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  1. My Forums Are On Half The Page

    No, iPad/Safari.
  2. Diorama-"Return to England"

    The images work for me. Quite an imaginative idea. Looks very nice! If I were do this, I think I would try for a larger print so there's a greater viewing angle.
  3. How to prepare body for painting

    A long-ago article in a mag showed a build article for a TV Batmobile. Several coats of flat black primer were polished to a HIGH shine. Of course, if you want a color other than black, gray or white...
  4. My Forums Are On Half The Page

    Thank you, O Fearless Leader, for fixing this problem. If you'll PM your address, I'll send you some old Canadian bills, enough to buy a beer. Is $5 Can enough?
  5. 71 Hurtubise Mallard

    Nice! Looks like Offy power?
  6. 1/72 RCN British Power Boat Co. Motor Torpedo Boat

    I think you should do whatever floats your boat. I crack myself up!
  7. Thunderjet 48th Scale Kits Intake Correction

    I mean, you see one Photobucket ransom note, you've seen them all. I didn't even notice the necromancy.
  8. Horrifying Landing!

    And Logan was built in 1923 when traffic volume and runway length requirements were much lower than today. If it were built in the past twenty years, it would be parallel runways.
  9. Thunderjet 48th Scale Kits Intake Correction

    What's the purpose of this quoting?
  10. AMK 1/48 F-14!!!

    The pre-order scheme was the driving force for the December 2016 roll-out. Either AMK didn't get the necessary orders or a production snafu occured. They made it clear that without meeting the pre-order goal, they would ship in 2017 or early 2018. It's in black and white if you care to read this entire thread again. Change in spokesperson didn't help their cause.
  11. What's the worst kit you ever built? (60s-today)

    I'm going with the old Aurora Seaview. I built one when I was ten and was very disappointed with the way the front glass fit, though that didn't prevent exciting adventures in the bath tub. Forty years later, Polar Lights repop is the very same but I'm not. First go-round, I had only tube glue and dikes I would borrow from my dad. This time, I had lots of tools and chemicals. Future and super glue allowed the front glass to look like it was molded correctly. And super glue, lots of it, will prevent the fins from falling off. In fact, the hull seam will split before the fins budge.
  12. Overwhelmed with orders once again

    Ah, the travails of success. Keep up the good work. Texas strong.
  13. Horrifying Landing!

    Looks like pilot error to me. He had left rudder to correct for crosswind but held it even after touchdown when the landing gear would have become the prime source of control. Thus the large yaw to port.
  14. Revel 32nd P-51

    Mustangs used early in the Korean conflict came straight from National Guard units and thus looked similar to WWII Mustangs. Later aircraft, pulled from storage and refitted, had the changes noted above as well as cuffless Hamilton-Standard props and black cockpit.
  15. As one might expect, landing gear are made of metal. The oleo is, of course, stainless steel. Most of the rest of the gear is also steel of various alloys for strength.