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  1. No, you can't turn flat paint into gloss by adding clear gloss, and you can't turn gloss paint into flat by adding clear flat. Now, I *do* like to use a 50-50 (or so) mixture of clear and paint to modulate the color a bit of a monotone paint scheme. For example, an olive drab P-40 is pretty boring if you don't do something to the finish, so I'll take a bit of a lighter color OD than what I used for the base color, mix it with clear, and spray it on select locations of the model to produce slight-but-noticeable variations in the finish. Mike
  2. I use water-based acrylics only, and I've long-used Model Master Acryl paints. However, that line has been discontinued, so I'll eventually switch to either LifeColour or Mission Models paints. I've used both in some applications, and am getting used to them. I do have about 4 to 6 bottles of nearly every color of Model Master Acryl, so I'll probably be good for a while. I have found Mission Models easier to airbrush than Lifecolour, but you *MUST* use their primer as well as their instructions to mix the paint with their thinner and poly mix additive. So they're a little more
  3. I have 860 kits in the stash, with plans to build most of them. I just ordered about 10 more. My average is about 22 builds per year, so it'll take me about 40 years to finish them. I'm 51, so yeah, it's *technically* possible. Practically? Hmmm. I do intend to dramatically increase my output once I retire. But, realistically? Probably not. Do I care? Heck no. I'm interested in collecting as much as I am in building. A good chunk of my stash is "reserved" for display as collectors' items (think original Revell kits from the 50's). At the end of the d
  4. It's pretty rare, but I've junked a few. One Russian biplane that went badly at the rigging stage. One short-run kit that was so warped that the fuselage was twisted despite my best efforts to straighten things out. One Mach 2 kit (Thor IRBM) that was just so bad that I gave up. Technically, I still have that one, so I could revive it, but it's just astounding to me how terrible a kit could be with so few parts.
  5. Are you looking to transport built models? If so, I use under-the-bed boxes stuffed with Poly-Fil. Put a thick layer of Poly-Fil down in the box, place the models, and then put another generous layer of Poly-Fil on top. It will condense so be generous. The models won't move a bit if you pack it right, even if you shake the box. I've done two interstate moves with hundreds of built models this way, and usually only have minor repairs on a small percentage of them (usually bombs/missiles).
  6. Yes! I would really like one in 1/72 scale as well. I have a thorough collection of US Navy/Marines/Cost Guard planes in 1/72 scale, and that's just a big hole in the collection. I do have a vac conversion but I find those to be a pain in the butt.
  7. Will be there with my father for our annual (well, save last year's canceled week) trip. We always plan to hit the Saturday at the end of the week, and stay for the night airshow.
  8. Here's what I did with my Tamiya 1/48 P-47D. Painted it with Vallejo Metal Color "Aluminum". After decals were applied, I sprayed the whole thing with Semi Gloss. This keeps the shine down but doesn't eliminate it. Then, I used a normal graphite pencil in the panel lines, which I then scrubbed with a stiff brush. This works some of the graphite into the surrounding paint to change the tone without really changing the color. It just dulls it a bit. I also used some Tamiya weathering kits and some dark grey wash in very select, and only a few, places.
  9. Hasegawa G3M2 "Nell". Great kit and it went together really quickly. The only slow part was masking the clear parts!
  10. Is there a local museum, VFW, hobby shop, airport, etc. that might be happy to display it? Or, is there a kid that might think it's the coolest thing ever? When we moved from Iowa to Indiana, I gave a bunch of mine to the 10 year old son of one of my wife's friends. MADE HIS DAY!
  11. I wouldn't feel bad about moving on. I've done that a few times, and just thrown the whole project in the trash. Other times, with things that were maybe mostly finished, I've saved them to be test beds for trying new painting and weathering techniques.
  12. I have their two Jolly Rogers sheets, and have used them for two builds. The were great. Printed well: good resolution and in register. They go on nicely too.
  13. You're right that you'll need to dig around, although they pop up from time to time on more mainstream places: there's the D4Y3 version on Amazon right now for $35.89 with free shipping, and a variety of them are for sale now on Ebay. Good luck! Mike
  14. Fine Molds has done the Judy variants (I think the whole line). Mike
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