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  1. Ah so...thanks. Gene K
  2. Thanks for the links, not2p. Wonder what "Modeler's Edition" connotes? Gene K
  3. Here's a clue to the price of each kit: Academy: ~ $20USD GWH : ~ $32USD The Academy price seems (too) low going by previous comparable Academy kits like the F-4. Gene K
  4. Well, since there's no ARC thread on the GWH kit (is there?), I'll post this link from BM to some more photos of the GWH kit. Looks really good ... and Google translate does a fair job. Here are a couple of samples: Gene K
  5. If you need decals, I have a "spare" Cam Rahn set to use on your build log. Gene K
  6. Beautiful F-4D portrait, Craig (the airplane and the photography). Thanks. Any idea how many "late" F-4Cs had that radome? I've only heard of a few "borrows". Gene K
  7. Can it get any better??? I also heard that at Telford one of the reps said they'd be doing a B model, but that was a singular incident, I believe. Since they then would have a thin wing as well as thick, it wouldn't be "much more" of a stretch to do a couple of RF noses. Gene K
  8. According to the ZM boss blog #88 (Google translation):  "From J, until the series of all F-4 phantom is complete, from S, C, D, J (Marine Corps specification), from long nose E, F, G, EJ type finally to spare engine loading Whether they can do their best, their destiny is precisely you". (depends on sales, and that appears to be the order) What's missing, at this point, is the B model and RF series. Gene K
  9. For sure! "Snap kits" used to have a connotation of simplified detail and large seams. However, I think that's changed with what Academy and some other companies are doing these days! In that regard, the Academy F-15E kit follows their very nice F-4 and F/A-18 snappers, but I wasn't aware that the GWS kit is designed in a similar manner. There is an indication in the first picture in this review ... have you seen more? Gene K
  10. Please be sure to do some photo "documentation", Rex. Gene K
  11. If the half year spread between the J and the S is an indicator, the C/D may (wishfully) show up by Christmas. Gene K
  12. Interesting supposition about the slats and flaps breakout, Darren. Your resin filler would likely be a good seller ... providing the HB kit is priced "appropriately" lower than the Hasegawa kit. Like Skyhawk Rex, I'll likely have to get one ... regardless ...because it's a Skyhawk. Gene K
  13. Thanks for the heads up and the links! Looks like the F-4S is on schedule for summer release, but haven't seen a follow on date for the C and/or D (or C/D?). Gene K
  14. For those who may not know: according to the Urban dictionary: word A versatile declaration, originating (more or less) in hip-hop culture. "Word" has no single meaning, but is used to convey a casual sense of affirmation, acknowledgement, agreement, or to indicate that something has impressed you favorably. Its usage among young blacks has been parodied ad nauseam among clueless suburban whites. Gene K
  15. Saw those on Britmodeller, thanks. They look great, I think. I'm looking forward to the comments and analysis from the experts (seriously). Gene K