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  1. Tres bien!
  2. Fishing, hunting, agriculture.
  3. Those dampers look good! Just like the øhlins I put on my Miata. I really like the hardware on the suspensioon joints. I look forward to the completed car.
  4. Beautiful. Impressive details.
  5. Wow, nice! That Cosworth DFV is beautiful. Love that it can be dispalyed in various states of assembly.
  6. Looking forward to the completion of your diorama. And I'm still giggling.
  7. Your gear door is a non-issue. It was very rare that the doors were down when on the ground. They didn't droop like Merlin-powered P-51 doors. Same with the flaps. Down only while undergoing maintenance. The cockpit floor was the top of the wing, not the wing spar. I have to leave shortly, when I return home I'll look through my books for floor color.
  8. Man, I was expecting an A-7 For Sale thread. I think Uncle McScrooge would have helped me on this.
  9. Did you look here?
  10. Every time I see a Maverick, I ask myself "why is the Air Force shooting dolphins?" Then I realize my silly mistake. Nice looking bird.
  11. Dang it, I'm retired. I can't afford all these 2nd editions!
  12. A fellow on Starship Modeller has a thread about bulding one.
  13. Took me a moment but, yeah. Mr. Bamford, you zigged when you shoulda zagged.
  14. As P.T. Barnum said, "Leave them wanting more."
  15. I don't see any trails in the photo.