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  1. Uncuffed blades look like the cuffed blades. Aeroproduct blade tips are nearly semi-circular.
  2. Modern NAVY finishes tend to true flat but that's after exposure to sea air and heavy cycling. Spitfires weren't glossy but more of a satin.
  3. Army Air Force dropped the factory camouflage requirement at the end of 1943 as it recognized that German bombing of England was all but kaput and higher production rate afforded by not camouflaging fighter aircraft was more important. All P-51D should have gone to England in NMF with the exception of early Mustang IV for the RAF. Some American Mustang units in England insisted on camouflage for the occasional German intruder flight and had their upper wings painted OD. Eventually, even those unit commanders acquiesced and removed the camouflage requirement.
  4. The metal elevator has been documented as Feb '45. There is some conflicting member posts but IIRC there is a photo of the T.O. dated February.
  5. Uncuffed HS prop was seen on F-51D/K used in Korea.
  6. All Mustangs up through late block B/C were camouflaged at the factory so there would be no silver underneath it. When stripped in theater, they would be painted with silver lacquer to protect the putty.
  7. Eduard's newsletter is apparently not the best source for block details. There are two threads going on Hyperscale that show the problems. Christian has provided a list, IIRC.
  8. Post in the General Discussion forum. This is the General Discussion archives where posts from the General Discussion forum are sent to quietly grow old.
  9. Nice, the faster version without the gaudy aero boy racer stuff.
  10. Slats! We need slats! And not the 6-3 version.
  11. Post in the General Discussion forum. This is the General Discussion archives where posts from the General Discussion forum are sent to quietly grow old.
  12. Frickin' heck. Yet another F. Why no E or A for Pete's sake?
  13. Quite nice, indeed. Eye-catching camouflage.
  14. Dang, I remember when that was actually racing. Never saw it run but read about it in the magazines. Running against The Snake.
  15. Great job on the variably-tarnished aluminum on those cylinder blocks!
  16. Is this regarding the missile or the aircraft? I will GUESS missile since the B-52A was introduced in the 1950s..
  17. Tuesday's TPC. OMG!! Big ol' LOL. Of course, you gotta be old to get it.
  18. I was fourteen or fifteen when I built mine. I did the SAC silver/white. I think it was my first try at different colors of silver. It came out alright but the fuselage seam split between the wings. If I knew then what I know now...
  19. You bathe your cats??? You're a better man than I, Gunga Din.
  20. Weather girl: “…. and because of the cold front coming in from North-East, we can expect about 3 inches of snow, or, as my colleague Bill would say, 8 inches.” I'm ashamed to say it took me a moment to realize I had to lower my standards to get this one. Not used to seeing ARC jokes from such a low perspective. Laughed, though, once I got it. Yeah, I'm not unfamiliar with the view from down here.
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