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  1. Oh noez! Maybe the Internet Way Back Machine? In the meantime, there was a recent Moai sighting on the Facebook ARC page.
  2. Great work! It does look odd without stepped elevators and with the original wingtips. I can still remember falling in love with that scheme when I first saw it in a mid-70’s issue of Airpower magazine.
  3. I watch Growling Sidewinder every day. I started on MSFS 1(?) and found flying a C172 on instruments and plan view pretty boring. A year or so later I discovered Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat and loved it! I needed the threat of “death” as a requirement for fun. Last sim I played was MSFS 10(?) that offered WWII maps. I guess my monitor wasn‘t very good because I had a difficult time seeing targets more than a few hundred yards/meters away.
  4. A nicely-done example of America’s period of wretched excess.
  5. I created a relational database using the ancient Lotus Approach. Back when it wasn’t ancient. It runs fine on W10. Sadly, I’m not imaginative enough to create the proper entity relationship diagram so that could keeps kits and accessories in the same database. Keeping up with two files is slightly annoying, but they are linked and I can see what accessories I have for any kit.
  6. Did you get to keep any of those monsters?
  7. You posted this in the Jets archive forum. You should delete this post and place a new message one level up to get answers. Admin doesn’t have time to move it for you.
  8. Yep, that’s the one, though kid already knew how to fly. Kid & his girlfriend ran the battery dead overnight listening to music, that’s why hand-propping was needed.
  9. You saw many uncuffed HS props on Korean War Mustangs.
  10. MIGHT have used red tape. As the inboard barrel shrouds protruded from the leading edge, covering would be difficult. I don’t recall any Mustang D’s with covering. A’s and B/C’s guns did not protrude so they could have been covered.
  11. Nakajima’s attempt at a mine detecting and detonating aircraft, much like Wellington's and Lockheed Hudsons created for the RAF Coastal Command.
  12. A made-for-tv movie called “Family Flight“ in 1972 dealt with this subject. Plane was a Navion and it was eventually landed on the carrier Ranger cruising off SoCal as that was closest known medical help.
  13. While IPMS published a sheet with VF-201 for a convention years ago, a new sheet with both Ft. Worth squadrons would be awesome.
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