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  1. Helpful info goes along with what Dave said about drying time color changes. Again thanks to all responding. Mike
  2. Thank you for that. Love that paint but hate the smell. I use it only when I can open the windows. Will keep it in mind. Mike
  3. Dave, Thank you for that. I have added some red to the AeroMaster. And while it has darkened, it still looks too green to my eye. Actually you have made a good point. I have painted the fuselage where the windows will go. And each side has been painted a little red on 1 side and a with a little more red on the other side. I will wait awhile and compare them. Right now they still look too green, but are darker than the original. Thanks again to all that have responded. Mike
  4. Don, Thank you for that info.
  5. Don, Thanks for chiming in. Humbrol is ifie, Xtracolour I have never used. Mike
  6. PFlint Thanks, maybe I'll get that. I use Lacquer thinner with Tamiya flats. Mike
  7. Hal, Thank you. I have a fresh, sealed, bottle of AeroMaster 9040 US Olive Drab 41 ANA 613. While it sprayed great, it is too green. I'll try adding some red. Thanks again. Mike
  8. What brand to use to paint a P-40E, not water based, in 41overall.
  9. Almost the first day of spring. Any further news on the T-2 Buckeye sheet? Mike Horina
  10. Kyle, offer in the works, check your PM Mike Horina
  11. Pascal Thank you for the info on the wires. Excellent build your doing, wonderful workmanship. And please continue sharing your work with us here. Thanks for that also. Mike Horina
  12. 53 Marine, Please check your PM. Trade offer. Mike Horina
  13. Zaktwist, Thank you for this info concerning the spar. Another question if I may. I was wondering about the fit of the Aires IP because with the Eduard cockpit set you cannot fit the IP if you have glued the two side walls to the floor first. Could this be the same problem with the Aires set? Or did you fit the IP with only one side glued on? Thanks for any info concerning this item. By the way, I really like the way the bottom of your model turned out. The entire model looks very nice and well done. Mike Horina
  14. I was wondering because I have both the Aires and the Eduard cockpit sets. Does the lack of the locating bars, for the wing spar, that is on the Revell kit cockpit's underside contribute to the Aires fit problem and secondly does the missing locaters allow the wing spar to align properly? The Eduard set has the locating spar bars on the bottom of their set just like the Revell kit. Anyone have this info or those that have used the Aires set think this could be the problem with the fit? Mike Horina
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