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  1. Wow, I must have priced that A-7K a little on the low side. I got tons of e-mails about it. It's pending for now. Thanks for looking! Felix
  2. Hi all, Trying to get rid of stuff... All kits are open box, sealed sprue bags, unless where noted. Buyer pays exact shipping (I don't pad the shipping price). Please contact me through e-mail with any questions and/or your zip code for a shipping quote. Paypal preferred, money order and cashiers checks also accepted. Thanks! Felix Wong hobbyaction(@hotmail).com (remove the parentheses) 1/48 Aircraft kits Hasegawa, Aircraft Weapons Set B (1 ALQ-119 pod assembled, LAU-10s missing), $5 Hobby Boss, A-7K Corsair, Sold Monogram, F-15C Eagle, $5 Monogram ProModeler, Arado AR234C-3/4,85-
  3. Hi All, I'm looking for a set of Aeromaster's 48-669 "RAF P-51 Mustangs Pt.1" decals. I'm mainly interested in the sharkmouth markings for the Mustang IV (third from top in pic), so I would also be interested in a used, partial set of just those markings. Thanks, Felix W
  4. Aires F/A-18 electronic bays and landing gear bays sets for Hasegawa legacy hornet kits. Both sets are out of the boxes in ziplock bags. The landing gear set (4235) is complete. $19 The electronics bays set (4237) includes all the resin, but some of the photoetched panels are missing (the two large pieces in black in the instructions), and two are bent but can probably be salvaged with some annealing. (see picture) $12 Buyer pays exact shipping costs and I accept Paypal and cashier's checks. Thanks for looking! Felix Set 4235: Set 4237:
  5. Found one! (Yellowhammer sheet) Thanks for everyone's help. Mods, please close this thread.
  6. Thanks for the info guys. I think I might have a lead on a set now. The Superscale decals are of the early version of the paint scheme and isn't quite what looking for. I'll keep an eye out for the Yellowhammer ones. Aeromaster also made a set that's no longer in production. 48-555 Bigger pic
  7. Hi all, Kind of a long shot since these are pretty rare to begin with, but I'm looking for a set of unused decals from any of Hasegawa's 1/48 F-4J (and F-4B/N) kits that represent an aircraft from VF-84, 'Jolly Rogers.' I'm still a little surprised that there aren't any aftermarket decals representing this scheme other than the ridiculously expensive HobbyDecal transfers since there are so many for the F-14. These are the relevant kits: 1211 F-4J Phantom II ‘Jolly Rogers’ VF-84 1216 F-4J Phantom II ‘Jolly Rogers’ VF-84 P1 F-4J Phantom II ‘Jolly Rogers’ VF-84
  8. Hi all, Does anyone out there have a junked or spare 1/48 Hasegawa F-16A/C/N (single seat) upper fuselage (part A2) and canopy? Preferably a 'C' model, but I'd settle for an 'A' version, also. Looking to trade for my two-seat F-16 fuselage and canopy/rear cockpit parts or buy outright. Thanks for looking! Felix
  9. I have one. One day, my P-61 is going to grow up to become an P-61E, so I don't need any of the clear parts that came with the kit. I'd swap it for a Hasegawa F-16A/C/N canopy if you have a clean one. And if not, you can have the part for free. ;) PM me your address. Felix
  10. Piggybacking onto this e-mail thread. PM'd you about buying an F-16C upper body and canopy. Or I can trade for a D upper body and canopy Thanks! Felix
  11. Found one, thanks for everyone's help! Mods, please close this thread.
  12. Hi, Is the Hasegawa 1/48 United Arab Emirates F-16 (Block 60) the F-16F or F-16E kit? Thanks! Felix
  13. Hi, Looking for the set of decals from Hasegawa's 1/48 F-4G Phantom Wild Weasel kit (PT9, 7209). Planning on using the shark-mouth decals for a Spangdahlem Euro 1 F-4E. Thanks for looking! Felix pics of the kit box and decal sheet:
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