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  1. I'm making an Air Superiority Blue F-15A from Langley, I've been having a hard time finding live missile photos from that time. My question is would AIM-7s with white bodies with grey nose cones on those F-15As have had dark fins or white fins? Thanks!
  2. Looks great, is there any way to see the photos not blurry?
  3. Thanks everyone. They were pretty much Testors, both acrylic and enamel. Several lighter mixes of light sea gray and medium gray to help with the weathering. Thanks! I tried to paint the Devil's Disciples patch on their flight suits and give the pilot a 'bullet proof mustache'.
  4. Another box in the stash thrown away, this time an old Hasegawa F-4S with lots of extras. After I finished the first Su-27M with it's Ferris like paintwork I knew I had to complete this one to have next to it.
  5. Also now A-squared makes the IR flare blocks added to the SMT.
  6. FS 36495 Light Gray for the overall, the light green I mixed and can't remember from what, the dark green is AKAN 73093 MiG-29 Grey-Green, cockpit was lightened AKAN 73145 Su-25 Cockpit from the end of 2000, gear is a mix I made for all my later Flankers, I think it was a Flanker light blue with some light gull gray added.
  7. Are you making the gray or green version? Some of the greens were repainted with dark gray. I know on my build (link below) I found FS36495 to be the best all over gray, AKAN 73145 (lightened) for the cockpit. I'll look around for the other paints I used, I think one or two of the greens were from the set you have but I might have modified them. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235047343-mig-29smt-148-gwh/&tab=comments#comment-3208256
  8. Hi Paul! Do you have a WIP site? Would you like to share what exactly the paints you used for the wheel bays, gear struts and intake trunking? 

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    2. flybywire


      Thanks. I have huge problem when it comes to the colors for Russian jets on those areas.

    3. paulsbrown


      Here's some WIP shots, they might be helpful. I hear you on the color problems with Russian jets, I've spent more time than I'd like to think about comparing photos and working out colors. 


      I'm a big fan of AKAN paints, the water based ones, they aren't perfect but the really specialized colors have been far more accurate than other brands I've compared (MRP's lacquer Su-35 colors are good, MIGs are terrible) and I've had no trouble with them. They need a bit more curing time than other acrylics but harden up fine.


      These discussions are helpful https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235032930-eggplant-greypurple/  

      AKAN's eggplant 73166 was much better to my eye as is the light blue 73170 underneath, I ended up weathering with lightening the eggplant with white in stages and then using Dk Ghost Gray for the most faded. 

      The cockpit color, 73069 is perfect although needs just a little lightening for the Su-30/34/35 and a lot more lightening for Su-27s, particularly early ones.


      As for gear, I ended up making a mix and using it on all of them. It's pretty much one of the flanker blues mixed into light gull gray. The gear color looks different in every photo of Flankers but when you see close ups with the light blue body color nearby you can see that the gear and wheel wells are a warmer gray, hence adding a little flanker blue to Light Gull gray. 

      I made some kind of mix and put it in an old Testors bottle and just keep using it.


      Flanker intakes I always painted some kind of aluminum. There are photos out there that show the insides being bare metal, even in the Su-35.


      Good luck!




    4. flybywire


      Thank you very much for your help Paul! I really appreciate it!. I already have several Akan paints in my hobby room but haven't started using on any single modern Russian jet yet for the primary reason that I wasn't sure yet of what's the correct colors/paints to use on those areas I mentioned. 

  9. Thanks Zach! I bought the KH because it was the first one released and as a 1/48 Russian aircraft builder I had no hesitation. I also decided to make it the early eggplant as it things like the chaff were correct for that scheme, also reckoning the camo schemes of the Russian and Chinese would look better with the crisper GWH surface details. Saying that I really liked the KH, it looks the part and stands out well to the other Flankers I have. I see it as good practice to go to town on the GWH kits... Was nearly finished and then saw this photo.... ..which was a game changer, I had planned a little weathering but decided to remove the decals and repaint it as a well worn Aviadarts contender.
  10. Yes, the GWH kit is beautiful but the Kittyhawk still builds up fine and pretty trouble free. I used the AMUR Reaver burner cans on the KH kit and although not a tail sitter it would benefit from a little weight in the nose. Also beware of the forward landing gear, the rear piece is too short and will make the droop too low, I replaced it with an Academy one but it's easy enough to lengthen the kit piece.
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