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  1. The USAF E models had slotted stabs. Gene K EDIT: Opps, caiotfjr. I posted before I read your response ... sorry.
  2. Rex, You could go here and drag the TinyURL! link onto your browser shortcut toolbar. Then the giant above could turn into this midget: Gene K
  3. Well, that clears it up! Gene K
  4. Rex, Your Hangar Deck is a superb reference site (among other things), and I really appreciate the enormous effort you are putting into this labor of love! Gene K
  5. Yes! Excellent kit(s) Gene K
  6. That's a beauty, John!. Gene K
  7. Excellent review here. Gene K
  8. USAF SUU-16 and SUU-23 of the VietNam era were predominantly OD ... by far. Gene K
  9. Thanks for that link ChippyWho - such a beautiful model. As another reference source, here are the instructions for the base Smer/KoPro kit as issued by Eduard. Gene K
  10. So AT THIS POINT, who's ahead ... Kitty Hawk or Hobby Boss? Gene K
  11. Thanks. The poster had mixed up Hobby Search with Hobby Easy. Gene K
  12. ?? Too high or too low? Gene K
  13. Well, at least the boxtop artist got it right (the canopy) . Gene K
  14. yeah ... right. Hobby Boss 2016 catalog: Gene K
  15. Thanks for the detailed explanation, Rex. SInce I'm way off topic, I sent you a PM. Gene K