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  1. Thanks! I'll have to photograph all my 1/48 Flankers one day, I think I have done about a dozen, half of them Sol conversions.
  2. He told me "An apology for communicating so far, the reason was that one of the people who help me was infected by Covid and in turn the workshop was contaminated and even the cel stayed there, just the Yesterday they came from the health sector to carry out the sanitation of the workshop, fortunately also the people who are apollandome are well as the person who was infected, from tomorrow we resume activities"
  3. Have you tried within the last week? I recently had a message from him, he had an employee who tested positive for Covid 19 way back and only was just recently able to return and have it cleaned.
  4. These sets will get you there, they have the different forward fuselage, canards and larger tails etc for the Su-27Ms (Su-35/37). https://www.scalemates.com/kits/wolfpack-design-wp48165-su-35-super-flanker-conversion-set--239436 https://www.scalemates.com/kits/sol-model-mm062-su-35-37--1087299 I prefer the Sol but the Wolfpack is good and probably easier to get ahold of. I used the Academy kit as the base but I still have a Sol and a Wolfpack conversion sets and I would use the much newer HobbyBoss next time, I did some comparisons and they look compatible. Either way, they'll be some sanding. Here's some build pics.
  5. Here's one that was downed in China
  6. It's not a two seater but it might help you on your way, maybe ask Haneto if he's got one planned.
  7. I had used Xtracolours MiG-29 gray on a kit (which is more like light gull gray) and later that year I saw some Russian ones at Farnborough with the gray/green camo and thought the gray was much cooler than mine and more like a dark ghost gray.
  8. I feel a lot better about the size of my stash now. Thank you.
  9. Check this fella out, he did an outstanding job: Build http://modellboard.net/index.php?topic=58313.msg897904#msg897904 Finish
  10. Fantastic cockpit and overall effort! It blows mine out of the sky.
  11. I doubt anyone is going to produce a new kit so yes, I'd say dig in and enjoy it. There's some cool what ifs out there people have done that might help with your decision. The FMV mods are a great idea, maybe maybe it can be recessed with small doors like the F-35.
  12. Yeah, it took a few goes to get the sharp thin curve passable. These are the only shots I have making it. I did some cockpit work and really tried to thin the engine intakes on the inside so the mesh (not the kit supplied) would be more flush like the real one.
  13. Sounds like a pretty interesting helicopter to include, great suggestion. But didn't Dirty Harry carry a .44 magnum?
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