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  1. There are these too. I have the engine set and it's awesome. http://metdetails.com/catalog/metalic-details/aircraft/148/md4831-s-3a-viking-engines http://metdetails.com/catalog/metalic-details/aircraft/148/mdr4845-s-3ab-viking-bomb-bay http://metdetails.com/catalog/metalic-details/aircraft/148/mdr4843-s-3ab-viking-wheel-bays
  2. I went for cool. Thanks for the info.
  3. I've just made the Hasegawa kit and at first I was about to say it was the same but the cockpit and the blunt Sparrow tips makes it definitive, not Hasegawa.
  4. Moore County, grew up in Southern Pines and Carthage. Roses was our big store, they had a whole aisle of models and Testors paint.
  5. I have an email that was used in the transaction, I'll contact him on it and see if that helps.
  6. I ended up buying from him and our communication was all FB messenger. DM me.
  7. Hasegawa and I used the old Tamiya F-15A wheels. Yes! They were some older Cutting Edge I was pleased to finally use (not many turkey feathers these days)
  8. This was a stash clearer with nostalgia, I wanted to do this scheme as it reminded me of the first Monogram kits I saw as a kid in the Roses department store. I had a couple bottles of Air Superiority Blue saved for a Hasegawa kit, I replaced kit items with an older ESCAPAC seat and different wheels then added the air brake stiffener. Mixed my own metallic green for the cockpit rear. Decals were mostly Superscale stencils and some Caracal for unit and insignia. The blue scheme is sort of unique in that it is glossy underneath and matt on top. I used Hataka Air Superiority Blue overall and on the matt areas I added thin coats of Lifecolor Air Superiority Blue (which has slightly purple hue to Hataka’s slightly greenish hue of blue) on the top and sides.
  9. Cool! Is the ladder from the kit or is it scratch built?
  10. I'm making an Air Superiority Blue F-15A from Langley, I've been having a hard time finding live missile photos from that time. My question is would AIM-7s with white bodies with grey nose cones on those F-15As have had dark fins or white fins? Thanks!
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