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  1. Twice I drove around the country and both times made it a point to stop at any air museum within ~75 miles of my route, been to a bunch in the US. My favorites would be: (in rough order) National Museum of the USAF in Dayton/WrightPat Ohio Museum of Aviation at Warner Robins Georgia Pima in Tucson Arizona (and the boneyard tour) Hill Aerospace Museum in Utah SAC Museum in Ashland Nebraska AMC Museum in Dover Delaware Castle AFB Museum in California March Field Museum in California Peterson Museum in Colorado Springs Colorado Evergreen Museum in McMinnville Oregon Udvar Hazy/Smithsonian Museum in Chantilly VA Patuxent River Museum in Lexington Park Maryland I missed (timing was wrong/etc) but want to go to next time: (Any comments on these?) Air Force Armament Museum at Eglin AFB Florida Naval Aviation Museum in Pensacola Florida Army Aviation Museum at Fort Rucker Alabama Travis AFB Airpark/Museum in California Not sure if there is any interest, but I have a few thousand pics from the ones I have been to, if theres any requests I can look through them for specific planes from specific museums.
  2. Its not a hobby shop really, but the gift shop at the "Museum of Aviation" (just south of the base, website http://www.museumofaviation.org/) had a decent selection of Models and Model Master paints, at least the last few times I was there (3 and 6 years ago) mIght be worth a look. Its a fantastic museum as well, one of the better Aviation museums I have been to over the years. (IMO definitely in the top 10, maybe even top 5)
  3. At that list price, there goes my plans for 8 of them to build give to friends of my father who worked on them in the mid 80's. I might get 1 if any at all at that price for my father as a gift. Paid right around $30 for the C-141 and the C-5's approx 50% larger (ballparking it there) I expected around double the price, not 5x almost 6x the price... Hope they reconsider the pricing.
  4. Which Hasegawa F-22's? The "Prototype" (Kit # 07388) or the "Normal" (Kit # 07245) and is that $45 shipped or $45+shipping? http://www.hasegawausa.com/product-pages/hsgs7388.html or http://www.hasegawausa.com/product-pages/hsgs7245.html
  5. When I click the link in this post, and also from your website listing, it redirects to CD72014 (Alpha Jet).
  6. Sad to see another DC area hobby shop going.. Haven't been in there recently, mostly because of some really rude staff and their prices. But have bought a fair few things there over the years. Hope to stop in before they are gone, but all the good stuff will likely be gone by then
  7. Not the best pictures, but this is Vallejo's Light Ghost Grey (Primer 73.615, FS36375) and Dark Ghost Gray (Model Air 71.120, USAF Medium Gray FS36320) on a Revell FA-18E that I helped my 10 year old nephew build for a school show project. He did pretty much all the building and decal-ling and most of the painting. I used to use Model Master, and these are very close in color to them. Though the Dark Ghost Gray looks a touch more "blue". Bottom and nose is Light Ghost Grey, top and tails are Dark Ghost Gray. (Click for larger view.)
  8. Vallejo does make it in the Model Air line, 71.121 is their 36440 and it matches up pretty close to ModelMaster and Gunze's renditions.
  9. Nice work so far. There is another hobby store in Tucson as well. I was there mid November and it was pretty nice and the people there were nice as well. http://www.135hardware.com/hobby-place/ Its attached to an Ace Hardware at: 7071 E. 22nd. St., Tucson, AZ 85710 Not from Tucson, but was impressed enough to pass along the store info in case you werent aware of it. (Was passing through town visiting Pima and the Titan missile museum and my Brothers wedding.) Your lucky to live so close to Pima, lots of great planes there for model references..
  10. To get you started, you can get the instruction sheet from here in PDF format: http://www.revell.com/support/instructions.html Search the page for "80-4877" or "C-54" (without the quotes) and they are there. Only time I had to request parts was for a Revell Mig-21 with missing decals, and it took 5 weeks to arrive to Maryland, though for the first 4 weeks of that they hadn't even shipped. (Can check the status of your request here: http://www.revell.com/support/parts-request-status.html )
  11. Looking at screenshot I notice that the name I originally registered as "jamesp15" wont work, just tried again and this time as my displayed name "jameslp" and original registered password DOES work. Odd. So this is sorted for me it seems. (wow that was a quick resolution for me lol)
  12. Same issue here, the error says: "The display name entered does not belong to any account" Clicking on "forgot password" and then resetting it to the same password via the link on the email works. At least until I close my browser and restart it to go back to the page when I have to do it all over again. I have attached a screenshot of the failed login screen if it helps any, it is cropped to just the error message, I can send/post a full screen version if needed.. Have tried using my main browser Firefox 49.0.1, as well as Internet Explorer 11 and Edge.
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