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    Legacy Hornets, Starfighters and other jets flown by (R)CAF. Real Space and Airliners too.
  1. You have to watch this! It doesn't get any better than this... Not only for Legacy Hornet or Blue Angels fans... No junk music, just comms and pure power... Enjoy! https://youtu.be/M_NvfNA4SWU
  2. Eugene Cernan, the last man to walk on the moon, died today, Monday, Jan. 16, surrounded by his family. Apollo 17 is my favourite Apollo mission. This is a sad day. https://www.nasa.gov/astronautprofiles/cernan
  3. Ricardo! That is a wonderful model of Orion. So you built it mostly by scratch, going by all the great references you listed above? This is 1:48 scale, right? Really, it looks fantastic! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the valuable info. I am sitting on the fence to finally start building Challenger (Haven't decided yet in which scale). Best wishes!
  4. Wow, looks fantastic! Great work on a tiny 1/72 Hornet!
  5. Does anybody here know if the letters/numbers of the markings "RCAF [Roundel] number (e.g.)780" on the rear fuselage on CL-13's on the real jets had the same inch height as the ones painted on the forward fuselage (below the cockpit) on the CF-104's? Does the same apply for the (vertical) tail numbers (below the flag)? I am pretty certain the book "Canadian aircraft and markings" from Patrick Martin will give detailed information if the above is true, unfortunately I don't have this book yet. I am eyeing for a LE 1/32 decal set for the CL-13 Sabres, which have the exact numbers I would need for a 1/32 scale CF-104 project, but I don't know if the markings would be correct in size for the Starfighter. Thank you very much for any pointers!
  6. Looks real to me! Rendering the helicopter's shadow "jumping" across grass with different heights, bushes, cars and whatnot would be one hell of a lot of work. Also as mentioned above, you can see the downdraft effects on the roadside vegetation like at 0:15. Nice!
  7. Nice project, Sean! Why not build this airframe in its 1990's symmetrical era paint scheme with the 421. Red Indians badge on the vertical tails? Would save you all the fuss with adding the modern (past upgrade) bird slicers and F/A-18C style antennas... just sayin' If you really consider this, you'll find several nice shots of this particular bird over on flickr, search for 188751 or CF-18 and Farnborough 1990. One thing I always miss with those turbine powered RC models is that they are rarely if ever flown at high alpha. The RC pilots obiously prefer going fast with their treasures (and far away from the stall regime). About 8 years ago I once saw a similar scaled jet powered F-16 in Agressor (green/tan) colors at the World Jet Masters in Ulm/Germany, it had leading edge flaps like the real thing, and its pilot did a long high-alpha pass. That was ubercool and looked really real!
  8. John, sorry, no affiliation, just became a German 421 Squadron fanboy back in the late 80's when Canadians transitioned from the 104 to the Hornet at CFB Baden-Soellingen. Spent many days watching the flying activities from near the base fence, as close as a civilian could get. I always liked the logo/spirit of that squadron.
  9. ALF18, I just revisited your build thread here and... Oh! Hey...wow! I didn't expect a fourtuuwantoo excursion on any of your builds, so that is quite a big suprise! Thank you for the kind words, two thumbs up, you're da man! Really like how you plough through the difficulties you encountered in this build! I think this will be a winner (not that I'm biased, hehe) Rafael
  10. Hey John, AMAZING, the colors and the weathering on your CF-104 look dead spot on. Incredible, I think I've never seen a Canadian 104 model in that scheme this realistic colorwise. Excellent job there! Ubercool!
  11. Very nice, Mike! Like the drooped flaps a lot! (Not wanting to spoil the party and your effort in painting on the false canopy, though it looks like you applied the mask for it in opposite direction, the short section should be facing forward?) Anyway, love the colors on this pretty CF-18!
  12. Whaaaah! I'm hyperventilating! Vincent, you make a dream come true, a J-Mission LEM! That J-Mission stuff already looks fantastic, very promising. Also the fact you collaborate with Max Grueter is supercool. I knew his 3d work on Apollo astronauts, but now you both joined - how about that, great! Keep us posted! THANK YOU! Greetings from Germany, Rafael
  13. Here's the original video uploaded by its creator.
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