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  1. It's the U.S. Marine AV-8B that has the composite wing.
  2. In the book I cited, it's obvious that while they were painted to the same T.O., none were exactly the same.
  3. Air Force Legends #212 North American F-86H Sabre "Hog" has 15 B&W photos of the SEA scheme showing each side, one of which is duplicated on the back cover in color, port side only. No drawings. Surely someone can cough up the Tech Order that covers the Sabre paint scheme.
  4. That was a saxophone, not a trumpet. Tenor sax, I believe.
  5. You posted in the archived forum. I'll ask a mod to move this to Jet Modeling.
  6. From where does all that dirt on the tail come??? Are crewmen walking up the vertical stab of Vikings?
  7. I did find a photo of the mickey ship but it was too small to note the device. Nice to know the purpose.
  8. Aircraft serial (44-8588) brings up stories of the last mission of Klette's Wild Hares ending in shoot down over Pilsen in late 1944 but nothing regarding equipment. Aircraft squadron code was used on at least two aircraft. I didn't see anything pertinent in 91st BG or 324th BS iinformation. No hits on b-17 tail radar or cheyenne tail turret. Where's Jari? He can find anything.
  9. Outstanding work. I find it ironic, though, that you're building all these working features yet modelers by-and-large complain when they come with the kit.
  10. Man, there must have been a lot of weight added to the back of the tractor to keep it from nosing over.
  11. Just finished The F-15 Exposed, vol 2 and would like clarification on a couple of points. 1) The ECS vent grill behind the cockpit -- from what material is it made? 304SS? 316SS? Ti? It obviously sees high temps if it's left unpainted. 2) Is the Avionics Status Panel found in all Eagle nose bays or only the Strike Eagle? The photos and text in the book don't make this clear to me. TIA
  12. Yet another post in a "dead" forum. I'm asking the mods to move this to the General forum.
  13. At the 18 minute mark there's chatter about him having gas and rejoining. There sure is rather more wing flex than I would have expected.
  14. I've asked the mods to move this from the ARCHIVED forum to the general forum. Few people visit the archived forums.
  15. Measure the difference with photos of the particular aircraft you're modeling.