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  1. Instead of "bump" or "upz"; From Wikipaedia: Castle Season 1 Ep 1: "Flowers for Your Grave" When a young woman is found dead under circumstances described exactly in a book written by acclaimed author Richard Castle, he is brought in to provide insight into the case. When more victims turn up in similarly-accurate conditions described in his books, Castle is enlisted to assist the investigation by applying his knowledge of criminal behavior and his own books to the department's considerable skills.
  2. Looking to clear some kits. Some sprues bags are opened, but all the parts are still inside. The boxes may be a bit squashed, dented or faded; some are still in good condition. All currency is in Singapore dollars. Buyer pays shipping; to check postage rates please go to: http://www.speedpost.com.sg/Worldwidecomparison.html 1/72 Hasegawa F-4 Phantom VF-84 - $30 Hasegawa F-14B Tomcat VF-103 - $35 Hasegawa BAe Harrier GR3 - $10 Hasegawa SV-51r Nora Type - $35 Airfix Su-27 - $15 Italeri Jaguar T2 - $10 Italeri Su-27 - $10 Revell Su-27 Flanker(Hasegawa mold!!) - $30 Revell BaeHawk - $10 (2 Available) Monogram B-1B (OEF Edition) - $85 Trumpeter Tu-160 Blackjack - $75 (Note: missing metal shaft 1.0x12.0) 1/48 Hasegawa F-14A Tomcat - $60 Hasegawa F-15J - $40 Hasegawa F-15C - $40 Revell B-1B Lancer - $100 Other 1/144 Bandai-Ex Magella-Attack - $25 1/100 Tamiya Space Shuttle - $30 1/32 Trumpeter Su-27 Flanker - $130
  3. What I find amusing (the the facepalming sort of way) is that Sony is a huge proponent of DRM and anti-copying measures. Remember the rootkit debacle? And Securom is a Sony product. And now someone comes in and copies Sony's entire customer and CC database. Maybe they should have implemented some of that rootkit and Securom to their own databases eh? Apparently, the security of their products is more important than the security of their customer base.
  4. I think he should just face the facts that he was left here to suffer with all of us sinners and that all the good people were 'raptured' into Heaven and that he wasn't one of them. I guess this is a good time for him to repent right?
  5. Actually, the Mega Size 1/48 RX-78-2 Gundam comes with waterslide decals. The limited edition HD colour version series (RX-178 Gundam Mk II, Zeta 2.0 and Hyuku-Shiki) also comes with some water slide decals, but the stencils are still stickers. Check out Dalong
  6. Now you're nitpicking. The point I was making is that petrol needs to be a vapour before it can even burn, with the presence of oxygen. Liquid petrol, with or without the presence of oxygen, will not burn. I was discussing the physical state needed for the burning process to even occur, not the burning process itself. I did not mention oxygen, oxidation, accelerators, etc at all because that was not what I was explaining. The fact that the vapour still needed oxygen to burn was tangential to the point I was trying to get across. You, on the other hand, took 5 posts, 28 posts later, before you can even explain the nature of your initial objection, which you should have attempted to explain in the first place to avoid any misunderstandings. A simple explanation: "I think the petrol vapours still need oxygen to burn, the vapours alone still won't burn" would have been immensely helpful as a clarification, but instead you decided to go for: And that even leaves out the fact you confused burning with evaporation. If you're going to correct someone, at least explain. That way everyone can learn. It avoids misunderstandings. Edit: But I guess since this is an international forum, some people wouldn't have English as their first language and will have difficulty getting their point across. So I apologise for misunderstanding and plese, try to explain even if English isn't your first language; it helps to avoids misunderstandings. Saying less leads to more misunderstandings than saying lots in bad English.
  7. I stated that liquid petrol cannot burn, but you claimed that is not necessarily correct... You still haven't given any example of that. You've only claimed that the process of evaporation is also the beginnings of the burning process, which justifies your statement that liquid petrol does burn. I pointed out that what you described was the process of evaporation, not burning. And your only answer is that I'm confronting you. Burning is an oxidation process. Phase change is not. The two has nothing to do with each other. So I really am curious, what example can you give to show that liquid petrol, in special cases, can burn? Liquid petrol, mind you, not vapourised liquid petrol. I've never heard of any special cases, so I really would like to know. You stated the surface is the energy source and that anything can explode. That is true. As long as it has an energy value, it can explode. But this is a non-sequitur. The source may have an energy value, but it doen't mean it can burn until it undergoes a phase change or has energy input. In liquid fuels, the liquid fuel is the reservoir but only when it vapourises it will burn. And by the way, the temperature does not change from when a liquid goes to gas phase. When you measure a liquid being heated, the temperature rises until the phase change temp, where it will plateau until the phase change is complete. At this stage, you'll be measuring the temp of the gas. The thermal energy absorbed is used to overcome the intermolecular bonds that keeps it as a liquid. In a diesel engine, diesel fuel is vaporised and compressed to ignite, using the principle of PV=nRT. The compression heats up the diesel, oxygen mixture enough that it burns. The ignition source, in this case, is the compression of the mixture that generates the heat necessary to ignite the mixture. Although the reaction is exothermic, work needs to be done to compress the gas mixture. So before you accuse me of seeing it as a confrontation, I suggest you also "Look at what is writing". Bottom line: Show me a liquid fuel that burns as a liquid and not a vapour/gas.
  8. That is not necessarily correct. And unlike you, I'll explain. What you described is simply vapourisation, the process of liquids going to gas. It has nothing to do with burning. You don't describe the water in the cup you set on the table for an hour on a hot day as beginning to burn. You say it's begun to evaporate By the way, going by your example, you're burning every time you sweat. Yeah, when sweat is burning(evaporate) off your body, it's going from liquid to gas. You're burning up, man. As slartibartfast pointed out, for burning to occur, you need a fuel source (fuel), an oxidiser (oxygen), and an ignition source (spark). Since your example lacks an ignition source, it's not burning. It doesn't fulfill the criteria of burning. So even technically speaking, the burn process has not started because there's no ignition source. For solids such sodium, the reaction with oxygen is so vigourous that it releases a lot of heat, generating it's own ignition spark.
  9. One of the most common misconceptions is fuel/petrol burns. It doesnt! Liquid fuel/petrol is like any other liquids in that it's wet. Drop a lighted match into liquid fuel, and the match will just go out. What burns is actually the fuel/petrol vapours. Like any other liquid, fuel will evaporate. When a cup of fuel is set on fire, the flames actually start above the liquid, but it gives the impression that the liquid is on fire. Bottom line, liquid petrol doesn't burn. The vapours burn.
  10. Maybe Boeing was afraid that someone might sue them for Copyright Infringement on the US Roundel and the font, so they used their own design and font... But yeah, looks photoshopped to me.
  11. A tongue-in-cheek article about dogs vs. cats on New Scientist. Interesting facts there... And some of the comments are good... Well worth reading! Dogs vs cats: The great pet showdown
  12. Gundams are fun! Here's mine... I have a Zeta Gundam v2.0 that's on hold... I must find the discipline to finish it! :D
  13. Whenever I see the Global Hawk, Aliens (the Sigourney Weaver movie) comes to mind... ;) Must be the nose section...
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