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  1. It is, it's a great kit and I loved every minute of building it despite the challenges. I would be grateful for a plastic 1/48 Su-57 as I would love to do a couple more, later ones with a different schemes but do not have the energy to do another HPH Pak-FA. making anything other than the first two jets would be a ton more work.
  2. paulsbrown

    Operation Gothic Serpent Aircraft references

    That's outstanding, thank you HeavyArty and hawkwrench.
  3. paulsbrown

    Operation Gothic Serpent Aircraft references

    I've been collecting images of Super 62, 83-23882 Black Widow for a project. There are some photos of it with the RPG damage about to be sent back to be repaired . Clearly many things have been removed for that purpose and I have been trying to figure out the configuration from that day. I know it had the miniguns on board, does anyone know if the FLIR or radar was on it? Thanks for any help.
  4. paulsbrown

    V-22 Osprey decal/details research

    Hopefully 1/48 scale, the Italeri builds up ok into an MV-22 but there's a lot of changes to be made that the kit doesn't have. A decent interior set of bulkheads would be nice too. Here's a link to all the reference photos I used for all the necessary lumps n bumps on this build. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/4i0mrsxmnwry8vt/AACPjVY73zsgtfEqFguum35da?dl=0
  5. paulsbrown

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    No, just my own curiosity to see if how my various Eggplants held up to RAL7015. Since I needed gray to repaint some gray doors at my workshop I decided to get the RAL 7015 to see how well it matched the AKAN and other colors. This was AKAN eggplant, lightened where needed. It'll match my workshop entry now.
  6. paulsbrown

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    House paint shop. Big cans and rollers. They can computer mix any color in their ranges plus have the standardized stuff like RAL.
  7. paulsbrown

    Two 1/48 Su-34: And the winner is...

    I went to my local paint shop today and got a small can of RAL 7015 made up (needed to repaint a dark gray door so thought why not?). I sampled it with the AKAN eggplant and found them to be the same hue, AKAN being a little darker. With some white added the AKAN was then a near perfect match.
  8. paulsbrown

    Tamiya F-14A Adversary

    Well done! I did the same scheme with the Italeri 1/48 kit last summer and now wish I hadn't been so determined to clear a kit from the stash and gone ahead and bought the Tamiya. Looks great.
  9. paulsbrown

    Su-27M T10M-1 Prototype 701

    Thanks, it is a cool and awesome scheme! It's always been my favorite of all the Flanker schemes, and there's a lot of Flanker schemes that I like a lot. The recently published photos of it in flight and all sides plus excellent help from friends made finally finishing it possible. I've added a couple more photos for fun of Su-27M 701 along with some later ones, 710 and 711 "Su-37 Terminator" (T-10M-10 and T10M-11). Enjoy!
  10. paulsbrown

    Su-27M T10M-1 Prototype 701

    Thanks everyone! They are some kind of stress sensors that are held in place by putty.
  11. paulsbrown

    Su-27M T10M-1 Prototype 701

    17 years ago I emailed Flankerman and asked if he had any pictures of the 1988 Su-27M/Su-35 prototype that was later left at Monino. He very kindly got back to me with a goldmine. The reference photos he sent me were a game changer as he had discovered the disruptive scheme was mirrored underneath and had a bundle of photos to illustrate it. I loved the Ferris like camouflage but also the new Su-27M nose profile with the traditional cropped fins as later Su-27Ms had the squared tips. I did all the hard work expected of an Academy and Sol conversion way back then and put it away; it sat in the box (with the occasional peeks) until this year. I've made a real effort to finish unfinished projects and clear the stash a bit. I'm pleased to say it's the last 1/48 Academy for me (7 built)! I'm now looking forward to all the newer companies much improved kits. Colors were mostly AKAN mixes, Neomega cockpit, Eduard etched details, DANmodels intake covers, Armory wheels and one of Haneto's (Fairy-Hobby) beautiful corrected canopies. The decals were from Begemot except for the stars which were hand made. v My two favorite Flankers in real life and in scale. I spent the last few days repairing my Su-37 Terminator so I could take a photo like this one of 711 and 701 together. a I may as well go for the hat trick to finish.
  12. paulsbrown

    Glass Case RMAF SU-30MKM 1/48

    Not one but 2 MKMs, fantastic jobs.
  13. paulsbrown

    1/32 Lockheed S-3B Viking - scratchbuilt

  14. paulsbrown

    Yefim Gordon Su-27 Famous Russian Aircraft

    I'm delighted to see I have the Tupolev edition too. I've found the line drawings surprisingly accurate in comparison with photos on my Su-27M T10M-1 build, there are 4 views of it and T10M-10 among the others.
  15. paulsbrown

    1/48 Hobby Boss Su-30MKM Flanker-H, Royal Malaysian Air Force, 2015

    Yep, that's badass. Really nice job.