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  1. For a jet of that era, you're going to have to skip a lot (most?) of the Afterburner stencil decals. For instance, the jet you are doing has yellow-ish RESCUE arrows and orange ejection seat warning placards. Hopefully the SH sheet has some of those for you. Looks like a great subject!
  2. Oh, man, I'd love a six of that! I'm a hop head so that is right up my alley! I hope Tamiya doesn't sue them! 😉
  3. I received my second dose last Tuesday (Moderna). What a giant relief it was! I was a bit sick the next day with a mild fever, muscle/joint aches, headache, general malaise but felt fine after that except for injection site soreness.
  4. Does anyone have experience using this brand? I’ve never used them but find myself in need of one of their 1/72 Luftwaffe sheets. Thanks, Shawn
  5. Is this kit going to good for any ETO schemes? I’m not really familiar with Lightning sub-variants. How about Robin Olds’ “Scat” aircraft? Excited for this one!
  6. Thanks for the cool vid, TT! A) Nice job sticking that landing on a ~7000’ runway at altitude. 🙂 B) USAF markings are so boring these days that you can’t tell which squadron the aircraft is from without zooming in. Would it kill them to put a red tail flash on the 34th FS planes?
  7. I can’t seem to find my other source of decals for Werner Schroer’s Bf-109G-2 Trop, Red 1. I know the original release of the Eduard -109 Royal Class (the oddly scaled kit) has this scheme. I’d be happy to pay for the unique decals for this aircraft + shipping if anyone has them available. Thanks! Shawn
  8. John, Great model and wonderful subject. Such a fascinating history of that unit. Red Eagles was such a great read. All, Afew questions as I know nothing aboit Modelsvit. Are there any U.S. distributors of Modelvit products? I’m interested in getting a MiG-21F13 when released. Also, how ‘limited’ are these kits. Sure the details on their other kits I’ve seen built on the internet look great but limited and NMF/silver painted = no fun for me. I build 1/72 for myself only (no contests) but still don’t want to apply NMF/silver to an ill-fitting kit. Thanks!
  9. Thanks, guys! I’m going to look around and see if I have an old kit decal of “Christl” in white. If not, it’s not like there is a shortage of interesting schemes to build. Man, these really are great looking kits. If they build as well as their molded detail I think I’m in for a real treat. Right after I get done with the last of the fall house projects that is.
  10. I recently purchased the Eduard Weekend Edition “Erla” kit and was surprised to see Barkhorn’s aircraft inscription “Christl” depicted as yellow on the decal sheet. Am I missing something? Has there been new research to suggest it was yellow and not white? I was going to use the kit decals and build this scheme but now I’m wondering how accurate the depiction of this one is. I also bought 4 other boxings of the weekend and overtree boxings of Gustavs and Friedrichs and wow do they look nice! I’m looking forward to building these beauties. Thanks for any help on this odd/diff
  11. Oh. My. God. I thought for sure it would be another F-14 variant. I'm very glad to see this!
  12. Very nice looking! I like the colors you have chosen for the 74/75/76. Great job!
  13. No pics, Matt. I have a photo pass but there are too many people that are totally freaked about getting any pics of the Hill F-35A's (at least on the 388FW ramp). After reading this thread I drove the ramp twice in two days in different light conditions to try and catch the difference. I noticed a FY year 2015 aircraft that looked to have less contrast between the main color and RAM panels. I have to say that the difference was noticeable, but not remarkable. There is still a contrast between the two colors. So don't throw away those masks quite yet! After my driving excursions there wa
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