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  1. Will be following this one☺ Cant wait for mine to arrive! Between modelsvit and art models....we seeing kits i never thought would see the light of day! You know ken; might be time for a new book! 😆
  2. Id put money on trump doing one.....eventually..... (72nd mig-19pm anyone?) Its certianly overdue, but then again so is (in 72 atleast) a better j-8ii family, j-7, j-6, a-5...
  3. That kit certainly brings back some memories!! Good luck with it! :-)
  4. Is looking good though! - are trumpy su-30s that bad? I got one and some venezuelan decals on the "one day" pile! Will be great when zvezda put out one tgough!
  5. Hey benner! Long time, no see! :-D Yea its pretty nice I think its just a straight pantograph down from their large scale kit, got the mk ii on the way im looking forward to seeing!
  6. been having a bit of a BSG rewatch and decided to make up one of the Moebius 1/72 viper Mk VII for my desk! started with scratch building some details for the cockpit:
  7. hehe indeed, always "buy one for now, one for later" ....and that's how stashes are born! Did a little bit of work on the instrument panel today:
  8. Cheers seb ! I ended up removing the top fuselauge piece and replacing with one from another kit that I have all the pavla replacement goodies for, pics soon!
  9. Bummer...try this: http://s000.tinyupload.com/?file_id=41504518538192484777
  10. Todays update: I fitted teh nose and slightly lengthened as the zvezda one always looked a tad too short! I begun work on the main fuselage, man! i forgot what "fun" older zvezda kits can be like!
  11. Hey folks, here's a little something you might enjoy: a google earth file of every CIS airfield, usually with unit information russianairfields.com.kmz
  12. Did something dumb: i forgot to check the top part of the cockpit fuselage before gluing into place! it left a step which i managed to oversand; creating a dip...so out with the epoxy... cheers! though this kit went to the great build in the sky well over 10 years ago i think! :lol:
  13. Great progress seb! For a moment I thought it was the old nakatone? Boxing zvezda used to put out with swifts markings!
  14. Took me forever to work out the paint colours I will use for this....many swatches later I settled on the following for a slightly sun faded/colour shifted look: ... on the plus side I got a nice match for a early mig-27: I started work on the cockpit, using a coloured PE set, but I couldn't get the side walls to work and ended up damaging them so only could use the instrument panel!.. the cockpit technique I used for the su-15 diddnt work as well on this one...I'm hoping the bang seat will mask some of the differences between the details of th
  15. HI! For my third entry I will build a 1/72 Su-15TM from trumpeter, after being inspired by the wrecks at Ugolny Airport in the far north-east of russia many years ago I had a go with the bad PM Kit, so looking forward to completing one! I got ahold of a quickboost replacement nose cone for the kits one for the cockpit I used a method of creating raised details with a needle-like thing i found at a craft shop - works pretty well :-)
  16. Hiya, While the forums were down I started work on another Russian bird: A MiG-23MLDG. I came across this rare find by chance when browsing Russian photos of Sary-shagan, Kazakhstan (home to ABM and radar test grounds). While never put into production, it appears a small number in addition to the prototype were produced, with this one wearing the badges of the " 1st AE 99 Guards Transbaikalian Orapa 1076 CAD (Test SAM) defense forces " or " АЭ 99 Гвардейского Забайкальского ОРАП 1076 ЦАО (Испытаний ЗРК) войск ПВО. "
  17. Cool!☺ They are great little kits- and the combo boxings usually come with some nice decal options!
  18. Ive started working on a 1/72 mig-23mldg from zvezda also ☺
  19. fantastic work Dragan! cant wait to get my hands on one of these kits once the price comes down a bit! do you have a pic of the aircraft your building? :-)
  20. the one in the same ;-) (the email my old account was attached to is Looonnng gone!) :-D
  21. Woah! Blink and your almost ready for paint! :lol: What do you plan to hang from your hawk? :-)
  22. Thanks for all the kind words guys! :D/> did bugger-all tonight, so just some photos antoine - I had this pic up the tail pipe that might prove useful - the engine looks like it seen better days! :woot.gif:/> kurnass - I ended up using a skyhawk burner can and a cheap plastic funnel to get the tube shape, worked fairly well but needed a bit of putty to smooth out the surface later on! a Nice photo of the SEA scheme they previously wore: ...Im not entirely sure what the pod on the wing is?
  23. Ah yes i forgot about that! I always wondered how the chage affected the aircrafts centre of gravity Interesting to know thats how their skyhawks picked up that modification!
  24. Developing a modern long range bomber has been a real challenge for the plaaf; certianly compared to the great strides made in outher aspects of chinese aviation. Something in the class of a backfire/blackjack would be of great utility for the plan in particular...from what i remember lack of a suitable engine in particular hampered efforts for many years. Given the current ongoing 'learning experience ' with the ws-10 engine - it may be awhile off yet,
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