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    Gliders-Modern jets- Belgian Air Force-Exotic and less documented air forces<br>and especially the (R)F-84F Thunderstreak(Flash) and the Dassault Mirage III/V family.
  1. Hi Peter , again a stunning model; I remember my childhood days when I was watching them above southern Belgium Kind regards Bob Verhegghen Belgium
  2. Very nice build. I like the seater . Congrats Bob from Belgium
  3. Hi Jim As nothing works I hope this way will come through Interior colors of Chinese and exported Chengdus is some sort of green ( some RAf interior green with a slight more blue hue) as you can see on picture. As said the seat is a HT-Y2 (the #1 is the standard SK-1) That is a modified SK-1 mostly in the headrest .Other change is the articulation of the canopy .You will find d├ętails in the attached pictures Note that in the seat the parachute is not embedded (as in Martin Backer seats) but separate .You can see it on the pictures of Myamar F-7.The IP is almost identical to the Mig F-13
  4. Hi Jim, The alternative e-mail adress did not work either (same error message) I'll try to figure out what is happening Bob
  5. Hi Jim, The alternative e-mail adress did not work either (same error message) I'll try to figure out what is happeneing Bob
  6. hello Jim, I tried several times to send you some info on your email adress with no success mails are bouncing and I receive the following message : 5.1.0 - Unknown address error 553-'5.3.0 alph141 DNSBL:RBL 521< >_is_blocked:For_information_see_http://att.net/blocks' do you have an alternate e-mil adress? regards Bob
  7. hello Jim, I have made a lot of research about that seat when I was building my Zimbabwe AF Chengdu F-7IIn some years ago (see http://www.arcforums.com/forums/air/index.php?showtopic=173381&st=0&p=1611064&hl=chengdu%20f-7iin&fromsearch=1entry1611064) The seat is a HTY-2 .That is simply a modified SK-1 as used in the early variant of MIGs ( like the F-13)adapted for the rearward opening canopy. " The most noticeable modification is in the headrest. Do you plan to build the Trumpeter 1/48.Iin that case I would recommend you the Nneomega SK-1 seat with a little modifictaion
  8. Hello to all, I have got my Kinetic Fouga Magister today but unfortunately the instructions are missing Can one of our readers who has them have a scan and send them at my e-mail adress fa062130@skynet.be Thanks in advance Bob
  9. looks good Bruce BAF Streaks are the best :-)
  10. F-7IIN , build for Zimbabwe , is a hybrid between the F-7N and the F-7P.The f-7IIN has the probe Under nose so as far as I know Zim utised only this one version , I think Aztec is wrong stating F-7NI wich is specific to Nigeria as said by Laurent The Dashboard is almost similar to the Mig 21 F-13 , black with vertical white line (antispin recovery mark) The Trump model is not suitable for Namibia as those have have the double delta wing Bob
  11. Hi kevin look at http://www.network54.com/Forum/47751/thread/1230843432/1230845498/A+quite+international++Chengdu+F-7IIN Cockpit tub interior is grey green similar to FS 34424 seat, backplate of cockpit , interior of canopy , upper part of cockpit tub is a green similra to raf interior green Wheel wells drak grey airbrakes interior and well is yellow zincchromate No IFF antena on top of tail on Zim F-7 Seat : HT-Y2 is an adapted SK-1 as found in the Mig 21 F-13 adapted to the rearward opening canopy ( on headrest top mostly) seat The one in the model is a Ht-Y5 , more modern, MB lo
  12. See ARC Gallery F-84f by Glidingbob FM one is based on the Heller one who has a wrong aft fuselage ( based on old Aeromodeller plans ) Monogram is the best for me but airbrakes are wrong positonned. A mistake corrected by Kinetic that unfortunately missed the oval air intake an some panel lines specific to the RF-84f and not the F. There has been quite a lot of discussions about those issues on ARC forums . KR Bob
  13. What an original and nice build model.I like the paint scheme;There is one at my airfield ; Congrats; Bob
  14. Look here also : http://calclassic.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=general&action=print&thread=1424
  15. Hello Paul, The blue is SABENA Old blue used at that time nearest ref. FS 15123. It was available with DACO products as tinlet PA 12 Sabena old Blue . Hope this helps . If I find other info I will post. Hope this helps You in your project KR Bob
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