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  1. Great, another build to add to the list. Painting these are a real pain. I've stood and watched the real thing as the daylight changes and it goes from dark gray to bright bronze. The paints I've tried all represent one of the tones of the spectrum, but not all of them.
  2. Perhaps Chris could update us if he finished it, got graded, graduated, went to graduate school, etc.
  3. I like the F-16XL, think it's fine kit. But it is the only XL, so theres not much to compare.
  4. It's kind of a judgment call on your part. If you don't mind spending the $12 to make your life easier, it will definitely help. I try to keep the cost per kit down, so for schemes like that I go for the blu tack method. But, I'm considering expanding my use of masks along with lacquer paint so that I can knock out paint jobs in two nights and actually start finishing projects.
  5. As was noted before the Testors site is not updated. It lists products we know were discontinued years ago. The only accurate site is the link I posted above.
  6. I think he was referring to the quality of recent Tamiya kits like the F-16. Although, I think people overstate the shake and bake qualities.
  7. I was going to say I haven't had any problem today, but yeah, that second link is weird.
  8. I think Flory also sells some. I haven't tried them, but will on my next order.
  9. Yeah, it's hard to say. It looks like The Stingers had a mixed line-up. I can't tell whether some of them were just new Have Glass paints in comparison to really worn ones, or if they were plain paint jobs. I'd either go plain but worn, or relatively clean Have Glass.
  10. I would say it almost certainly was. When the 148th got their block 50s from SP in 2010, they were all Have Glass (IV).
  11. I know that coming out of Vietnam, the Air Force did tests and found that fighters in the air to air role were much better concealed in the medium-light grays. The F-15 was probably onr of the first with this in mind, originally painted in 35450 blue on various gloss and flat attempts. This was quickly changed to Ghost Grays, which is about the same range without the tint. I'm not sure how much 36375 and 36320 were used before the 70s but they seemed to easily fit the new standard. Over the last few decades though, everything has shifted darker, with Mod Eagle, deletion of LGG on the F-16, and now Have Glass.
  12. Well, I don't know what you order. I meant they were out of everything on MY list, across a wide enough range of products to be frustrating. Although, I'm not sure they have ever had everything on my list in stock at once. More concerning is their restocking process, I've been watching items for six months and they haven't been refilled, which seems longer than normally necessary.
  13. All kinds of things, Acyrl paint, Hataka paint, 1/48 F-16 plates, Caracal decals, and I assume they are not carrying Flory washes anymore.
  14. Lately Sprue Brothers has been out of everything. I've been trying to order for six months and every time I chack back another thing is out of stock. I did see they had MRP the other day and tried to order that. But they don't have the rare colors, just the basics.
  15. Yeah, no way I'm getting mine done. These build times just aren't long enough for me.
  16. I'm fairly certain nothing is visible. But, I don't think they had any reinforcements. They should have, as they ended up breaking the wings within eight years.
  17. $140, yikes! I picked up some for $55 each a few years ago. It would be nice if it was updated with conventinal launchers.
  18. camus27

    1/48 AMA Pods

    That's what I do too. Since the Hasegawa ones are weak on the fin details thet look the part and it's not a waste of more detailed ones.
  19. I just saw an F-16 today that was loaded up with SDBs - South Dakota ANG. It certainly gives it more flexibility.
  20. No. I don't think I've seen live ordnance on an aggressor. Pilots training with them would be in their own jets.
  21. I was following this throughout yesterday. It sounded bad to begin with, but the pilot is now confirmed dead. It sounds like there really isn't anything left of the plane. Very sad.
  22. They did it in Pensacola Wings of Gold - while attacking Iraq they flew inverted to avoid radar.
  23. I really like their new $4 system. I just loaded up on a few hundred dollars in kits (getting Tamiya F-16s for 25-30 bucks is a great deal). Since the 7-11 day airmail usually takes about 24 days for me anyway, I'm fine with waiting a few months to get an order at this price.
  24. Luckily, we have the internet for this now. Back in the 80s I just relied on the model companies and whatever was in the box (which explains the AIM-9 inaccuracy on my Tamiya F-14). It is best to assume that every type of ordinance requires a specific launcher and research from there. A Maverick would always be on a LAU-117 for any airframe, except when loaded as 2 or 3 on a LAU-88. It's probably easiest to see what launchers are carried by the particular airframe type you are working on (while noting what kinds of ordnance they are cleared to carry).
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