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  1. Slide rules work well enough for that. Just look at the Phantom II.
  2. Don't hold back, tell us how you REALLY feel.
  3. Fair? Yes. Bargain basement price? Nope. You can spend a long time looking for that $40 kit or assuage your desire with instant gratification. Your holy choice in our capitalist society.
  4. 0283 photo taken under bright sunlight, 0280 was shot on an overcast day. I chalk it up merely to lighting conditions and assume same paint. Prove me wrong. (Emulating the Crowder meme, not being particularly adversarial).
  5. The BRAT was about the only truck-like vehicle I ever wanted. Didn't like the small engine, though. Look forward to your model's completion.
  6. Wait a sec, where's my rivet gun? Ah! Now they do.
  7. Nuclear carriers have become quite indispensable for disaster relief. Electrical power supply and drinking water are free in all but name.
  8. 28.35 grams per ounce. Keep it simple and use 28.
  9. OMG! McNamara has arisen from the grave?
  10. That's a really nice Silverplate representation.
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