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  1. Well...how sexy it is...a lot; how beautiful those red soviet markings are... I'd always prefer the us markings :) but the edits of all those misalignments and fit issues - well done! Absolutely fantastic. I wonder how you didn't edit them before though, even before the riveting and the describing...those were some pretty bold seamlines or at least they look like that in the closeups. Congrats again on this....juicy "finish" :)
  2. +1 in the awesomeness of this build. I especially like the clean look and the dropped control surfaces. The angled photos should be amazing...
  3. Yes, of course, airbrushing a little bit more diluted/liquid primer should be enough for a more smooth pattern. Nice tip. I always forgot how small things are in this scale; the tank on the pics looks huge.
  4. Hi! Amazing progress! as much as I can see from the pic above, the real tank has slightly more fluid stripes/lines. So, why not try to cover/dip the tank with the adhesive stripes in lacquer, then wait it dry completely, and then do the flour procedure? The lacquer should even the difference of the stripes and the plastic surface underneath (between the stripes) for a more fluid pattern;)
  5. What a tiny little beaut. :) ...or a little bit more. :)
  6. Nice. Game-changing those pe doors! Keep it up!
  7. Oh wow, I had to catch up. Thanks guys a lot for the nice words. Slartibartfast; awesome clarification, tu much! After lots of trials with all those "ready parts" I found out that I don't have what it gets to make it justice, so I did it myself and actually I'm quite happy with the result. One major con though - the glare of the entire plastic piece at a certain angle - it definitely looks like it's not a transparent screen with holes, but a solid transparent piece. I think this effect will kind of interfere with the glare of the wind shield when viewed at the same angle... But I rather prefer this abstract view than a closeup with an overwhelming screen (...mesh :) ) visible. Thanks again. oh, ang guys, I think I will put off this model aside for a while cause guess what... I decided to build the B-2 . . . but this time in 1/144 :) (the revell kit) I'll keep you posted once finished. I think it won't take long. It's just at the assembly of the two fuselage parts; then only the wings need to be attached; final touch ups; painting, etc.
  8. The main IP - holes; raw knobs/switches and screens; finally done 🙂
  9. the nlg is "done" as well. its glued to the cockpit tub, but still the wiring is not ready. the retraction is good. btw I have a vid of the moving of the Flir and will try to post it in a giffy...
  10. The cockpit is on the way now... all switches and knobs will be replaced with thin tiny plastic rods. its not ready yet. sory about the lack of spacing between the pix. they also appear to be in reversed order but it will be quite overwhelming to post them 1by1.
  11. Lots of things are going on... my laptop is not working and I'm posting from my phone 🙂 so I'll miss the thorough explanations. Hope the pics are speaking enough. So the Flir is done, moveable, via two gears:
  12. Noooice! But I think the bomb bays need a little bit more wiring... ;)
  13. You nailed those intakes. Absolutely gorgeous. And the smooth transitions on the outer sides are just as they should. It really is a beatiful kit but you perfectionized it . Well done!
  14. Amazing! Beautiful! Inspiring!
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