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  1. Thanks Gabor, Your eye for detail exceeds all. This is the actual bird I'm interested in making - a Jawbreaker Mi-17 with the Zvezda kit. I figured I could make the nose pod if needed and also the extra fuel tanks in the cargo bay but was hoping for an easy option...
  2. Looking good! I love this kind of modeling.
  3. Reading this with interest, so are masks with the yellow paper more desirable? Less prone to seeping etc?
  4. That's superb, everything about it is exciting. Your weathering is thoroughly well researched and executed. From my JAWS A-10 I feel your pain on the riveting, it really is necessary though for the Warthog effect. The photos look like the real thing.
  5. Hey y'all, I'm trying to close up my MH-60A Super 62 and was wondering if anyone has any good references/guides for wiring up the M134s - meaning exactly where to attach the wires on the guns themselves. Any and all help appreciated!
  6. Good photo and another scheme(?) it seems if my photo below is the same aircraft. I'm more likely to build this scheme highly weathered than the mottled finish. This time add differently spotted Maverick and AN/ALQ-119.
  7. My bad, I got excited with the topic. I have considered this scheme with another Tamiya that I have been preparing. I thought that the white over black could be gently built up with the airbrush but to avoid the soft 'look' of airbrushing (and those airframes' paint jobs had a rough and weathered look) one could do some fine grade sanding over the layers of white. Perhaps starting with a good strong lacquer type black primer base with a weaker acrylic white sprayed on top to aid in the 'roughing up' process and losing the fuzzy all airbrush look.
  8. I'm no mean hand with an airbrush but managed to do this early scheme ok. If you sturdy lots of photos you'll see the aircraft themselves had a lot of overspray, mottled schemes were refreshed and altered. I think the holed paper stencil sounds like a lot of trouble.
  9. Thanks all, I suspect we'll have a few injection molded before too long.
  10. Got another photo or two of that Marine scheme Apache? Looks pretty good.
  11. paulsbrown


    Thanks! Here's an earlier cockpit stage, the Collect-Aire had the more accurate cockpit wells so I used it as a template for the HB. I made a resin copy of the HB instrument panel for the Collect-Aire as it was a bit small and wouldn't match PAV2. Sanded down the topside hump beyond the intake (the white Miliput was used just in case I sanded too deep) and lengthened intakes on HB
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