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  1. Little late coming back - but thanks. And i was planning on some plastic card or sprue or something for backing it. *nods* Finishing up a Hobby 2000 (see: Academy, in this case - Polish company that does repops, they also had the Hasegawa AR234) MiG-29UB... with all its issues (and a replacement resin cockpit... which the rear decided to edge forward as the superglue set. *sigh* Ah well, the joy of modeling.)
  2. So, being hungry I ordered (another...) PBJ, this being the academy (formerly AM) PBJ. Considering making it a ceiling hangar, because this really deserves to be "in the air." It doesn't *look* like there's much to the landing gear doors - mostly buttoned up, and it's probably a good idea to glue in some plastic card or rod as a backing so the doors have *some* support while installing - but has anyone built these gear-up and can report any surprises with doing so?
  3. Hey all, So, remember Aeromaster? I have one of their sheets (48-290, Carrier Based Avengers Pt II) that the instructions seem to have wandered off from. (I had it in a box with one of the late AM TBF kits - their sort of "grey box, there are instructions and plastic but no decal" sets.) I've found the front of the first page at Scalemates. I don't know if it was double sided or had two pages, either way though, and there's no info on other decal placement (carrier markings, etc.) So I was wondering if anyone had this sheet and could scan the instructions. (Nobody seems
  4. I've had a very Hornet year. Monogram Blue Angels hornet (aftermarket decals.) Revell Super Hornet.
  5. Hmm. Still able to add a few pics? Meng F/A-18F. I love this kit. HARV - few little scratch parts (wingtip cameras, behind-cockpit camera... stuff just keeps changing on this one.) Testors F-18 #6 - spin test that turned into HARV. CONA F/A-18C - displaying this with the hellcat. (Also.. yes, fixed the nose cap color after.)
  6. Poking a nose back in here to see what's up... and see this... funny I've been planning on working through a stash of hornets this year anyway. No master builder here, but still... Since they're prototypes/early production, here's a pair of the old Testors birds. And my hornet pile...
  7. Good morning! (well, here at least.) Related to your "Early years" F-18 sheet, could you possibly look at one following up on 840 in its NASA schemes? (The black/white/gold ones.) It may not sound like there'd be a lot there, but there were a few evolutions of those markings. (Granted, most need some scratch building of the paddles and spin 'chute, but even before those there were a few.) You've already got the "patchwork" touched on in the early years sheet, but the repaint - early high AOA tests before modification, with the glycol system, which have the white nose, g
  8. So, unpacking after a move means, of course, repairing models that have been in boxes for a bit. One of them is a Nichimo KI-45 which, somehow, has completely lost one prop and spinner. Not in the box, not in the packing material - it's just not there. (One could say it flew off somewhere...) Anyone know of suitable resin replacements, or is this a matter of making my own or seeing if someone has an unused one? Thanks! Edit: ... and somehow I missed another kit trying ot make off with it stuck in its landing gear.
  9. Bandai's been doing "snap together" kits for a long time - after all, most Gundam stuff is from them, and they've had a lot of experience (and can do some pretty interesting things with plastic.) The kits are worth a build if you've never put one of theirs together. They are molded "in color" but paint certainly helps. Honestly, bring one and a set of sprue cutters on vacation to do some building, it'll be fun and the end result worthwhile.
  10. Been waiting for these... I've got one YF-12 stashed, and another on the way (that I actually GOT for under $90...)
  11. While I'm browsing around, there's ... nothing, apparently, for the "Stearman Acrobatic" Revell kit. And plenty of colorful schemes out there. I'm guessing licensing tends to be an issue, but still... http://stearmanflyin.com/2017-pilots-and-planes/ for instance has some interesting shots...
  12. Eh. Sorta-busyish year... One I'm probably happiest with (but, rgh... not sure if the bits were warped or not, felt like more of a fight than it should have been) and a scheme I've wanted to do since the ... 80s? when the Revell kit had it out: And just two group shots - Sppojnia Lubliin $-XIII (with some of the oddest, almost styrofoam-y plastic I've ever run across) Stinson Reliant SR-9 Yak-15 Two 1/72 BAE Hawks Hasegawa F-16C "Misawa" 1/100 G'Zok Hasegawa F/a-18 (as D'skunk.) F7F Tigercat
  13. Those are *exactly* what I'm looking for! Thanks! Absolute godsend, Tony. And yeah, I've got two Testors kits, since I've already done the #1 with LEX slots, etc. from the old Monogram kit (had to add a nose probe.) (That white ont he wing edge of the gold stripe is reflected ligth... ti does actually go all the way 'round.) One's got the full LEX slots - which is going to be the #3 bird, also has the short-span ailerons and leading edge dogtooth (#3, IIRC, was determined to be the only one that could be properly done "out of box" there,) and th
  14. So, continuing a bit of a fascination with early Hornets - NASA's F/a-18A 840: (Linked from Wikimedia.) This is one of those "I have got to try this...." schemes. The problem is, of course, that I can't find anything about this on the other side - as well as little details. I'm seeming to recall reading (and I think this is backed up by the picture, though I really don't recall the source,) that when NASA requested an F-18 for this project, the Navy had already started cannibalizing this aircraft either for the rest of the test fleet or for other early
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