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  1. I visited a friend on the Big E while we (The Coral Sea) was docked beside her in Alameda back in 1967. The thing I remember most was the little "You Are Here" maps stuck on almost every bulk head. It was so easy to get lost in her.
  2. Plus it's got a twenty-six year old Claudia Cardinale.........
  3. Sabre and I will be there, or somewhere, sometime, if we can find it...we are both over sixty now.
  4. The entire wing was pivoted as you stated.
  5. I'd delete the guns from the turret as the observer was rarely carried and the turret was useless trying to track a jet. The lower turret was removed on most of the -26's before Korea occured.
  6. The only part of the wheel well that would have been painted was the main wing spar that forms the very rear wall near the fuselage, and is only partly visible due to the well area moving forward of the spar. The spar would have been painted in the factory zinc yellow, and after a visit to an AIMD may have been repainted zinc green. It's your call 'cause it's your model and there isn't anyone who really knows.
  7. Lindberg originally did a 1/48 kit, which was accurate but had NO interior to speak of. Don't know who makes one now. Squadron may have them.
  8. Most excellent; if I may recommend Hot Rod Primer Grey for the tires instead of brown.
  9. Another possible cause (Reno) This may clarify the issue somewhat. Good News for the future of air racing. Our new crew member, Matt Jackson, is not only a race pilot, aircraft business owner and aircraft owner (he also takes care of Tom Cruises P-51) but he is also the VP of the Unlimited Racing Class and head of the Safety Committee. We had a long talk about the Reno crash on the way to Mojave today. Matt believes the cause of the crash was due to The Galloping Ghost having a CG too close to the aft limit which resulted in pitch instability. There are instructions on the P-51 regar
  10. How about a trade; I have a 1/48 Pro-Modeller Ju-88 in the shrink wrap and a 1/48 Revell Memphis Belle B-17F that has all components but has the interior pre-painted interior green, flat black on the engines and tires, and the original decals.
  11. Hey Jim, thought you'd like to see this: WINGXL will proceed with the following kits in 1/32 scale: • North American B-25 C/D Mitchell • Douglas A-26 Invader • Douglas A-20 Havoc • Martin B-26 Marauder • Northrop P-61 Black Widow • Lockheed Hudson • Bristol Beaufighter • De Havilland Mosquito Anything after the B-25C/D has an uncertain release date; The Mosquito could precede the A-20. But at least the early B-25's will include the D version which was modified into gunship configurations by the 345th Bombardment Group (aka Warpath Across The Pacific guys)so that is a
  12. Martin, the man behind the development of the B-25G & J's we all really wanted, was shafted by his Chinese partners. They informed him that a new partner had been brought in and his services were no longer needed or wanted. Since then I have seen where these dispicable people have tried to find some one to go to production with, but haven't heard anything else. I cancelled my pre-orders as I do not intend to reward bad behavior, even though Martin stated publicly that we should buy the kits as they will be exceptional, so it is anyone's call. Martin has regenerated his company under a ne
  13. IIRC there were some SBD-3's still flying and active at the Operation Galvanic (Tarawa) and they would have had the tri-color scheme with red surrounds on the cocards.
  14. 120 mm Marine moving out on Iwo Jima. Those stone by his left foot came from Iwo.
  15. Thanks for the comments guys; this is where ot has a home now.
  16. I wonder how many "others" are "doing it"?
  17. Do what Holmes said. It's a self-inflicted wound and you need to clear off the work bench of anything other than the kit in hand, and put the stash somewhere you can't easily see what's in it. Think positive about the kit in hand and concentrate on completing each step, not on what if.......
  18. I have just finished the 1/32nd P-39D by Special Hobby in the OD and grey scheme of Don C. "Fibber" McGee, 36th FS, 8th FG, Port Moresby, New Guinea, June 1942. Send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll send photos if you don't have the time to build it.
  19. Tinker AFB, 1957 airshow, three vics with three B-36's each came in with the low vic at 500 feet. The earth was actually trembling as they went over the crowd. And the sound was indescribable.
  20. Welcome, and you can just about forget about building, let alone finishing a model when you get hooked on this place. Really. This crowd will have you rolling on the floor laughing half the time, and the remainder of the time you'll just stare at somebody elses build and wonder "Why do I even try!". And I ain't even going to tell you about them rowdy Canadians and their wonderful mail system. But they do have good coffee...just can't mail it to anybody! Good Luck.
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