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  1. Gene K

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    So what do those "correct"????? EDIT: Went to Mike's website and was impressed with the intakes -- seamless. I'll be in for a couple of sets when he resumes production, hopefully soon. Gene K
  2. Gene K

    Colour of F-4 intake interiors

    "Actually", for the USAF, the extent of the camo inside the intake varied from right at the lip to ~ 36" back. Most common were: 1) "several" inches in, roughly lining up vertically with the the vari ramp break; and 2) around 36 in deep. Here's an example of the former on an F-4C back in '69 - it's grainy and rough, but you can get the picture. 😎 The deep 36 inch spraying was usually nicely masked, but the splitter plate demarcation featured, well ... lots of freehand. Likely a matter of depot versus field painting. Gene K
  3. Gene K

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    Too bad Jeffrey (Hypersonic Models) is in the midst of relocating to Japan. I think he'd be on this. Gene K
  4. Gene K

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    Thanks for the link, HomeBe. I'd like to get Ron's book ... but Amazon's $598.61 is somewhat out of my price range . (direct from Schiffer, it's only $59, but their cheapest shipping is a steep $20 (!) ... so I ordered this one for $43 total ... 2 day delivery) Gene K
  5. Gene K

    Kitty Hawk RF-101A/C

    Indeed! I'll buy the kit for the box art, and follow/copy your build to make the needed corrections!! Gene K
  6. Gene K

    F-101b Vodoo Revell 1/72

    I agree on the lazy part!! To me, intake covers are, in most cases, an obvious shortcut that detracts from the overall appeal of a model. 🥀 I really commend you, Giovanni for doing the extensive (and excellent) surgery that you've done, and I certainly hope you don't cover it all up!! Gene K
  7. Gene K

    F-4G with single piece windshield.

    Great news -- thanks. Gene K
  8. Gene K

    F-4G with single piece windshield.

    Now that's funny! Surely there must be a logical reason ... temporary? Gene K
  9. I agree about the scary part, but think the final is somewhat overdone, and not really befitting of Juan's superior construction talents. I say that with trepidation since I don't want to appear negative as concerns this great build. As concerns the drop tank "weathering", I think the "spilled gas" effect running down from the fuel caps should not be there since those were not common refueling points (and the seals didn't/shouldn't leak. Maybe Spanish tanks were refueled this way???. A crew chief could provide some clarification here. Of course there were usually plenty of scuff marks from boots where the crews used the tanks as steps to get down from the wings. Thanksfully Spanish Phantoms are better kept, appearance wise, than the Greeks'. Gene K
  10. Gene K

    Revell 1/72 F-4F to an F-4E?

    Beautiful finish! Gene K
  11. Gene K

    Best 1/72 Modern Jet Kits

    Nice post! Gene K
  12. Gene K

    Revell 1/72 F-4F to an F-4E?

    And replace the Revell skinny tanks, the angled fin top, fix the tub height, and ignore the really bad intakes and canopy ... for starters. But the fit and engineering are great. Gene K
  13. This should make viewing easier.😉 Gene K
  14. Gene K

    What's a good F-4C Phantom II in 1/72 scale?

    Nice summary (as usual), Rex! John, here's yet another alternative - kitbash a Hasegawa and Monogram kit. The Mono kit is a wonderful source of spare parts, and the nose is a great fit to the Hasegawa kit (you'll only have to file down the D model bump on the fairing). Actually, the Mono is a fine kit in it's own right -- if raised panel lines don't bother you. If you use the Hasegawa kit, XMM Intakes are worthwhile (but looks like they are presently on hiatus). Gene K