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  1. Looking into visiting the Museum next week, so I checked their web site. Am I reading correctly that one must have a DOD ID card to get to the museum? Thanks
  2. Oh, I love them too. I have more than one hundred books pertaining to Mustangs and their pilots.
  3. Are there tire skins? Real slicks change sheen depending upon temperature, road surface and scrubbing from turns. They go flat black during turns, then become a matte and then almost shiny as they roar down straights getting cool and smooth. In addition, squealing race tires are a BAD thing. You almost never hear them except when you've made an oopsie. This a neat project. Do you participate in iRacing?
  4. Why don't they get attention? Hell, operational H and P/F-82 get almost zero attention. Why put effort into tiny-volume prototypes? I have nothing against anyone making these kits, just answering the OPs question.
  5. I tried a concoction I saw on Facebook. Bailey's Irish Cream doctored with vanilla vodka and coffee ice cubes. The cubes did not appreciably add coffee flavor and the vodka did not appreciably add vanilla flavor. It was basically a strong glass of Bailey's. At least I can enjoy the rest of the bottle in coffee for an aperitif.
  6. Stupendous work, as usual. You employ a nice combination want-it-right-but-will-accept-this style of construction. May you and yours have a wonderful holiday season.
  7. Aircraft that operated from hard runways usually wore tires with circumferential grooves. All the other patterns were for operations on "soft" earth.
  8. Kindle books are only as good as the scan for those not originally digital. I am disappointed the mispellings I keep finding in Kindle books. I suppose that's a problem with OCR when turning a scan image of a paper book in to a digitized form.
  9. Until proven wrong, I propose the screens were not heated. They were there to prevent injestion of rocks and small children.
  10. I road raced a few times, our harness was the type used in old fighters and the pad both prevented clothing from getting caught in the buckle as well as protecting one's belly from the buckle. Load distribution, as it were.
  11. Concrete is poured in place surrounded by wood forms to whatever dimension the contractor demands. Once the concrete is set, the wood forms are pulled up. Sometimes, asphalt/tar is poured beteween the slabs as a sealant, sometimes wood slats are put in place between slab forms and are left in place as the "sealant". Both allow the slabs to expand and contract due to temperature changes and prevent water from leaking underneath the slab.
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