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  1. I check this awesome thread every day. The vehicles add a wonderful dimension to the diorama. I too had no idea of the canister transporter. I look forward to some education on this item.
  2. Madame, I dare say you must start on page 1 of this thread to grasp what is known of the old block head. And for us, COVID-19 is just a membership number. Mine is COVID-42, for example.
  3. Oh, I thought it part of your detailing, a tear on the seat back for those darned kids jumping around in the back seat. “Don’t make me stop this car and come back there!”
  4. Well, I signed up for the Facebook group but I’m thinking of leaving. I really like seeing the build process and narrative. Spaceman's epic STS-6 build is a case in point. I also like the history content sprinkled about.
  5. The separating seat back panel got a grin from me. Nicely done.
  6. Gun charging selector knob and handle?
  7. Dang, the forum is not working right for me. Danny, anyone who reads about the European Theater of World War II knows of Belgium. Operation Market Garden comes to mind. Welcome to the forums.
  8. The trailer mount plate is heavily slathered with grease on the real thing but would be SUCH a dust trap on the kit. Nicely done for a first-time truck builder.
  9. Growling Sidewinder has permanently polluted my perception of the Viggen. I ALWAYS think of Sven banging on the engine when I see the aircraft.
  10. He’s just trying to deflect from his big butt.
  11. Coolest aircraft? I would think any WWII aircraft that could fly above 35,000 feet. Unheated cockpits and all…
  12. My post was tongue-in-cheek. I remember when that page was created. That said, I believe I visited it once early on. I am a fan of forum threading, so I stay here.
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