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  1. I've been hacking away at the Neomega conversion for a while and have all the extras to help it along. Going down the rivet rabbit hole now.
  2. I always paint a coat of cockpit color over the Quinta decals. There's no grainy look and color matching is solved. Start thin and the capillary action pulls the paint into the tight areas, when dry another coat over the larger areas.
  3. Thanks! I've just opened the GWH Su-30SM so hopefully it will have it's descendant next to it someday.
  4. I've built a dozen of them and the only time there was a problem was with resin burner cans on the KH Su-35, it just manages to keep it's nose down.
  5. That's just awesome. Great painting
  6. As a kid I often saw A-10s from the first operational squadron flying up and down Myrtle Beach, SC. Years later when out working near Ft Bragg I frequently watched A-10s doing gun runs with their 30mm GAU-8 gatling gun and it's bizarre, ear tickling sound (Pope AFB at Ft Bragg had the Flying Tigers based there for a spell). The kit is the old Tamiya as it was based on the early preproduction aircraft and lacked many features on production aircraft (chaff/flare launchers etc) and other bumps that featured on production aircraft. It's old but a pretty good kit, accurate shape and pan
  7. What's the backstory on that Berkut?
  8. The Monogram has the split gear doors and some other attributes to the YF. Sanding the nose area to get the correct shape was not too difficult.
  9. It's great paint, good color accuracy, sprays well. dries hard, never had any problems with their paints.
  10. Thanks! The F-18 used the Monogram console that had a few changes to the lower MFD display to match the photo I had of the prototype, it's seat was....actually I can't remember whose it is. The kit's cockpit/console/seat were very good even though I replaced some of them. The cockpit tub and instrument 'hell hole' was Black Box. The F-16 console was an Eduard F-16A with dials added to where the left MFD was and the large altitude indicator added to the center one. Tub was Hasegawa. Seat was replaced with an ESCAPAC that the prototype had.
  11. Thanks y'all. Apologies for sticking it in the wrong part of the forum...😬
  12. Caracal decals to the rescue, y'all did your homework with the car paint used on the first prototype. The 1980 Monogram decals although very good and still useable were not the right blue color. CD48158 F-18 Hornet - The Early Years Keep those kind of projects rolling!
  13. After reading Robert Coram's book 'Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War' I was ready to dig out my 1979 Monogram F-16 kit and make what Boyd referred to as a pure fighter. The YF-16 at that point was more like his vision, not a multirole aircraft but light, fast and maneuverable. This project got the F-18 prototype kit out too, another Monogram kit from 1980 and both in striking paint schemes (well documented as auto paint) of the time I wanted on my shelf. The F-16 kit is pretty close to the YF-16, it needs nose reshaping, cockpit/seat changes and some other little t
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