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my favs are F`s

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  1. my favs are F`s

    1/18 LLRV - WIP

    Amazing! Beautiful! Inspiring!
  2. my favs are F`s

    1/48 Kinetic Prowlers for VMAQ-2 - Five of 27!

    This is one very very beautiful plane! And of course, the only better thing that one plane are.. of them.
  3. my favs are F`s

    F-117 - A 1:32 Nighthawk by Trumpeter

    I started the FLIR and... yeah, it's always the simplest and easiest method that works the best. ๐Ÿ™‚ I'm talking about the fine screen mesh, which I was about to make with the PE screen. But, I first did a coupe of trials with stainless steel grits of two different grades, and a piece of plastic scared with the tip of the knife... This is the PE - it's just out of scale. Maybe there are finer grits however, but that's what I got: This is with the tea filter. It really is the finest mesh but the transparency is almsot none: And, just a thin clear plastic piece scared to imitate the pattern, then with a black wash and subtle black tint: It's way better in both pattern and transarency. This is what I'll go with, and I think I could improve it even more. Here are the test pieces side by side - in the middle is the original kit part. The grit next to the PE is from a flour grader cup - it's way out of scale too. I also noticed that the entire tourette needs to be moved up a bit because in the real plane it's clearly visible that it almost touches the upper frame and the screen: But this looks like to be an easy fix. After these trials I can start making the rotation of the tourette... I'll keep you updated.
  4. my favs are F`s

    1/32 CF-18

    Nope I'm not. It's an awesome read, no doubt about it. The three braces are there to strengthen the stabilizers no doubt about it either. My point was that I would have thin them just a little bit so they don't look so massive. We all know how important is every rivet or fastener to be flush with fuselage because of the airflow,... same thing here. Actually I searched for angled images of these braces to see how really thick they are but couldnt find any. Neverheless, it's just my taste and opinion about the thickness of these details.
  5. my favs are F`s

    1/32 CF-18

    Awesome build so far! Just a hint: maybe these braces need some thinning. If they are like that with so huge flat sides, they would interupt the airflow quite a bit. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  6. my favs are F`s

    F-117 - A 1:32 Nighthawk by Trumpeter

    And because it's hard to capture all the things that move on pix, I took a short vid ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. my favs are F`s

    F-117 - A 1:32 Nighthawk by Trumpeter

    The trapezes are adjusted and glued... well, they move actually ๐Ÿ™‚ I can't count how many hinges went in but they are a lot. Only the launching rails are testfitted on some of the pics. FIrst, a couple in an extended mode: Here is how they look retracted. THere will be plenty of space inside the bay even for bombs so they will be actually a little bit more extended.:
  8. my favs are F`s

    F-117 - A 1:32 Nighthawk by Trumpeter

    Oh, that's quite an improvement.... the bomb bay side walls are installed and that completely straighten the flat bottom of the fuselage. Check out now the longer edges of the bomb bay - absolutely straight:
  9. my favs are F`s

    F-117 - A 1:32 Nighthawk by Trumpeter

    Well, I need to postopone the NLG and continue with the bomb bay.... Why? Because I can thus solve 2 issues at once - the slightly bent fuselage on its entire flat side, right underneath the bomb bay. Check out the slight bending of the bomb bay side walls: It's a little bummer but all should be fine with the side walls of the bomb bay firmly instaled. The next issue is that the plastic is is too thin and hence the entire lower fuselage is an almost flat giant piece which bends easily... I mean that's what the gravity does: The NLG bay door fits so perfectly in the fuselage and even the slightest bend will cause to pop up or missalign: So, there was no doubt that the only way to troubleshoot is to get the bomb bay started. These are the parts, testfitted only: The plan is to glue both side walls to the lower fuselage (already done and drying) with plenty of glue and reinforcements. If that's enough to straighten the lowe fuselage and make it rigid enough, I'll proceed with the motion of the cradles, the extending of the airflow disturbers, the closing of the doors, and the attachment of the bombs. I think that's the right direction. This is my 2nd 1/32 model and I don't know if the plastic is really thin for this scale or it just seems to me like that, but anyways I'm sure that all will be qute legit with all other things glued.
  10. my favs are F`s

    F-117 - A 1:32 Nighthawk by Trumpeter

    FIrst, the NSL. I made a hybrid of the metal gear and the original plastic one, then i sanded and polished the metal parts quite thoroughly: All arranged and ready for assembly. The main retraction is hinged on 4 points - two are part of the bay (the 2 uppermost sides) and 2 are on the lowest portion of the diagonal strut. Here you see the three pins for the three hinges, the fourth one is actually the base/root of the metal pylon. Also only for the NLG i'm using the kit rims and tire instead of the GTR's. I think it's more correct that way. And then i painted everything white. I think the paint stick well enough. Here is how the gear looks extended and retracted, and how it will fit in the bay when retracted.
  11. My kind of builds :) Very well done so far!
  12. my favs are F`s

    F-117 - A 1:32 Nighthawk by Trumpeter

    Well hello! ๐Ÿ“ Let's build that beast! This is my second model in this scale and after the B-2 in 1/72 - everything in it looks ginormous. ๐Ÿ™‚ I somehow found out after the B-2 that the bomber planes have a slightly different structure and shape from the jetfighters, and i liked it too.... in a different way, but still i like it a lot and that's how i decided to build the Nighthawk. This F-117 kit is giant. It has metal landing gear, PE intake screens, rubber tyres and canopy with thin flat sides - almost like windows with no blurs or distortion whatsoever, while the decals are only a few: This is what i got for the improvement of this yet high-quality kit - the AFV Club's canopy with anti reflection coating from the inner side, the unused in my F-15E model tyre+wheel set by GTR, and a piece of PE screen for the sensors. I only need to get a pilot figure. So, the landing gears are first and i'll start them these days. I plan to make the model in 2 modes again - inflight and parked. With everything that can move - moveable ๐Ÿ™‚ but in full stealth mode so the antennas, the RCS enhancers and the lights will not be added. That's it for now. Thanks for following along!
  13. my favs are F`s

    1/24 GEMINI 9A part 2

    This topic reminds me of the "First Man" movie. Such an awesome build!
  14. my favs are F`s

    F-14D VF-213 NH-101

    Awesome looking cats! I'm more a fan of the clean looks so 101 is my fav. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. my favs are F`s

    A-7E Corsair II - Hasegawa 1/48

    well, that's tricky. i normally don't make it cause the friction is enough. but i used to fill the two halves of the pylon with small pieces of plastic, so that after gluing them - there is a solid part of the plastic inside the pylon. then i drill the hole, and insert a tiny little bit inside, inserting it with a smaller rod for example. it's in the margin of an imperfection. or else, the riskier thing is first to make the tiny notch on the tip of the pin and prep the tiny bit fitting perfectly in the notch. then add a hint of glue ONLY on the bit, and insert the pin in the hole. after a few minutes just remove the pin and the bit should stay in the perfect position inside the hole....if all done flawlessly... Definitely make a couple of trials to find what works best. In 1/48 all should be smaller so i would rather go with simply a pin in a hole, and "the paint/lacquer friction thing". ๐Ÿ‘Œ