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  1. my favs are F`s

    A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48

    I found out the next level in the attachment thing: just press fitting where the friction does the thing. :) for example a longer rod with a notch (from the bomb side) that enters snugly in a hole on the pilon side, and the notch makes a "click" that makes it impossible for free falling... Yeah... It works. I made the attachment of the giant bunker busters and fuel tanks of my 1/32 F-15 that way. A combo of magnets and press fitting is good too.
  2. my favs are F`s

    A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48

    Nice! 1mm x 1mm magnets are really easy to conceal too.
  3. my favs are F`s

    Trumpeter 1:32 F-117A

    Now we are talking! 🙂 Awesome build so far. Happy New Year from me btw! I'm taking notes cause i plan on this for my next build as well. I have a question from quite a while.... is the PE mesh too "fragile" if you glue it just like that? At first glance, the screen for the intakes looks quite a large piece, the meshes for the F(D)LIRs are quite large too. If they are not supported (glued only along the edges), only the slightest touch is enough to slightly bend them and corrupt the flat appearance. So, i plan on supporting them with a flat transparent piece underneath. Does that sound reasonable to you? I need to see it by myself to decide, but nevertheless it's good to get more insigh. TU.
  4. my favs are F`s

    1/32 Tamiya Spitfire Mk.IXc, "Kicked Up A Notch"

    A gorgeous model! Congrats on building it! What i like the most - the engine compartment. :) as a little setback: it could handle a bit more overall weathering. The colors are awesome!
  5. my favs are F`s

    1/48th Revell-Monogram A-6E TRAM Intruder

    Awesome, Steve! This beauty is one my favorites too! I was on the edge to choose it as my next and second 1/32 model, but after 3 Northrop models i needed something different. Nevertheless, keep up the good work and mood, and make her gorgeous although in this "tiny" scale! 🙂
  6. my favs are F`s

    Grumman F-14A Tomcat, Tamiya 1/48

    wow, beautiful plane and beautiful display! I like the contrast of heavy weathering and the clean sparkling stand 🙂
  7. my favs are F`s

    1/32 Tam.Spitfire "Kicked Up A Notch" Dec 20/18 DONE!!

    Hi Chuck, Awesome outlook and weathering of the Spitfire! Awesome choice of the F-5 too! Just a note - i'm planning on a Nighthawk as my next build so we should make a nice combo with these black birds. 😉 Im looking forward to it with interest....
  8. my favs are F`s

    1/48 Zoukei Mura F-4S Phantom II - Heater-Ferris VF-302 Stallions, 1983

    Oh, she's gorgeous! Awesome subtle weathering and colors!
  9. my favs are F`s

    1/18th scale JSI F-14B Tomcat conversion

    Congrats Steve! It's awesome to see this giant beautiful beast finished. The natural sunlight make it look a little less weathered. And the vertical stabilizers look a little bit on the light side. Nevertheless it looks outstanding!
  10. my favs are F`s

    Revell 1/48 F/A-18E Super Hornet

    Ooh she looks fascinating! Perhaps some airflow weathering is missing but overall it's a very GJ!
  11. my favs are F`s

    1/32 Tam.Spitfire "Kicked Up A Notch" Dec 20/18 DONE!!

    Beauuuutiful! I just have no many words right now.... I like that contemporary spice in the build. 😛
  12. my favs are F`s

    F-86D Kitty Hawk 1/32

    She is Bautiful!
  13. my favs are F`s

    F-18D ATARS [1/48]

    Hi Whiskey! If i can recollect, it was a pretty decent kit. The fit was perfect. I dont know why but now i remember the unusual rivet patterin on the top of the wings... they were quite "big" rivets. I needed to add more rivets all around the surfaces. Also the canopy was rather thick and made distortions. I also remember that i had the Kinetic's kit vertical stabilizers available and i used them, cause they were times better than the HobbyBosse's. I liked the build overall.
  14. my favs are F`s

    F-18D ATARS [1/48]

    Oh, quite a lot. But it surely is a little easier than applying decals then concealing the plausible issues.
  15. my favs are F`s

    F-18D ATARS [1/48]

    PS: btw, this is my first model with no moving parts since i can't remember when.... 🙂 It's just a standalone model in a parked mode, but with a lot of tiny edits and improvements.