to get back here and to the modelling indeed. 🙂 The engine part looks awesome! Btw, since the 2 forums look visually almost the same, i would stay in the other forum mostly because of 2 reasons - the topics are shorter (15 replies per page) and the pics load quickly and effortlessly; and because it has the Likes feature. So, see you arround....
  2. my favs are F`s

    B-2 Spirit / 1/72

    10x 10x! 🙂 Hatch on the rear bulckhead?! :)))) If you mean on the cockpit rear bulckhead - it should be the hatch for the boarding ladder... or the door to the avionics (hidden) bay, which i'm not exaclty certain what it is... the area between the cockpit and the bomb bay. Or if you mean the small hole at the rear side of the bomb bay doors - it is the hole for mounting a pylon for the stand (for the flying mode). Or about the rectangular shapes next to the beaver tail on the top fuselage - they should be some kind of antenna/sensors.... I have no idea what else would it be....
  3. my favs are F`s

    B-2 Spirit / 1/72

    Ready for Priming. Enjoy the silhouettes!
  4. my favs are F`s

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    although i would go with mixt masking for some of them, in this scale they should look fabulous! Very nice prep-step here Steve. Beautiful! Make them look brilliant!
  5. my favs are F`s

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Hi Steve, I don't quite know... perhaps everywhere?! 🙂 There are plenty of "lonely" panel lines, at least on the lower fuselage. The nose section looks nicely riveted. Well, it's just me who sees it that way. I can only imagine how giant is the plane in this scale. And all the rivets/fasteners etc. - i call this riveting.
  6. my favs are F`s

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Fantabulous! Awesome dispensers and colors and contrasts. It would be nice with some more rivets though... 🙂
  7. my favs are F`s

    TIE Interceptor, Bandai 1//2

    Looks so highly detailed, thanks to the nice weathering. Beautiful! 👍I especially like the reflective screens. Nice touch!
  8. my favs are F`s

    B-2 Spirit / 1/72

    Another "nose" adventure.... The leading edge that is part of the fuselage halves, had a tiny little yet noticable warp all along the leading edge, on both sides, and on both halves of the fuselage. This curve was perfectly shaped, like it was casted that way. But i don't know, this edge might be warped in my kit only... So here is the issue: Starboard: Portside: Just a glimpse oer the real plane... this very front part of the leading edge, the sharp part, looks that way - perfectly straight, on every single picture i checked out... And the straightening after gluing the 2 halves:
  9. my favs are F`s

    Mirage quatre mille; update 27/06/2018

    Lovely coloration! I dont know how much of this is decals and paint, but it certainly looks fabuloous. Beautiful! The test planes from that era looked one-of-a-kind.
  10. my favs are F`s

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    Nice. 🙂 One might need a microscope. 🙂 Awesome details! Keep it on! I could only imagine waht the cockpit will look like....
  11. my favs are F`s

    Hasegawa 1/48 F/A-18C VMFA 212

    How could i miss that?! Looks very interesting and the weathering is superb. I like it. Only the formation lights are a little bit on the bright side. Just my opinion. Congrats on the build! Cheerz!😉👍
  12. my favs are F`s

    1/48 Hasegawa TA-4J Adversary, VF-126

    Awesooooome! Love that color! And plane 🙂
  13. my favs are F`s

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    Freakin awesome dude! I'm just curious how you will display that beast so to enjoy all this complexity underneath.... I doubt a mirror will be enough.
  14. my favs are F`s

    1/18th F-14B Tomcat conversion

    At first glance i thought the rivets will look a little bit too obtrusive, but indeed they don't. They look perect. And i could only imagine how they will look like after the weathering, cause they should accept more wash in this scale... perhaps...
  15. my favs are F`s

    B-2 Spirit / 1/72

    There was a big bump at the very tip of the nose... some like a too prononciated curve where the 2 leading edges meet. Here is a comparison with a backdrop of the real plane on the screen: And after the edit: Very little difference, but there is one. And i checked many photos as well. Then i implemented a PE edge to make it stronger and very pointy. And with that, the upper fuselage is done. Wish me luck on the assembly 🙂