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  1. Slartibartfast

    Tesla, model 3

    H2 is terrible as an automotive fuel, whether internal combustion or fuel cell, as it has nowhere near the energy density of gasoline. 600 BTU/mol for hydrogen vs 3,000+ for gasoline. Vehicle storage tanks are heavy to deal with pressure necessary to carry anything close to an amount of hydrogen to get a reasonable range from said tank. Its sole benefit for fuel cell use is it generates nothing but water and excess heat as effluents. These fuel cells can often use gasoline instead of hydrogen but you have the CO2 emission problem and incomplete conversion leaves carbon impurities on the cell membrane that degrades it over time.
  2. It's nice to see white ships now and again. Very nice!
  3. Slartibartfast

    1/48th Boeing B-52H 'BUFF'

    Gulp! What a beast and what a task!
  4. It'w always a pleasure for me to see another update showing you progress.
  5. Slartibartfast

    Jugs in color

    While the quality was good, I wish enough research was done so that a voice-over identifying who, when and where was added instead of the music tracks. I'm reading Chris Bucholz's account of the 362FG at the moment and recognized their aircraft in several places. They had red fin tips with a black stripe underneath it and the typical red, yellow or blue squadron colors on their noses. It's difficult for this 61-year to realize most of those flyers were under the age of 25. The older guys were already flying desks.
  6. Slartibartfast

    Tesla, model 3

    Not approved for highway use is a non-starter for most people, including me. Houston isn't zoned and its metro area spread across 750 square miles. Gotta have something road-legal to be useful here.
  7. Slartibartfast

    Monogram B-29 Enola Gay atomic bomb queston

    And, of course, Enola Gay only flew Little Boy. Bock's Car dropped Fat Man.
  8. Slartibartfast

    Tesla, model 3

    Honda offered two iterations of its Insight and Chevy sold the Volt, all of which required government subsidies to make "affordable" to the Joe Bagofdonuts they targeted. Europe and Japan make realistic small local run abouts that I could find useful but I'll never see because of American NHTSA and local regulations.
  9. Slartibartfast

    F-16A Plus canopies

    F-16 ADF 82-1001 (Courtesy of 147th FIW/111th FIS historian) If there's a gold film, it's very thin on these early aircraft.
  10. Slartibartfast

    Overwhelmed with orders once again

    The commercial aircraft industry lives and dies on backlog. Good on you.
  11. Slartibartfast

    more NASA subjects?

    I, too, can shoot photos of the Vomit Comet On A Stick. It's all of a four mile drive for me and a reason to make another visit to the museum. While I don't have flight line access, it's pretty easy to see into the NASA open-air hanger. There are almost always T-38s there. I haven't seen the Super Guppy in awhile, though. And, Collings Foundation (I assume) has a Stoof parked right next to the road as well as a Mig-21 2-seater though it's not as photogenic as the Stoof. The occasional appearances by their F-4E are too far away for any decent photos.
  12. Slartibartfast

    Tesla, model 3

    Dare I say it's ill-advised to seek automotive opinions on a scale-model web site? Try Edmunds or Car&Driver or Motor Trend or Road & Track or even You Tube. I'm sure there are Tesla forums where you can find out ALL the good and bad about those cars. I don't have a Tesla or have any interest in owning one besides the ridiculous acceleration mode but do know some batteries have burst into flames and destroyed the cars. And their self-driving mode that is probably still not ready for prime time.
  13. Slartibartfast

    P-3 Orion sheet ideas

  14. Be the willow tree in a gale and just let it blow past you. Marketing is irrelevant until the product hits the shelves of stores. The proof of the pudding is the eating. And just as some don't like pudding, some won't like ANY kit due to design and molding compromises. It's physically hurtful to get so worked up about something over which you have no control, so ignore it. It works for television programming, it'll work for scale models.
  15. Slartibartfast


    You're saying the kit is only pi inches in length?!
  16. Slartibartfast

    more NASA subjects?

    Vince Maddux and fundekals have/had 1:48 T-38 NASA sheets. Not to mention those that came in the Wolfpack kit.
  17. Slartibartfast

    Revell 1/48 F-8 (85-5863) decals

    You should really be posting this as a want-to-buy ad in the Buy and Sell forum
  18. Slartibartfast

    1/32 Revell P-51B Review/Preview

    All I have to say is wear leather gloves so the raised rivets don't tear the flesh off your hands.
  19. Slartibartfast

    Great Navy Hornet (and others) Weathering Ref Shot

    I hear ya. I worked at a small chemical plant beginning in 1988 and we were issued a hard hat, safety glasses, and gloves. We would climb all over the scaffolding that supported the single tower and no one ever wore a line. When I retired from there twenty-seven years later, we had been purchased and sold several times to bigger fish in the pond and their OSHA responsibilities became ours. Uniforms, safety glasses, gloves, tie-offs, SCBA, AEDs, air masks, Tyvek outer wear, etc.
  20. Slartibartfast

    Great Navy Hornet (and others) Weathering Ref Shot

    Ha ha! Obviously a staged shot, real mean don't need masks when painting.
  21. It'd be neat if there were nuclear-powered supply ships. Your task force needs one of those and an attack sub.
  22. Slartibartfast

    Prowler nose cone destroyed. Replace?

    You posted in the Tools and Tips archives. It's quiet and dusty down here. I suggest posting in the General or Jets forums.
  23. Slartibartfast

    F-86F vs F-86H

    Here's one source Naval Fighters Number Fifty-Eight: QF-86E/F/H Sabre
  24. Slartibartfast

    Messerschmitt BF109E-4/7 Trop Question

    ipmsstockholm via the internet wayback machine
  25. If you find flour too coarse, take a look at cement. Not premix concrete, but the cement binder used to make concrete. It's very fine.