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  1. I can't find a picture of her vertical tail but her landing gear go for days.
  2. Spruemeister must be old, like me, to know recognize Betty Grable.
  3. I remember models in grocery stores. Not a broad selection, though. And Pactra 10-packs of paints.
  4. I did the exact same thing the same year. It didn't look quite right to me, but at ten years old, I didn't know what was wrong. I still thought it was close enough. I saw the show only a few times as it came on at my bed time and I had to sneak peeks. I was sure surprised some twenty years ago when I got on the Interwebs and found out the truth about the color.
  5. The F-106B was good-looking family model. As was the T-33. T-38 isn't quite as good-looking, but I've seen them flying around for over fifty years, so I'm used to their visage. None of the Mustang models look bad because their fuselages weren't modified, though the B/C two-seaters did look odd with all that extra canopy glazing.
  6. Is the copper piping sprue or large gauge wire?
  7. Thanks for clarifying this old noggin.
  8. Then where did "Not a pound for air to ground." come from?
  9. Are the two paints unhappy with each other? What is it about the camouflage that prevents you from just repainting the goof?
  10. That's one fine-looking CSM.
  11. I would image Mosquito pilots were taught firmly to grease it in. Solid Rubber has low hysteresis so dampers aren't required but that same lack of hysteresis doesn't provide much travel. It would be easy to break things on a hard landing. This assumes all the pads are of a single formulation and don't have molded features to provide travel.
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