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  1. Excellent review here. Gene K
  2. USAF SUU-16 and SUU-23 of the VietNam era were predominantly OD ... by far. Gene K
  3. Thanks for that link ChippyWho - such a beautiful model. As another reference source, here are the instructions for the base Smer/KoPro kit as issued by Eduard. Gene K
  4. So AT THIS POINT, who's ahead ... Kitty Hawk or Hobby Boss? Gene K
  5. Thanks. The poster had mixed up Hobby Search with Hobby Easy. Gene K
  6. ?? Too high or too low? Gene K
  7. Well, at least the boxtop artist got it right (the canopy) . Gene K
  8. yeah ... right. Hobby Boss 2016 catalog: Gene K
  9. Thanks for the detailed explanation, Rex. SInce I'm way off topic, I sent you a PM. Gene K
  10. Since two Scooter experts are here, what about the Fujimi kits ... which many declare as the best? Gene K
  11. Nicely presented, valuable post, Tom. Too bad Bentley didn't see it. The top posted picture is from Rise of Flight, the finest WWI flight simulation out there. That particular aircraft is listed as "Unknown Pilot". The skins in that simulation are an excellent source of markings for scale modelers (including me since I use them in building WWI Radio Control models). For example, here's the subject as presented in the Game Viewer, followed by the skin: In the Viewer, one can zoom in/out (including going through the skin to see limited internal structure), rotate, and also play animation as guns firing, flight controls moving, and gear shock absorbing, among other things. Note that individual skin pieces above are not to the same scale (easily resized over a scale 3 view). Gene K
  12. Unfortunately, I don't, Rex -- the earliest I think I have in all those boxes in my garage is the first Japan boxing of the F-4K. Tom has much better recall than I do!!! I assume you know about the timelines on this outstanding site? Gene K
  13. Thomas, another option, if you haven't aleady gotten the Eduard set, is the Strip Lights in the outstanding new Zuki Mura F-4J kit. If you don't intend to buy the kit, you could ask someone who has and is not going to use the lights. They are fairly thin, and would be easy to thin even more with a little sanding. Gene K
  14. Same here ... have many of his other items also. As an aside (since we're talking Aftermarket), I was delighted to "find" unnumbered strip lights on ZM Tree C. Good for the F-4J(UK), as well as the spares box (since it's a common sprue for future ZM kits). Gene K
  15. Jeffrey, Are you aware of this ZM Set that includes canopy parts? Gene K