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  1. I have that top-side photo of an FSD (#6?) model testing asymmetric wing configuration forever stuck in my head. First saw it Airpower magazine in the mid-1970s.
  2. Funny. i tried that when chopping up Whitey's link and it didn't work for me.
  3. Simple goofing around with your url didn't work for me. Good luck finding an acceptable answer.
  4. Your mis-spelling of Flagon in the title made me think you accidentally posted an out-house build for a wood working web site.
  5. This might be the 20th anniversary of the first time this was posted to ARC.
  6. You can see the same effect on camouflaged P-51s of the 1st Commando unit in Burma.
  7. Nice job on finding the Ellington info. Thanks.
  8. Dyess? Or whoever operated the Herks I saw fly in and out of Ellington for Monthly National Guard duties during th late Sixties and early Seventies?
  9. Both VF-201 and VF-202 are/were based at NAS Dallas. Would be nice to have a sheet with their birds.
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