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  1. Run a string or wire wire through it and hang horizontally.
  2. Brush painting acrylics is pretty safe as long as you don't ingest paint. Enamals and lacquers need ventilation regardless of painting method. Air brushing should be done with a respirator as it aerosolizes the paint and those tiny droplets can get deep into one's lungs. A spray booth is a handy-dandy device for protecting your health and furniture.
  3. Man, look at all the stuff they scabbed onto that airframe! Must be a good 30 knots slower.
  4. I don't think a single CV could do all that much. I also don't think 10 could do it. They could surely deal a lot of damage but it took two A-bombs and Russia entering the war against Japan for the Emperor to give up.
  5. Another vote for 939 because of the command stripe.
  6. BB gun, fire crackers, steam roller, whatever is handy.
  7. Reviving a ten-year old thread might be a necro record.
  8. I recall Moskit being bought out by a partner but not much else.
  9. Dang, dude. You're a beast. I'm too lazy to wind that tank so precisely.
  10. Today, those wire runs would be bundled with Zip Ties. In the Sixties, they were bundled with what looked like cloth ties. Saw them back when you could get up close and personal with the Saturn V at JSC.
  11. I saw a photo of a living LUV on Facebook the other day. A rusty bucket but still motoring.
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