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  1. I've been away for such a long time, I can't remember when I was last on ARC, and yet this post endures. Excellent. 😂😂 Cheers, Alby
  2. Hey Murph- I am so sorry for your loss. My condolences to you and your family on the passing of your Dad. With Sympathy, Albert
  3. Excellent work overall. The camouflage scheme is especially well done! Cheers, Albert
  4. Hi Tom, Wow, that one goes way back to when I got back into aviation modeling in 2003! :D/>/> I masked the windscreen and side panes of the canopy with Bare Metal Foil. As mentioned above, after I painted the main colors and allowed them to dry, thin strips of painter's masking tape were used to mask off the frame areas around the seals. Sprayed a few light coats of gray on the seals, removed the masking and cleaned up any areas that needed attention. Hope this helps, Alby
  5. Lovely work on all them. The airbrushing is quite exquisite, especially Yellow 1. Cheers, Albert
  6. Very nice save, Steve. It's always good to see an old model restored instead of being discarded. Cheers, Albert
  7. Excellent news, Steve! Cheers, Albert
  8. Hey Pete, I like it a bunch! Impeccable paint work, especially considering how much fun it is working with white. Thanks for sharing something that is not only well built and painted, but also quite unique subject wise. Cheers, Albert
  9. Hi Tom- Thanks for the kudos. Sky's Decals were very pleasant to work with. Some of the markings required an extra bit of help conforming to the surface features like panel lines, but nothing a little Solva-Set couldn't take care of. Thanks again! Cheers, Albert
  10. Hi gang- been a while since I've posted something new here. This is my just-completed KP (aka AZ Models) 1/72 Avia S-199 'Messer' no. D.117 of the First Fighters (101) Squadron. I chose this particular airplane because of the personalized Star of David on the port side of the fuselage (has the "Nahama" written in it, which is a girl's name from what I read). The only extra that was added was an AML resin centerline bomb rack w/ ordnance, everything else is from the kit. The finish is Revell 362 'Bronze-Green' enamel, and the decals are from Sky's Decals of Israel. Thanks for looking!
  11. Wow! Exquisite paint and weathering work, just overall top quality work. Bravo, sir! Cheers, Albert
  12. Exquisite work, Jean-Baptiste! Cheers, Albert
  13. Now there's a version of the venerable Huey you don't see built everyday! Well done! Cheers, Albert
  14. That is some fantastic detailing in the cockpit, Jean! Cheers, Albert
  15. Very nice work so far, Jean! I don't believe anyone here would protest to seeing your work here as well. Otherwise keep us posted, I look forward to watching this to completion. Cheers, Albert
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