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  1. Add Iraq to that map so we know where the battle zone was.
  2. And it was so polite.
  3. The Tweet owns all.
  4. Man, what a generation of men they were!
  5. Google the seat, then hit the ebay link. Real and aftermarket seats for sale, though you better be well-heeled to get a real one.
  6. All kinds of images can be found with Google. The rear seat will take extra effort compared to the front seat.
  7. A superb effort. A photo of it sitting next to a Whale and Turkey would be informative. I have a hard time believing the Skywarrior was the largest Navy aircraft to operate from carriers.
  8. That's just wrong!
  9. All I can say is pack some lip balm. In my one visit to Scottsdale, I had chapped lips after six hours.
  10. Pay it forward if you please.
  11. I thought insane as an absolute, like pregnant. You are or you aren't. Have you returned to normalcy yet?
  12. Yeah Moai, put that in your pipe and smoke it! Adaptable? I think not. You haven't changed in a several hundred years. Probably won't eat pizza. Unless it's a cheesy steak pizza?
  13. Very nice fleet you have there. I didn't know the French still operated subs.
  14. And sentence construction, while better than in the past, still indicates ESL.
  15. Looks good. I was wondering when you'd get this one done. I followed you research thread.