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  1. Hello, Gene.


    Did you end up having decals for the crewnames of "Sandy Bay-Bee" made?

    If yes, and there are spares left, I'd be interested in obtaining a set.


    Cheers, Stefan.

  2. Thanks. The "sooner" part is worth the extra $7! But Volks Tokyo charges a tax of some sort AND a "Commission"?????? They must be learning from the airline industry. dehowie - HLJ shows it backordered -- 4-6 weeks. You should have picked up a crate of them on your trip (to sell to some of us EarlyNeeders). Gene K
  3. Thanks. I asked Volks USA to cancel my order so, like you, I can get my S from Japan. What does "(with fee)" mean, and how is this fee (tax) avoided? When I first read the Old Man's about the JULY 26th US release, my anxious mind read JUNE 26 ... . . Gene K P.S. The Diorama Base ordering page has this note: "Will Be Restocked"
  4. Where did you get the S? I preordered from Volks US and haven't heard a thing. Gene K
  5. This is my take. The resin intakes are the way to go! Gene K
  6. Just to avoid the Academy intake challenge, I'd go with ZM ... and you'll get the better accuracy and/or detail as well! Gene K
  7. I thought Glen was the US Sales Rep ... so nice to hear he has influence with the owners, researchers, and production personnel. Hope he can convince those folks to appreciate and use Tommy Thomason's library as well as his extensive expertise (and yours too, Harold). Gene K
  8. Being as astute as you are, Ben, I'm surprised it has taken you so long to surmise that. Would be interesting to see how many CA kits they've amassed ... and how they evaluated those kits considering that the quality and accuracy varied so much. Gene K
  9. Did you mean to post this link? Gene K
  10. Good news and more sprue shots from ZM boss here Gene K
  11. Something very encouraging was posted here by the renowned Tommy Thomason (Tailspin Turtle). Hopefully KH learned something from their recent ill formed Banshee ... and take advantage of Tommy's expertise throughout the Fury's development. Gene K
  12. Yes, when??? Darren might remember when we lamented that back in oh-seven. There is/was only a 1/48 resin Collect AIre kit, but it had problems, especially around the canopy area ... and it was a chore to fit!! Gene K
  13. A little off topic, I know, but until we hear more about the Fury: I checked with Fotios Rouch, Mr. Collect Aire, and he confirmed that Dimitri mastered the following for CA: F-94C Starfire T2V-1 Sea Star F9F-8/8P Cougar FJ-3/M Fury FJ-4(B) Fury AF-2S/3S/2W Guardian S-2E Tracker WF-2/E-1B Tracer F8U-3 Super Crusader Lockheed F-90 Penetrator B/RB-66 Destroyer F2H-3 Banshee F-2H-4 Banshee I just opened a couple of my seventeen CA kits to whiff the resin. Good stuff. Gene K
  14. Outstanding -- hope they use your material ... and that you have input into the entire development process Can I quote you in the 1/48 thread as I'm sure "those folks" would be impressed that you're involved ... at least up front? Gene K