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  1. Looking for the following, any help would be appreciated. Model Alliance: MA-72138 Sepecat Jaguar international selections. MA-72146 RAF B(I) & PR.9 Canberra's PT II MA-72170 EE Lightning Part 2 Authentic Decals: AD72-21 Sikorsky SH-60 F/H Ocean/Rescue Hawk
  2. Looking for Sword 1/72 P-47N 2 in one kit and Fujimi J1N1, J1N2 model 21 and JN3 Thanks, Dave
  3. Looking for Goffy sets #7228 Il-4 cockpit set and #7229 Il-4 deluxe set. Thanks,
  4. Hello all, This is what I have on offer. All prices in CND. Shipping is actual shipping, you pay what I pay. Thanks for looking. 1/48 Pavla: Buccaneer cockpit C48009 $30. 1/72: Revell: Swordfish mk I/III 04115 $5 Modelsvit: Mirage III E 72045 $35.00 PJ productions: Mirage iiie 721026 $20 High plane models: IAI Dagger Argentina HPK.72071 $20 1/144 Hero models: X3 Modern pilots seated R14408 $5 each X2 WWII pilots seated R14418 $5 each Aoshima:
  5. Looking for the following decal sets. US Army and Navy T-28's B/D Microscale 1:72 72-322 (720322) EE Lightning Part 2 Model Alliance 1:72 MA-72170Wishlist
  6. More added. Hope this is kosher: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=16215&p=forsale Trade wants: https://www.scalemates.com/profiles/mate.php?id=16215&p=wishlist Extras, these are F-Toy and Bandai 1/144 kits: F-Toys, no boxes 2x A-4M A-7E VA-23 Stingers 2x F-4J VF-96 Showtime 100 A-7E VA-93 low vis 2x F-4C/D ZZ tail code Yak-27 anigrand YAK-28 anigrand F-108 anigrand Big Bird vol.1 boxed. G4M 721 sq. G4M 763 sq. 2x G4M 761 Sq. P-61b 548 nfsq. Bandai w
  7. Hey all, Looking for a couple things: 1. Wondering if anyone has a spare unused MW-1 dispencer from the 1:72 Hasegawa Tornado IFS (German), their willing to part with, it's sprue F in the kit. 2. Does anyone have a copy of Wolfpack 72-035 Cripes A' Might Marines. I am in need of a copy of the painting instructions for AV-8A BuNo. 158702, VMA-231 in Winter Camo. 3. Also searching for Model Alliance decal set MA-72170 EE Lightning part 2. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Dave O.
  8. Just waiting on a reply from Colin. If it doesn't work you'll be next on my list.
  9. Looking for the following kit: #35117 Fujimi 1/72 Grumman F-14A Plus TARPS DESERT STORM
  10. Looking for some pictures of Syrian Airforce operated Mi-2 Hoplite and Egyptian Airforce Mi-4 and time period but preferably camo. Google has one blurry SyAAR Mi-2 and front pic of an EAF Mi-4 so any other source would be fabulous.
  11. Hey all, I'm looking at doing a what if F-15E and wonder if anyone could enlighten me with what I would have to do to back date Academy's an F-15E circa 1987-89. I have Reid air publication's eagle/strike eagle book and as far as I can tell the only things that need changing are the GPS/INS nodule beside the airbrake, add a forward angle to the front left and right CFT pylons and fill in the boxes for the flush EWWS panels on the sides and top of the nose. Thank you for any help. Dave
  12. Thank for all the feedback on the differences. I'm not planning on building this Strike Eagle. Doing a what if and wanted to do it in Euro one.
  13. Title says it all, looking for an Airfix 1/72 Javelin FAW.9/9R. Thanks,
  14. @oy61, thank you. I looked on hobby search 1999 but obviously not that hard.
  15. Hey all, Would anyone have painting instructions from either 1/72 or 1/48 monogram or Hasegawa strike eagle kits for the euro one demo bird? Looking at doing one but don't have the instruction sheet for painting and Google has nothing. Thanks.
  16. Just saw this thread and I was also curious if anyone has profiles for the 2nd and third pictures posted by @rotorwash with the MERDC camo? Would love to do one like this.
  17. So started some work on the Planet Hobby A-12 last night. Opened up the bomb bay and missile bay. Looking at the exhaust which is the better represented? Anigrand on left Planet Hobby on right.
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