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  1. Yes to this, I've got several Tamiya kits with these early versions in mind! The 354th TFW at Myrtle Beach sure would as the first operational A-10 wing if there's room on the sheet. I saw them a lot as a kid and we all believed that a pier fire was caused by one of the low flying heavily armored aircraft hitting it (and of course flying back to base).
  2. You'll want those bolt on flare/chaff dispensers too
  3. Really nice and I enjoyed your build. I have Tamiya and Monogram 1/48 that I had hoped to do a pre production/non Y with that scheme.
  4. Aw c'mon, it's got a few good angles! And thank you. Thanks Dutch!
  5. The Northrop McDonnell-Douglas YF-23 was the losing contender to the Lockheed Martin YF-22 in the 1990s Advanced Tactical Fighter competition. These are two very different kits, one nearly 20yrs old and one a recent offering, both requiring a lot of work. The 2002 Collect-Aire is the more accurate and much of the dual build was to get the HB model to look more like the C-A. Some photos of the build can be seen here F-15, F-18 parts where used for the landing gear just like the real aircraft, lots of modifications to both aircraft's cockpit although the C-A was the more accura
  6. There's no doubting the high standard of QS decals but in this case the kit's cockpit decals look good enough to me.
  7. Yep, different versions. It shows Su-30MKk/MK2/MKV type MFD screens shown here on the bottom two, it's supposed to have the top two. Yes, with the right cockpit. The MKI has the same layout as the SM.
  8. Considering AKAN acrylics with a Ukrainian digital scheme is flirting with disaster.... But I hear you, and those colors sometimes need even more time. Konbini, did you use any other adhesive like white glue for the other Quinta decals?
  9. Ok, so you kept the lacquer as the paint to be masked over and the acrylic on top? I've got a couple digital masking jobs planned but I haven't been too confident of some of the acrylic paints not pealing off with the tape and thought of doing in that order.
  10. You make it look easy. Are you using lacquer paints?
  11. I've made some progress on the double build. All ready to paint and.... My reshaping of the HB intakes didn't take well to tape. Easily fixed though. That repair made and the cockpits are pretty much finished and I finally got some painting in. I decided to get the HB nearly finished first so I can concentrate on the Collect-Aire with it's dropped flaps and it's weapons bay. Caracal decals pretty accurate and went on fine. A painted kit needs landing gear so I plumbed up the landing gear for both. HB d
  12. Hey Gabor, could you use the kit's decals first so we can see how they line up? Then you can sand it all off and apply the Quinta Studio decals.
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