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  1. Making a start.... the upper and lower hulls are cemented together - with the join filled and sanded down. Note the filled-in holes for the X-shaped rear dive planes.... Mikro-Mir's model is of a later version - with a moveable 'rudder' at the rear of the saill...... As I am building an earlier version, the rudder was cemented in place..... ... and blended in with filler....... Ken
  2. The Type R has three chordwise fences on each upper wing - and A&A provide them in plastic. They are very thin (almost scale thickness) and very delicate - but have large flow gates that must be carefully removed and cleaned up. There are engraved lines on the wing surface showing where they go - but they are just butt-joined - although, mercifully, they went on OK... What you might call 'Wing Fenced'....... Ken
  3. Great solution to the nose ring issue MB A little progress....... Wings and tailplanes attached..... Type R was actually built - but never flown due to political interference - which eventually led to Sukhoi OKB being deactivated. Ken
  4. I do wish that these limited-run companies (Modelsvit, Amodel, A&A etc) would provide a separate nose ring...... Trying to get a smooth intake without any slight gaps at the extreme tip is almost impossible when you only have the two fuselage halves forming the lip.... Stay Safe Ken PS - Re the Fowler actuators - just checked mine and they look OK - the wings are attached to the fuselage - and guess what ? - they need filler at the root.
  5. Meanwhile...... The intake/cockpit, main wheel bays and jetpipe are installed into the starboard fuselage half... The port fuselage half was (with difficulty and lots of clamping) cemented in place ......... it was only when the cement had set and the clamps were removed that I discovered that the intake splitter was not aligned vertically and the nosewheel bay was offset....... So I took the drastic action of splitting the fuselage halves apart - and 3 rounds and lots of fettling later, I finally beat it into submission...... There were still visible joint lines along the spine - and bottom of the fuselage... requiring filler..... But, once sanded down, the joints look OK-ish.... Onto the wings - they are moulded in upper and lower halves - with the lower as an insert to give a sharp trailing edge.... Guess what? - the lower insert needes thinning down to eliminate the inevitable 'step' ...... They say it's character building......... Stay Safe... Ken
  6. 'ere ya go........ I crawled underneath and simply pushed in 3 of the slats - they are hinged at the front....... They would normally spring back shut - but this museum example has lost its springyness. You can see the retracted mesh grille inside the intake - it is hinged at the rear and lies flat along the inside bottom of the intake when not deployed. This is the Hasegawa Su-27 with the correct number of doors (although they should be closed on a static aircraft).... ... and this is the Trumpeter J-11B - with 24 doors ! Ken
  7. You are correct Yuri - there should be 12 slats/louvres. They are spring-loaded and open individually on demand from the engine - to let more air into the intakes - that's why you can see some closed and some open on underside shots. In fact in a video you can see them 'fluttering' open & close. I've got a photo somewhere that I took at Khodynka - where I crawled underneath and pushed one of the slats open by hand - I'll try to find it.... Ken
  8. Just finished - the 1/350 scale model of USS Parche (Early)........ from Mikro-Mir... In order to disguise her true role as a 'Spec Ops' boat she was fitted with a 'pretend' trials DSRV.... She had retractable skegs to allow her to sit on the seabed.... My attempt at reproducing the image above - using photos of my models....... Mikro-Mir USS Sturgeon (pretending to be USS Parche as first launched), USS Parche (Early) as kitted by Mikro-Mir and my (incorrect) conversion to Parche's last configuration with the hull extended by 100ft..... Not the easiest of kits - but a welcome new model from Mikro-Mir Ken PS - WIP is here:- http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?/topic/312718-uss-parche-early-from-mikro-mir-1350/
  9. PS - I found this image on't tinterweb thingy...... It shows USS Parche as first launched (top), followed by her conversion to 'Special Ops' (and as kitted by Mikro-Mir and finally, after having her hull lengthened by 100ft. My conversion - here - shows how to make the last version. (mine lacks the lower lockout chamber - due to scarcity of info at the time... Ken PS Apologies if I am breaking any rules posting this image.......
  10. In the meantime - the parts for the 'dummy' DSRV.... (it looks more like a torpedo) Tiny parts, lots of flash to clean off, massive sprue gates, no propeller supplied.... what's not to like......??? The instruction diagram shows vertical fins on the aft end of the DSRV - but they have moulded only horizontals - I suggest cutting two of them off to make verticals (guess who didn't?) The model is now painted - Halfords car spray rattle cans - Matt Black, Red Plastic Primer and Volvo Dark Grey..... I managed to break the towed array cable whilst masking..... It's only a weak butt-join - I'll have to try to hold it steady whilst glueing both ends of the part..... Ken
  11. Excellent work Gabor - very realistic.... But.... if it was me I'd go for option 5 - fit a red-painted circular cover over the exhaust.... seeemples.. Keep up the good work - and stay safe. Regards Ken
  12. Lots of filing/sanding later.... The Lockout Chamber pannier, the hull and the sail.... Diving planes, sonar dome and Towed Array Sonar tube attached... The TAS tube is in two parts -just butt-joined and very delicate - and, guess what? - it needs some filler to blend in the front end!! Almost ready for a primer coat...... Ken
  13. Leningrad by Billy Joel gets me every time.... https://youtu.be/LgD_-dRZPgs Kyen
  14. Totally off topic - and because I'm waiting for paint to dry......... can you guys help with this conundrum..?? I'm having a debate with my eldest daughter about the difference between 'Thirty Square Meters' and 'Thirty Meters Square' She maintains that they are one and the same, whereas I say that Thirty Square Meters is an area of, say 5m X 6m (or 10 X 3 etc) and Thirty Meters Square - which is an area of 30m X 30m i.e. 900 Sqare Meters !! Who is right?? (and if it is me, how do I prove it??? ) Bored of Lea
  15. The lockout chamber assembled.... ... the sides don't fit precisely - leaving a gap at the front end.... The parts for the sail - and its rear extention ........ I may need to buy shares in filler manufacturers.... Ken
  16. Excellent job Sebastijan... It really is a beast of a plane - what were Ilyushin smoking at the time????? Trying to re-crate the glory days of the Il-2 - by making a jet-powered version that was totally anachronistic for the 20th century ..... Sukhoi got it right with their private venture T8 (Su-25 Frogfoot) Great model though - a credit to your building and painting skills. Ken PS - I wonder what Reporting Name it would have received had it entered service?? Flatiron? Fatfolly? Facepalm???
  17. You're doing some great work there PSM - the fibreglass resin moulds seem to be at the end of their useful lives with all those short-shot holes to repair. My 3MD had a much better surface finish - I didn't have to do that much repairing :- http://www.flankers-site.co.uk/modl_3md.html (I can't believe I started it TEN years ago - and it still isn't finished!!!) BTW - I crawled up inside the wheelbays in the example at Monino - the pics are at the bottom of the page linked to above..... Keep it coming PSM - your work is an inspiration..... Ken
  18. I've made a start. As is usual with Mikro-Mirs limited-run kits, the parts exhibit some flash - quite an amount on this new model and it seems to be getting worse...... After scraping it off, I added strips of plastic card to aid alignment.... Joining the two hull halves reveals a prominent joint line....... .... that needs the application of filler...... The diver lockout chamber is in three parts - again with lots of flash (note the unfettled top piece)......
  19. Madhatter..... Google is your friend..... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USS_Growler_(SSG-577) It is currently on display at Pier 86 in New York.... https://www.intrepidmuseum.org/The-Intrepid-Experience/Exhibits/submarine-growler Stay Safe.. Ken
  20. I'm calling it finished...... It's a great kit - if a little 'over engineered', but it looks good when finished..... Close up of the bridge and two missile launch tubes... The bow - with optional open torpedo loading hatch.... The rear end - with replacement 3d-printed props.... It's a big beast - and is being upgraded and kept in service to replace the too-expensive Typhoons. The Delta's are named after Russian cities - in this case Tula - note the city crest on the front of the bridge... Excellent replacement propellers from Michael Fuller..... The WIP thread is here -
  21. I found it almost impossible to construct the multi-prt props provided by Zvezda and wondered about how to replace them......? Now, Michael Fuller has produced a set of 3D Printed props and very generously gave me a set. He has made both 5-blades 'paddle' and 'scimitar' styles - and they are superb.... They fit the Zvezda model perfectly.... Mike says they will be available commercially on eBay ........ With the props attached, the model can now be completed Thanks once again Mike..... Ken
  22. I was intrigued to see (IIRC?) that there was a close-up of the F-14' windscreen area in one shot - and there was what looked like a piece of string taped to the anti-glare panel !! Presumably a simple yaw indicator??? Fascinating stuff that showed how difficult it would be for a modern high-performance jet to dogfight with a WWII prop fighter. The Zero could out-turn a Tomcat, causing it to overshooet and the heat signature from the Zero's engine is probably at the limit of the IR seakers on the F-14's Sidewinders. Back in the 60's - during the Indonesian conflict, the RAF did some trials that pitted a Spitfire (the Indonesians had P-51's) against an English Electric Lightning - with interesting results. The Spitfire could not shoot down the Lightning with cannonfire - but the Lightning could not get behind the Spitfire without stalling, nor could it get a missile lock-on... The best method they came up with was for the Lighning to overtake the Spit from below and 'topple' the Spit with its jetwash !! Sorry for the divergance... Ken
  23. I've started.... Being a typical short-run kit, all the components have large sprue gates and all parts have to be 'cleaned up' and 'fettled' before assembly... The nosewheel bay is made up from four parts, the mainwheel bay from five....... The cockpit (which doubles as the intake trunk) has eight parts (not including the etched seatbelts).... The jetpipe is in two halves - with a turbine face and two-part central cone..... All the sub-assemblies (minus the ejection seat) ready to fit(?) inside the fuselage... Note that the nosewheel bay is attached to the cockpit rear bulkhead). Ken
  24. Amodel did one a few years ago - one of their worst kits I ever made..... ... they also did the trainer version - the Tu-128U 'Pelican'...... Great work on the new Trumpeter kit Alex it's looking very good - and much better than the horrible Amodel kit.... A couple of points to note though - despite what Trumpeter label it as, it isn't a Tu-128M. The 'M' (upgraded version) had a flat-topped fin - as in the Pelcan model above - not the raked fin tip of earlier versions. Also - the Fiddler at Monino is a prototype - so some of the panel lines and fitings may be different. I'm following this build with interest - keep up the great work..... Stay safe. Ken
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