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  1. F-15E upgrades

    omg, it was so much beautiful with the flat smooth shiny radome. At least to my taste :) These stripes kinda reminiscent of the F-16s radome....
  2. [Finished] 1/48 Revell Tornado IDS to ECR: Lego tiger

    This was always one of the most mystical planes for me... and in this config - definitely a sight to remember. Quite exuberant. Very nicely done!
  3. A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48

    Superb cockpit, i think! The IPs are bright and beautiful, the flight suit is matte and quite realistic... painted from a greater distance perhaps?, so just one touch and the paint could become glossier?! Keeping the pilot figure intact should be quite challenging. :) I would glue it asap to the cockpit and handle only the cockpit. Btw, now i`m thinking, how about the seatbelts? Are they part of the seat or you already glued the figure to te seat and installed the seatbelts?
  4. Yet another 1/48 Tamiya F-14A

    Now that`s a model in B&W... the classic of the classics :P Pretty pretty!
  5. F-15E, 1/32, Tamiya. PARKED

    Nighgtttime silhouettes
  6. F-15E, 1/32, Tamiya. Finally ready!

    Thank you Peter very much for the kind words!
  7. [Finished] 1/48 Revell Tornado IDS to ECR: Lego tiger

    These pixels enter in a whole new dimension.... some curved shapes are visible on the display here... :))) Very very nice colors btw!
  8. A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48

    That IP looks... impeccable!
  9. HB 1/48 F-14A Tomcat: Update 10/6/17: Underway

    Hi peterpools, hi from here too! :) Let`s get starteeeeed...... This seems to be a very lovely kit indeed. And with all these extras... ohhh yeaaah!
  10. Academy F15E Strike Eagle ( 333rd FS)

    Man, hello :) I so much wanted to avoid commenting on this build... but :) I think that if you don`t have a test model yet, where you can test different painting techniques and procedures, maybe that`s the perfect moment to keep this model for testing and experimenting. For example, my "Buster" is an ancient 1/72 Tomcat model, and has about a dozen different coats of paint, masked layers, decals and so on... Everyone needs a "Buster". :) PS: that`s only if you don`t have one, still. Otherwise, i would also choose to buy the same 1/72 model again instead of spending on aftermarket, readjustments, etc... All the best! Just remember that there is nothing to compare with experiementing differen and new techniques, than experimenting on a real, assembled model.
  11. F-15E, 1/32, Tamiya. PARKED

    He he :) Thx!
  12. F-15E, 1/32, Tamiya. Finally ready!

    10x very much! Yet I didn`t make the fuse cords... :))
  13. 1/48 MQ-1 Predator

    Niiice, very nice shape! I didn`t know that there is one in a model. Awesome!
  14. F-15E, 1/32, Tamiya. PARKED

    Thanks Matthew! Thanks Steve! Steve, undoubtly it looks nice without that much weathering. I`ll leave it like that for an undefined time... but wow this plane looks so beautiful with a little heavier weathering...
  15. F-15E, 1/32, Tamiya. PARKED

    Glad to hear it, Tom! Did you started yours already? And in which scale? It was a real journey building this beast. Thx again! M