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  1. Great subjects Mark ! That RF-4C gets my attention ! :) Haydn.
  2. Don't know if this is quite the right place but here is a link to photo report of our USAF 70th Anniversary display at Scale Model World in Telford: http://usaf-sig.org/index.php/gallery/shows-a-events/109-model-shows/803-2017-smw-usaf-sig-display#!IMG_0141 Cheers, Haydn.
  3. Haven't done much posting anywhere since photobucket stole my joy ! :) eagledocf15 - I have run out of intakes but I am planning to start work on them again in the new year. Cheers, Haydn.
  4. Check out the Fire Equipment cololurs listed here... http://www.scalefinishes.com/emergency.html I used their USAF yellow on this P-19.... Cheers, Haydn.
  5. They look great - and nice to see the optional position folding sections ! Cheers, Haydn.
  6. According to the excellent book "Tail Code" by Pat Martin, the code HA was briefly assigned to the 417 TFS after they were reassigned from the 67 TRW at Mountain Home AFB to the 49th TFW at Holloman AFB (around November 1970 time). No photograph though. Cheers, Haydn.
  7. Great subjects ! Again !! Haydn.
  8. The 3000 pound M118 Bomb is a great suggestion ! Cheers, Haydn.
  9. USAF Revetment Walls now available in 1/72 scale (1/48 and 1/144 in development)... Contains enough pieces to build a single wall up to 9 sections in length. Available here... https://www.usafline.com/ Cheers, Haydn.
  10. Excellent news Mark ! And second the request for SUU-30s ! Cheers, Haydn.
  11. Yeah we were all going to mention that :) Excellent stuff Russ. Haydn.
  12. Hi Darius, I have some really heavy duty sand paper (I think it was called production paper) stuck to a small A4 sized board with double sided tape that I use to remove large areas of excess resin as in this situation. Cheers, Haydn.
  13. Coming on very nicely !
  14. Great to see you back at work Russ ! Impressive modelling !! Cheers, Haydn.
  15. Great subjects AGAIN Mark ! Haydn.
  16. I believe they simulated the tracking or guidance signals of various AAA or SAM weapons systems thereby testing the electronic warfare systems and crew responses of attacking aircraft. Some back ground here.... http://www.lazygranch.com/sa.htm Cheers, Haydn.
  17. As part of our Forty years of Red Flag display at Telford I really wanted to show some of the simulated threats used out on the range. Now there aren't any kits I am aware of so it was going to be a case of scratch building until a couple of strokes of good luck came my way ! The first was the production of a resin M114 AFV in 1/72 by S&S models. Second stroke of luck was discussing the project with Neil Gaunt of Aircraft In Miniature. I explained I was having to scratch build a couple of emitter turrets for Telford and he said could he have a look at my reference material and did I have a
  18. Jennings - please, please, please (I have more of these if required) can you make so that the serial numbers are not part of the actual tail fin art so we can pick and choose serial numbers ? (for example the California ANG and 5 and 48 FIS schemes) Haydn.
  19. Hi Gary, The two lighter shades are FS 30279 and FS 30219. I couldn't figure out the dark brown so mixed it. The pattern is based on the F-5E SEA scheme - the wrap around version used by the Nellis Aggressors (it looked very similar to the published pic of '96') Cheers, Haydn.
  20. Red Eagles YF-110Cs: The 4477th TES obtained around a dozen brand new J-7 fighters from China to replace the Indonesian Mig-21s that had been the back bone of the Red Eagles operations. These models have been converted from the lovely Revell MiG-21-F-13 kit and I have to admit I'm not exactly proud of them ! BUT now these are out in the open I'm sure a manufacturer will come up with a kit ! :)/>/>/>/>/> The decals on the green and grey bird are from Wolfpak decals - http://millcreekconsultants.com/WP72-A077.html Cheers, Haydn.
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