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  1. I just sent a reply explaining on what's happening on my part. I've been having trouble balancing work and other things. Workload picked up.
  2. I got off of work at 6:30 had to come home and grab the box by the time I got to Roseville post office it closed at 7. It opens tomorrow at 8:30 I'll be there when they open and I'll have your tracking number taken by my camera on my phone.
  3. https://m.facebook.com/pg/Eribuz-Scale-Models-601240810264478/photos/?tab=album&album_id=628046280917264 This site is where I'm developing Masters the build and create kits that I want to cast out of resin that I created from scale drawings. Look for the album in the photos that says kits for sale
  4. Yes I can soon as I'm off I got to go home and grab a box with the two f-16s and ship. Then I got two pack a box up for the Raptor. I just sold. I do have a spare true heroes Raptor that is 1/32 that was someone's toy that's in good condition too
  5. And I apologise on my end on the communication. I've been gaining responsibilities at work. Possibly moving up to part time. We had two guys jump ship. One at both jobs.
  6. I had stuff that came up at work when I'm having the fill in for employees at haven't shown up for work so now I'm having to work afternoons that started a week ago that I work out there pretty much every day the best time and opportunity to ship stuff I've always had was on Saturdays. The post office should be open a little later today. I'll get you a tracking number like I said. It's one of those situations when your employer as the government and they tell you have to stay to work I can't tell him know or I get fired. That's two jobs I work on base back to back
  7. I've been working doubles at Selfridge til 7. I'll try and get it shipped today
  8. Sorry. I have a hobby boss f-117 1/32 scale kit asking $115 shipped Tamiya 1/32 f-16cj. Asking $115 shipped I can't afford the aftermarket kids and I don't have time to build them right now. Have to put money back in the bank. And clean up my room
  9. One of the four f-22s are pending sale that make me an offer on the F-117 and the F-16
  10. I got these two 132nd scale kits for sale. They are both new on started and sealed contents. Only showing cuz I'm needing an amplifier for my new system donut just got a bunch of boxes so I can finally start showing off a lot of the kids to make up the money for it. I also have 4 1/48 kits of the f-22 raptor pt45 for sale by hasegawa. Taking offers.the highest offer gets em. Shipping is excluded from all offers. So keep tht in mind. Open to Legal residents of the United States 48 states.
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