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  1. Good'ay all, Just wondering if the cockpit layout changed from the block 15 to F-16C style during the OCU and ADF conversion? Thanks.
  2. Hello all, Trying to finish up some projects and looking for the following: Neomega 72012 1/72 Su-47 cockpit set Wolfpack Design WP72045 F-15E Strike Eagle Update set (for Hasegawa 1/72) WP72065 F-15E Strike Eagle Cockpit set (for Hasegawa 1/72) Academy #12478 F-15E old tooling. Please dm me if you are willing to part with them. Thanks for looking. Dave
  3. Looking for the following, any help would be appreciated. Model Alliance: MA-72138 Sepecat Jaguar international selections. MA-72146 RAF B(I) & PR.9 Canberra's PT II MA-72170 EE Lightning Part 2 Authentic Decals: AD72-21 Sikorsky SH-60 F/H Ocean/Rescue Hawk
  4. Looking for Sword 1/72 P-47N 2 in one kit and Fujimi J1N1, J1N2 model 21 and JN3 Thanks, Dave
  5. Looking for Goffy sets #7228 Il-4 cockpit set and #7229 Il-4 deluxe set. Thanks,
  6. Hello all, This is what I have on offer. All prices in CND. Shipping is actual shipping, you pay what I pay. Thanks for looking. 1/48 Pavla: Buccaneer cockpit C48009 $30. 1/72: Revell: Swordfish mk I/III 04115 $5 Modelsvit: Mirage III E 72045 $35.00 PJ productions: Mirage iiie 721026 $20 High plane models: IAI Dagger Argentina HPK.72071 $20 1/144 Hero models: X3 Modern pilots seated R14408 $5 each X2 WWII pilots seated R14418 $5 each Aoshima:
  7. Looking for the following decal sets. US Army and Navy T-28's B/D Microscale 1:72 72-322 (720322) EE Lightning Part 2 Model Alliance 1:72 MA-72170Wishlist
  8. More added. Hope this is kosher: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=16215&p=forsale Trade wants: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=16215&p=wishlist Extras, these are F-Toy and Bandai 1/144 kits: F-Toys, no boxes 2x A-4M A-7E VA-23 Stingers 2x F-4J VF-96 Showtime 100 A-7E VA-93 low vis 2x F-4C/D ZZ tail code Yak-27 anigrand YAK-28 anigrand F-108 anigrand Big Bird vol.1 boxed. G4M 721 sq. G4M 763 sq. 2x G4M 761 Sq. P-61b 548 nfsq. Bandai w
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