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  1. Goin onto ebay tomarrow with best offer option.
  2. I have 2 f-16c jets for sale. $135 shipped. Both are Hasegawa kits. Both have sealed contents and are complete. No trades at this time. Located in 48080 michigan shipping the cheapest route. This is open to United States
  3. And I do have three cockpit photos for the Lockheed xst. The main instrument panel and the two side panels
  4. I'm going to be doing a master in 30 seconds skill 72nd scale that might be a bit small to do by hand but I'm down to try that too. I'm already looking for someone who can do 3D printing and photo Dutch for my cockpit some antenna and other parts of my part is coming along
  5. https://scontent-ort2-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t31.0-8/fr/cp0/e15/q65/21125408_612224845832741_4114372279024032781_o.jpg?efg=eyJpIjoidCJ9&oh=03b78fe025711fe9f0060a4f374b9de6&oe=5A21CFD0
  6. Your gonna have to go to my link to my Facebook unfortunately cause of photobucket vs. I'm getting ready to cast the shells in the next month. https://m.facebook.com/profile.php?id=601240810264478&_rdr
  7. I've been focused on my job for the most part for the past few years as I do three military contracts for cleaning at Selfridge. I'm working on getting the garage that shares my parents back into order I already got all the necessity equipment machinery and tables to do it. I just got to do some organization of the other junk in there. Which I've been doing for the past week at an hour day. Hopefully by September the end of I can finally progress start posting photos of everything again. One thing back when I was doing this wasn't sure on dimensions for the line drawings. I might be starting from the beginning for a few of these but they didn't take that long to start out. The progress you see on the Boeing bird of prey antacid blue are for the most part got done in an afternoon. Main tools are used are a Dremel wet and dry sandpaper different kinds of putty. Some sheet plastic of styrene. The main things I'm going to contract out the be done are the cockpits and photo that's what I'm looking for someone to help do that portion for the model kits I'm planning and going to produce and batches. Growing up model building was a hobby. Still is. But I find it more fun to start bare bone for certain subjects. I have a process for making these I'm going to go by step by step. Airframes so far I've done 2 scale are the 1/48 RQ 3 Darkstar Tacit Blue Boeing Bird of prey There are others I'm going to do but I want to make sure I get measurements proper 2 scale. As I plant on scaling them all to 1/32 scale. I'm a black jet guy at heart.
  8. I want to make note that the Masters are have so far constructed are the wings the body and the tail portions. I still got to work on the body which I'm looking at getting a shell vacu formed so I have not a solid brick of resin. I'm visiting a local vacuform owner here in the Detroit area to help me make shells of the main body so I can add the intake an cut out the other areas such as the windshield without compromising the wood master.
  9. I need f-16cj small mouth intakes.
  10. Well I did say make an offer with shipping in mind
  11. There's always the Tamiya kit in the academy kit. That's why you can't even get usually for below 200 if Lucky.