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  1. Maybe one from Falcon should work? Here's a link to sellers, including one in your country at the bottom: http://www.falconmodels.co.nz/ HTH, Jorge.
  2. Anybody has any idea where to get them? Note: I already have T.O. 1-1-4 drawings. Thanks in advance for any help! Jorge.
  3. Do the Modelsvit guys have an e-mail? Jorge.
  4. From today's front page: http://aircraftresourcecenter.com/Rev9/8201-8300/rev8217-Eduard-648208/00.shtm They don't seem to be either Mk.5s or Mk.7s...? There must be something important I don't know. :huh: Pic from http://3.bp.blogspot.com/ : BTW, I would kill for some accurate Mk.5s for early F-4s in 1/72! :) Jorge.
  5. Thanks for all the replies! Good to see there are more options than I had thought. Berkut, thanks for the i-modelist link. That place in particular looks very interesting! Cheers to all, Jorge.
  6. Wondering if anybody knows about a russian internet hobby store that carries kits from manufacturers like Modelsvit, Amodel or the like. I am assuming there must be at least one store with competitive prices for their homeland products? Thanks in advance, Jorge.
  7. Thanks for letting us know! I have never been able to purchase anything from him yet, but will as soon as I can. Best regards, Jorge.
  8. f4h1phantom


    This may be of help, if you haven't seen it already: http://tedtaylor.hobbyvista.com/135-panthers/page-135.html Jorge.
  9. Terrific Jari! Many thanks! :) Jorge.
  10. I guess there must have been one, but am finding it very hard to find any pics of the instrument panel coaming to confirm this. Thanks in advance for any help. Jorge.
  11. All three tanks in the Airfix kit are wrong. While they are all supposed to represent the same tank (with/without tail), the centerline one is shorter and the underwing ones have a cylindrical center section which renders them completely inaccurate. Check here to see my correction of the wing tanks (scroll down about 1/3rd): http://airfixtributeforum.myfastforum.org/Airfix_Falklands_30th_GB_f4h1phantom_s_1_72_A_4B_Skyhawk_about34547.html Jorge. PS: gotta finish that thing!
  12. Finally! And it looks truly excellent! Congratulations and best regards, Jorge.
  13. f4h1phantom


    Great pictures! Jorge.
  14. Terrific picture Jari! I had the suspicion that's the way the Navy should cant their outer MERs, but had never seen a picture that could possitively confirm that. Great find! Best regards, Jorge.
  15. Found a couple of net pics of 555 TFS aircraft with air-to-air ordnance. Caption for this one says: "F-4D - 66-7468 Then 1973 555thTFS 432ndTRW Udorn launching out on a MIG CAP mission, Thailand 1973 - photo James Wright" Chuck DeBellevue posing for a publicity shot: HTH, Jorge.
  16. Please note the picture with the Pave knife pod is reversed. They were always carried on the left inner starion. A careful study of the camouflage pattern on the F-4 also serves to verify this. The pod's nose tip stencils can now be identified as being "NO STEP" and "CAUTION". Best regards, Jorge.
  17. f4h1phantom

    A-4 pics

    Great all of them Jari! Very nice to see such quality pics of early Scooters. Many thanks! :) Jorge.
  18. Found the kit in my frontyard today!!! Here's an inbox review of it: http://z15.invisionfree.com/72nd_Aircraft/index.php?showtopic=7460&st=0#entry22282102 I am real happy today! Thanks Valom! Jorge.
  19. I have this picture which I downloaded from the net. Maybe it's useful if you haven't seen it. I would too like to know about a good match for the blue. Best regards, Jorge.
  20. Here's pictures of the other parts! I don't see the wing fences, so maybe they are present in the sprue where the lower wing part is molded? In any case, I like very much what I see. Hope you do too. Cheers to all, Jorge.
  21. Just a bit more details to make things clearer (?). On F-4s the borderless insignia appeared when the factory started applying camouflage, the first aircraft being (as far as I am aware) F-4C-25-MC 64-0882, the first from the last block of F-4Cs. All F-4Ds and many of the first F-4Es, up to around FY70 aircraft (just a guesstimation) also received them. The first FACTORY CAMOUFLAGED aircraft (F-4Cs)should have been delivered around 1965/6 while the last (F-4Es) with that type of insignia, around the 1972/73 timeframe. Note we are only talking about SEA colors here and that the borderless insignia lasted only until the aircraft received a new coat of paint at the appropriate USAF facility. As a side note, let's not forget that underside insignias DID have the blue border! F-4Cs delivered from the factory in the Gull Grey and White scheme and overpainted/repainted in SEA colors did NOT adopt the borderless insignia (there may have been a couple of exceptions). The first F-15A flew on 27 July 1972, roughly about the same time the borderless insignia was dropped from FACTORY CAMOUFLAGED F-4Es. Yet, it was adopted for use on F-15s! It lasted for quite long until the low visibility versions started showing up. Always wondered what was the story behind this deviation from the standard. Don't know why I didn't ask before. Thanks all for the replies, Jorge.
  22. Anybody knows the reason why McDonnell used borderless insignias when they started camouflaging the F-4? And why was that later adopted by McDonnell Douglas for the F-15, while at about the same time the F-4 was reverting back to the "standard" ones? Not the best of pics, but think everybody knows what I'm talking about: Just curious. Thanks in advance! Jorge.
  23. Thanks to the kindness of the Valom people, we can now see some of the plastic for their first edition of the 1/72 single-seat Voodoos! Higher quality pictures will be available soon. They will be available for purchase starting tomorrow, as I am being told. Future scheduled editions will cover the F/RF-101A and RF-101G/H! Hope to see the rest of the parts soon, but from what I can see, this is going to be an excellent kit of this much neglected variants, and personally the ones I like best. As a side note, this will surely trigger the aftermarket guys and we will hopefully see a wealth of goodies which will surely be most useful for those of us that still have some of the old Hase kits partly started (I will sell the unstarted ones!). Hope you find this useful and congratulations to Valom for tooling these Voodoo variants! Cheers to all, Jorge.
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