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  1. Please no speculation or posturing. Any posts not observing this will be removed. Al P ARC Moderation Team
  2. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/canadian-military-helicopter-missing-1.5550395
  3. There was a story posted online that outlined this scenario. I've long lost the link, but the author covered the use of missiles and guided weapons, as they'd be irreplacable in the 40s, and the US gearing up to produce ammo and ordnance that would work with the 1980s aircraft. Crew would get split up from the Nimitz and posted to ships that would incorporate things like radar systems derived from the Nimitz, and engineers and maintainers on jet engines and the like. Even an S-3 would be an incredibly fast aircraft for 1942. If I recall, the Nimitz struck the IJN force and caused severe damage, but the Japanese found the remains of a shot down aircraft and surmised it was from the future, and drastically changed their war plans. So much for knowing what would be to come. Not wanting to risk losing any of the future aircraft would limit the Nimitz's aircraft from being used in any kind of knock out blow. He got into some of the sociological ramifications of an integrated UN ship showing up in 1941 Pearl Harbor, and the sudden wealth found by crewmen in possession of things like an early Apple computer and a Gibson electric guitar. The US sets up producing aircraft it can actually build in the 1940s with engines derived from data the Nimitz and her crew would have, and settle on the A4 Skyhawk as the main attack aircraft. I've always wanted to make a back-dated A-4, 500 pound bombs on it, sporting a 1944 era scheme, stars and bars with no red in them, but i never thought of a Measure 32 Nimitz!
  4. So. What part of this did any of you knotheads NOT understand. You aren't trying to be civil. You're squabbling. None of you is changing the mind of any of the others. This pointless bickering. It's completely off the original topic. It's the same core group at each other over and over. And it's done. Knock it off. Al P. ARC Moderation Team
  5. Since several people seem to have let the topic drift off the original post and are just lashing out at each other, and I'm not seeing anyone actually discussing the OP, we're going into lockdown. Ironic, isn't it?
  6. My take would be an increase in the price of kits. Production would drop, less kits means cost spread across fewer kits, companies going out of business may lead to fewer distibutors, meaning less competition. I don't think 2008 led to kits getting cheaper.
  7. Drop the politics, thread stays running, simple as that.
  8. The hobby shop where I work has had one of it's busiest weeks, despite having reduced hours. Nobody was tire kicking. Lots of paint and supplies sold. We're going to be doing takeout and delivery orders going forward. I'm not getting any time off to build models.
  9. Most retail spaces here are now in the extra silly range, the mall has a lot of empty spots at this point, so the boss got a good deal. Hopefully it'll last.
  10. BC Shaver and Hobbies, after 67 years in Victoria's downtown core, has been sold to a new owner and has moved to a new, shiny location in Hillside Mall. The new owner has great plans for taking the place online and expediting more sales via the intrawebs. https://imgur.com/a/1yW08dl
  11. Nope. We're a bit behind the curve on that, we're expecting to be open in a week or so.
  12. Somebody bought ALL of the vacuforms and every a/c accessory on the second last day! We'll get more, I'm sure. *Looks in basement* yeah, pretty sure!
  13. I know what you mean. It's going to take YEARS to get that funky smell into the new carpets!😃
  14. It's east of downtown on Hillside avenue, aboot 5 km/3 miles or so. https://www.google.ca/maps/place/Hillside+Shopping+Centre/@48.4458558,-123.3352772,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x96e9085a5fd57b25!8m2!3d48.4458558!4d-123.3352772
  15. BC Shaver and Hobbies in Victoria BC Canada has been sold! It took almost a year, but the deal is done! Today is the official last day at the current location of 742 Fort Street, and mid June we'll be reopening at Hillside Mall! Alvis Hobby Shop Flunky
  16. Meanwhile, in the Great White North, the Endless Waltz takes another turn... https://www.fliegerfaust.com/canada-military-news-2636737040.html?utm_campaign=RebelMouse&socialux=facebook&share_id=4596824&utm_medium=social&utm_content=FliegerFaust&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR0jTeMCC9wrgIAMlkfu2wJXEBaq12Gr-g3ZTOTKK7qgOd-Z13b3qiD1lTg
  17. The last surviving Northrop N-9M, test vehicle for the XB-35 flying wing program, crashed today into a prison yard in California. The vehicle is completely destroyed, it appears the pilot may have lost his life. https://abc7.com/historic-small-plane-crashes-at-state-prison-in-norco/5264698/ Alvis 3.1
  18. Discount is now up to 33% off most items, 20% on paint, glue, tools and R/C vehicles.
  19. After many months of attempting to find a buyer, BC Shaver and Hobbies in Victoria BC is having a 20% off almost everything* "Retirement Sale". Hope remains a buyer will be found. *10% off R/C vehicles, transmitters/receivers, R/C car batteries and electric shaver accessories Alvis 3.1
  20. You know we live in desperate times when unleashing the Mon-Key is seen as a good option.
  21. No, it isn't. It's a suspicious thing to post, most certainly. In case you weren't aware of it, I was agreeing with you that the posting seemed oddly motivated. However, taking shots at people who can't reply is a fairly common event in model airplane forums. It's childish and petty and honestly, it's behaviour I've come to expect, sad as that sounds. I'd like to hope any other baseless accusations in this thread were apologised for by the commentators, even when they're deliberately vague but really obvious at the same time.
  22. Yes, it's always interesting to see who trashes certain decal manufacturers. It's almost as if there's fanboys at work or something like that. But it's always okay when it's one you don't like, right?
  23. Armour was typical of most model subjects in the early days, every company had their own size they seemed to like, although Monogram had both 1/32 and 1/35th scale kits in the late 50s. 1/32 seemed to be fairly common, with Airfix, Monogram and Revell all doing kits in that size (1/40th wasn't unusual either, but never caught on), but it was Tamiya that shifted the game into 1/35th scale when they started producing their motorized tanks (story goes they used that scale as it fitted the motor size they adopted. Being a metric country likely also was a factor). They rapidly produced a lot of different kits, swamping other companies like Bandai whose 1/48th kits were actually better in many ways. Soon everyone has to adapt to 1/35 or be left on the shelves. Meanwhile, 1/32 stayed a standard scale for aircraft kits as it had been a popular scale since the early days, and nobody saw a need to change it.
  24. Unfortunately people with a tenuous grasp of factual narratives tend to not make great witnesses, and people who post a great teary repose on how mad they are and why they're leaving a site aren't actually banned. That "take a chill pill" advice only seems to work in one direction for some. And we go back to the OP on this: Does the fan base size of a member dictate whether they get special treatment or not? Does the fact they have a bunch of people who'd either leave or threaten to leave become a factor in whether they have to follow what are really some pretty basic rules: Don't be a dick to others? Does somebody who'd been here 20 years have more right to speak their mind than a noob? ARC is an organic entity, and has changed over time, and how it handles the more colourful characters has changed as well. We could rehash old conflicts and how they were handled until the cows come home, but it doesn't answer why this site, along with many others are dropping in users. Personally, I blame the Jackal Squadron, but I can't find their island on Google Maps any more Did it sink? Did all those trillions of rivets that made up the atoll finally get counted? Did all the hot air finally ignite Mount Anubis, setting off the ammo in the Tirpitz that was anchored nearby, or did it just slowly fade away into insignificance? Curious minds want to know.
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