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  1. Place a want-to-buy ad in the Buy and Sell forum.
  2. No A or E Sabre in 1:48 or 1:32. Disgraceful.
  3. Kill two birds with one stone. Use flour for the powder and to coarsen your red spooge paint.
  4. Check out Tommy Thomason's Tailspin Turtle pages. He's made public a lot of pictures and info. Or, buy his Skyhawk book.
  5. Thanks fpor posting your new trailer and bring this thread back from the depths of time. That's some outstanding work!
  6. The photo is from later in the series. The lights might have changed, Are you building the Polara version?
  7. Adam:12 is currently running on H&I network in the afternoons. You can see for yourself. I want to say front and back are red.
  8. Got mine Thursday From Sprue Bros..
  9. What are the three markings just inboard of the wingtip slime lights on the F-15?
  10. Some ETO pilots requested no tracers until the last fifty or so in the belt. These pilots didn't need them for aiming and claimed tracers alerted the victim he was being shot at which allowed him to make evasive maneuvers before being hit.
  11. The YF-16 sure is dainty. Hardly larger than a P-47.
  12. The color photo is of a P-51D (NACA127) with the tall tail. It appears NACA used only the fuselage cocardes.
  13. This one has the cocarde under the starboard wing.
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