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  1. You do not need the Tapatalk app to view Tapatalk forums. I use both Firefox and Safari wih zero problems.
  2. You might consider graphite powder. For what you need, a single pencil should last your life time.
  3. No mention of Iowa National Guard operating F-51H in the book.
  4. When I click the "mark forum read" link, the resultant dialog box is missing text for the "okay" and "cancel" buttons.
  5. Fantastic result, Chuck. Glad you posted the end result here.
  6. Semantics. I just wanted to be sure people didn't think the P-82 used the P-51H fuselage as some seem to indicate.
  7. The F-82 is not a derivative of the P-51H. It's very similar in appearance but not many parts interchange.
  8. I was going to say, a road-racing BRAT would look like that, but not a street or trail car.
  9. Exactly. Our post-war Air Force was expecting the Soviet hordes to come flying in from over the North Pole and interception was the order of the day. To steal a future motto, "not a pound for air to ground". The Mustang was as fast and cheaper to operate than the Thunderbolt which was copacetic to the greatly reduced Air Force budgets that were focused on jets.
  10. [nothing to see here. Move along.]
  11. I remember that "chicken tax" hogwash. Did you purposefully give the front suspension so much negative camber?
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