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  1. I like buying kits, letting them collect dust and complaining about the industry on model forums. I can't understand why my quest for popularity is not going well. Dale Actually, I like gluing and improving fit and shapes. I only build aircraft.
  2. This Italeri box art makes my head hurt.
  3. what kind of glue? if you used CA you can use Bob Smith industries "Un-cure" to safely get it apart. Un-Cure will not harm the plastic. If you used liquid cement you might be able to use a quick application of Testor's liquid cement to soften it up enough to get it apart. Make sure to let it dry at least overnight after separation before you try to clean up the joint. Dale
  4. Drop tanks were dropped at the first sign of trouble as they adversely affected the performance of the Tempest. It is my understanding that they were usually dropped as soon as they were dry. Dale
  5. When I was painting my 1/48 Eduard Tempest I seem to recall that it was hard edged from the factory but soft edged when touched up in the field. So you could have both on the same aircraft. Might I also suggest that the templates used to spray the camo were not always without gaps, leading to spray getting underneath. Dale
  6. Hahahaha! That might put your eye out! maybe even require corrective lenses so that everything else doesn't look like a Salvador Dali painting!
  7. Dang! That makes my brain hurt!!
  8. Chris, If you are still in need. I have a Hasegawa -32 that you can have for the cost of postage. Note to others reading this thread: this offer is to Chris and Chris only, I am not giving away this kit to just anyone. Let me now, Dale
  9. Dutch, My Dad flew U-21's in Vietnam. Unfortunately, there is no 1/48 kit. I have not even seen a civil version that could be converted. and I've had my feelers out for 30 plus years. Regards, Dale
  10. That is the old monogram kit from the 1960's. I remember building one with my dad when I was 4 in 1968 and playing with it in the bath tub! Happy days indeed. Build it! it would be good experience, bath tub landings optional. Dale
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