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  1. Congratulations for completing that beast. It indeed looks the part.
  2. Google "p-47 flap color" and read the first entry. It should be Finescale Modeller forum. Look for the answer by Hal Marshman.
  3. I'm two months short of my 60th birthday. Built models from 1967 to 1976. Studying for college got in the way and I didn't try model building again until 2001 or therabouts. I've been a member of ARC and Starship Modeller since about 1996. I've collected more than 250 kits in anticipation of retirement. I'm now retired but busy with fixing my old house for sale.
  4. Count me in!
  5. I am on hiatus from model building. I have several kits under construction awaiting my return to the bench. A Polar Lights Seaview and 1:1000 Klingon Batle Cruiser, Accurate Miniatures P-51A, and a 1/32 Revell Spitfire Mk VII.
  6. Some nice work, Bobo. I especially like the Fw 190.
  7. I had to clear my cache to get the site to load. Good to go, now.
  8. Paint the det cord and let dry. Use a pointed toothpick to scrape the excess paint off the canopy. You might file a flat on the side of the tip to help. The wood won't scratch the plastic.
  9. Would not pointed tooth picks work as well as the cocktail stirrer?
  10. I responded to dsahling's question.
  11. MEK = methyl ethyl ketone, IUPAC name is butanone.
  12. Blimey, I keep forgetting the new forums allow photo uploads.
  13. Have you read the FAQ concerning photos?
  14. V. nice. You seem to be getting more comfortable outside your Tomcat comfort zone. (This statement issued by the Department of Redundancy Department)
  15. Wing folds! Brilliant! I suppose IRL that the F-16 could ride the elevators with out them? Beautiful Sea Viper, Darren. Okay, who be the first to build the navalized family model?