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  1. Hi Gene, That is actually what I meant, surfaces drooping with power off. You are right they are the outer surfaces (ailerons) that droop at the wing trailing edge, not the inner surfaces (flaps). Monogram, Fujimi on their British Phantoms, Academy did it on their models, I would have expected FM to do the same. That's a correction I bring on all my Phantom models (mostly based on Hasegawa 1/72nd scale kits) but I would have appreciated to save time and efforts on a new mould 1/72nd scale Phantom. This said I have pre-ordered!! Regards Eric B.
  2. Hi Very nice new 1/72nd scale Phantom moulds are being released. Especially if they come in different versions. Nice parts, cockpit etc... But I am still surprised they went that far with some details - ie air intake ducts and belly auxilliairy air intakes - but do not provide flaps and airbrakes. Probably afetrmarket accessories here? Eric B.
  3. Hi, Great news this new Wolfpack F-5E/F - Long overdue. Before this, I always figured I might try a Trumpeter/Italeri mix. Use fuselage and wings from the Trumpeter kit and salvage all the other parts from an Italeri F-5E. After all Trumpeter copied (very poorly) the Italeri little kit. Maybe with a careful cleaning/filing Trumpeter fuselage could do the job (note : I do not like scribing - and yes I did it once long long ago on an Italeri F-5E). This said, we will need beautiful F-5E/F decals in the future... Eric B.
  4. Hello I really love your model. Nice build, nice paint, nice weathering. Well done. Congratulations... Eric B.
  5. Wow, People don't talk to much about the Zvezda Fishbeds but you did a real great job with yours. It is really inspiring. Congratulations. Eric B.
  6. Hello, Beautiful build of a rarely seen kit. Really beautiful and pleasing. Sorry, I am not sure if I understood your point correctly but N registration should be a US airplane, here it is... https://www.airport-data.com/aircraft/N11524.html Japanese aircraft ate J japanese. Sorry if I misread... Best regards.. Eric B.
  7. Hello, That's a very nice build indeed... Really inspiring job. Eric B.
  8. Bora Bora, Pacific huh ? You have big choice ;^D) Boy : Rex, Tony, Oscar, Franck, Zeke, Pete, Nick, Jack… Girl : Betty, Dinah, Emily, Frances, Grace, Helen, Jill, Judy.. And many more… Congratulations to you both… All the best... Eric B.
  9. Hello, First of all let me start by telling I am a huge Hasegawa fan and I don't consider myself as a rivet counter of missing millimeter chaser. What I find wrong with the Hasegawa Harrier IIs? I think they are a bit basic (more of this later), they seem to have been designed with the original AV-8B (day) in mind. ll other versions need correction and more if you want to build a RAF version. They are not well researched then. I believe there is a sublte shape issue around the nose (kind of reversed banana shape) which makes the nose tip a bit high. Way to correct this is open landing gear doors and maybe shorten nose landing gear 1 to 3 millimeters (0.1 or 0.2 inch) to lower nose. The Harrier II has a distinct nose up stance but not as much as the Hasegawa model. About the "being basic" issue? Cockpit is very basic. Depends on how much detail you want to put in it but I elected to drop a resin cockpit into my kit. What I really dislike is that all underside bays and wells (front and rear landing gear wells plus airbrake bay) were molded closed. For landing gears it seems they can be left closed on the ground and at rest on real aircraft. I still consider this a poor offer by Hasegawa on a modern aircraft model. Anyhow airbrake must be open on Harriers as they are linked with the landing gear. You therefore have to cut airbrake shape in fuselage, build a well, find and airbrake replacement (resin + resin + resin in my case - else spare box!) Hope this helps. Eric B.
  10. Hi Hajo, Just out of my head and because I am thinking about the same convertion as I think Hasegawa's Harrier II series has not been their best effort. Question 1 : what AV-8B Subversion do you plan to build? AV-8B, NA, Plus? For the rest : whatever subversion you plan to build, you'll have to change nose shape, cockpit details and ejection seat, remove 2 weapon pylons under wings (British Harrier IIs have 8 whereas US Harrier IIs have 6 underwing pylons), change gun pods if you plan to build a gun armed AV-8B, remove British ECM suite (small bulges on wing tips and at trailing edge or rear lower keel), remove what I believe is British chaff and flare dispenser form behind (?) airbrake). In turn depending on US sub version you might need to add US chaff and flare systeme (either in fairings in shoulder position just front of fin and corresponding longer air intake at the base of fin leading edge or behing airbrake ..) All and all not such a simple conversion : you might need some parts from a Hasegawa Harrier II to complete your project - That at least is what I plan to do - salvage and Hasegawa AV-8B to convert an Airfix GR9 to AV-8B PLus. My reply might not be complete but you have the idea. Regards Eric B.
  11. Hi Oscar Hotel, I think there is a possibility : why don't you try Superscale decal sheet 72859 that provides decals for VMAQ-1, VMAQ-2 ans VMAQ-3 Prowlers in 1/72nd scale. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/superscale-international-72-859-grumman-ea-6b-prowlers-usmc--1083734 I have not found VMAQ-4 decals... Try this link for VMAQ-3 Prowlers http://www.seaforces.org/usmcair/VMAQ/VMAQ-3.htm The Hasegawa is a very decent kit (engraved lines, good shapes), but it is now an old kit that was not updated as real Prowlers were. It is very basin in certain areas (Cockpit stands out and wheel wells). You'll have to search documentation as real Prowlers were fitted with new antennaes, some bulges or fairings were added and some removed, cockpit were updated, aircraft received new weapons. External corrections are well doable in 1/72nd scale. Cockpits can be detailed with the help of either "Golden Dragon" or "Aires" resin cockpits. (Over : Hasegawa EA-6B updated to midlife specification) Eric B.
  12. Hello, I guess it is just a matter of time period. As one of two original Tomcat squadrons, VF-1 Wolfpack originally used very early Tomcat subvariant with probe-less nose cone, early vertical tails and early fuselage rear end. This subversion is not well represented amongst Tomcat kits - Hasegawa being one of few brand that released kits with these options (the rarer and most-difficult_to-fond option being the original flat and wider fuselage rear end) So if you want to build a VF-1 Tomcat around time of their establishment or during early operations in Vietnam it is true that most models are not accurate. But again it is not a matter of "VF-1 Tomcat being different" but a matter of VF-1 being a very early Tomcat squadron used very early Tomcat subvariant". (It would probably be the same for VF-2) You probably easily can find a later VF-1 Wolfpack livery (including one sporting the colourful red wolf head) that fits your Monogram/Tamiya/Hasegawa F-14A kits. Good luck Eric B.
  13. Sorry I hadn't read your message Gene... on previous page ...which is a problem The information is yours... which is important Eric B.
  14. Hello I checked the ebay link : delivery announced between mid Feb, 2020 and mid March, 2020. I'll order one, but I'll wait until it is widely available... Eric B.
  15. It looks really good. Well weathered... Congratulations Eric B.
  16. Hello Doyusha has been around a long time. Their 1/100th jetliners kits had previously been labelled Entex or Nitto. They are of different quality. Their B737 or B727 maybe the weakest of the line but still may build in good models. Their DC-10s (DC10-10 IIRC) and L1011s maybe amongst their best. Only they both have early engine configuration (the L1011 with the longer body) that were used during the early years of operation only. I think the very best of the line are their B707-320/E-3 family that may weel be the nicest B707 in model form, even better than the larger Heller B707-320. Cheers Eric B.
  17. Hello, If I has to go for a fix, I'd try with the Hasegawa or Italeri Legacy Hornet gear if you can find some. Cheers... Eric B.
  18. Hello Besides Begemot, have you tries LindenHill? https://www.lindenhillimports.com/store/p76/LHD72036.html Regards Eric B.
  19. Hi Ioannis, hi all Yes, yess, yesss... Got my copy two days ago and it is just great! Fantastic photos of seldom seen Viper versions, extra sharp shootings, hi quality printing : that is an absolute must have no matter how many F-16 books you may have. Thank you again for your great job... Eric B.
  20. Hi I have both kits I'd say Mend is nicer in the box. But from first rate talented friend modellers reports it seems Trumpeter is far easier to build and still for a very good result. Regards Eric B.
  21. Aaaargh I'll be in for one! Tssst I already was there for first edition!! Eric B.
  22. Hi Carpena Decals used to do a twin hi viz - low viz CAW 6 set 1989-1990 as based on USS Forrestal. This two reference (two part) set was released in 1/48th and 1/72nd scale. Must be out of production now but sometimes found on ebay. * 1/72 sheets are 72-21 (Hi viz) and 72-22 (lo viz) * 1/48 refs are 48-11 low viz and (I suppose) 48-10 or 48-12 Featured aircraft are F-14A, A-7E, A-6E, SH-3, EA-6B (low viz sheet) and F-14A, A-7E, A-6E, S-3B and E-2C. I used one livery on a 1/72 F-14A long ago and it was not bad at the time. Check it might not be as well researched as some more recent specialised makers decals but I found it was not bad at all. Best regards - Wishing you well on your project. Eric B.
  23. Hi Thank you all for your kind words : appreciated after the long story building that model. Tracy : I noticed your log name at a glance and I figured you had been around VS-22 and Vikings. Thank you for your precious information about aircraft lighting in operation : I never had read this before. See if I can change this. I read (can't remember where) about the TACCO/SENSO canopies but thanks for the confirmation. Collin : must have been nice to be around these aircraft. I never saw one in flesh, but I always loved the stance/shape of the aircraft Best regards Eric B.
  24. Hi Stef Nice seeing you here. Beautiful Corsair. Cheers Eric B.
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