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  1. There's an Avanti a few blocks from me. Don't know if it's a Sport.
  2. All it did for me was mark all topics read. Maybe you accidentally sorted the forum oldest first? The sort button is top right on the forum header.
  3. Most BMW owners to whom I've talked say the cars are money pits. Can't speak to relative quality of the Dodge and Chevy though I know the Charger is heavy. My brother wants an SS.
  4. I suppose his handle is apt?
  5. Jari is the Picture Whisperer. Best google-foo I've ever seen.
  6. An Oklahoma ANG Viper was lost during take-off from Ellington southeast of Houston when the pilot noted flames coming from a gas bag. He aborted his run but ejected to be sure. The plane careened off the runway and collapsed the gear. The engine kept running, and since it was armed with gun and missiles, nothing was done until fuel was exhausted. It looks repairable.
  7. SSM just finished a board upgrade and they're fixin' to move to a new host so he is pretty busy.
  8. Any progress to report, John? I justed finished Squadron's Schnellboot in action and it mentioned S-boats didn't like to tangle with RN MTBs.
  9. Ban hammer. Or change his account name to naoto.
  10. At least one coat of primer was used on all interior surfaces, not just cockpit, wheel wells and engine cowlings up until manufacturers started asking for waivers to increase production. The area behind the P-40 canvas boot still had to be primered. Being nominally an exterior surface, it got two coats, thus the green zinc chromate.
  11. Wierd 'Muricans and their number systems. Most of the world uses a comma as a decimal separator.
  12. I'm surprised there's no thread about this nice-looking little jet. Some have commented that the Talon doesn't fly like current fighters, the Boeing could be a good thing for the AF.
  13. Please tell me you know how your area became known as Hoboken. Does New Jersey know? Sorry but I can't help with your missing instructions.
  14. Tres bien!