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  1. You took my "cannon" and jumped to howitzer.
  2. Whoa, that's way more "cannon" than I was thinking.
  3. Wowzer! That's a great technique with the aluminum. And your bare interior metalwork is stupendous!
  4. Oh, yes there is. I saw it on MySpacebook. A small caliber gun mounts a horizontal roller in front of and below the air outlet blowing air over the top of a TP roll. Or, jump to a cannon by using a leaf blower.
  5. My question was tongue-in-cheek though I really didn't know what the markings signified. Thanks for the 411.
  6. Signaling lights to ground folks. Meaning base crew, infantry, Marines, friendly AA, etc.
  7. "Australian retired F/A-18A/B Hornet fighter aircraft will be used to provide training services to the United States Air Force..." Say what?
  8. I like Greg's. He does great videos on Muscle cars, too.
  9. "Boeing B-47 Stratojet: A Photographic History" by Mark Natola has a few pages on that Navy program
  10. Does it no longer blow dead polar bears? I ordered a couple of sheets from Iliad Design late last week and they were in my Texas mail box five days later. Have things improved up there?
  11. Jenning's and Tourist's drawings are correct. Want to see for yourself? Buy "P-51 Mustang: From Production Line to Front Line". Several period photos of wings during assembly before silver paint was applied.
  12. Re-BA underbody stripe: That's a turbine warning stripe to let the slot guy know where the FOD came from.
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