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  1. Yeah..I have it. Shoot me your address and I'll try n get it out tomorrow
  2. Pretty sure I have it...think I have the whole kit. I'll get back to you today
  3. Pretty sure I have it...think I have the whole kit. I'll get back to you today
  4. I read some discussing about orders in Australia..maybe a BONE aftermarket supplier? Anyway, I ordered a resin weapons set off of eBay from a seller in Australia. I'm on the east coast, near DC and the package hit my mail box in about a week, no issues.
  5. Thank you for taking the time...I'm looking for a RIO, call sign 'VIRUS'..I hate bugging people but I'm doing everything on my phone n and I can't pick up the names when I look at decal sheets. Thanks again👍
  6. Checkmates sheet still available? If so, could you tell me what pilot names are on that sheet..(potential commission build)
  7. Doesn't tell you anything? I'll tell you something. No one is going to hold your hand and walk you through painting nozzles. It doesn't work that way. Guys here, including myself, have spent years or decades of trial and error, practice and mistake after mistake. I had to research, buy supplies, read these forums over and over trying to learn. Now, I take time and send you to 2 very good sources that can give you great techniques and you say that's not what you want. Tell you what..go do it yourself. Your lazy and looking for a short cut. You know why I'm the only one that responded?
  8. Doogs models or Ammo by mig Jimenez...they have videos n ammo has tons of how to books. That's what you asked for
  9. Ammo one shot primer n paints..i love these. Great variety of paints, usually very accurate, easy to use n clean..with practice I've learned to get excellent results with relative ease. Tamiya X22 gloss. Testors lawyer flat w/ Tamiya lawyer thinner.
  10. I use the sprint jet..came with both included for about 200. Check Chicago art supply
  11. Just got replacement flap parts for my Skyraider (don't ask) from tamiya usa today...Irvine to east coast in 4 days after 2 emails...and no charge👍
  12. I used to live in old town..right on the path apparently..window rattlers for sure
  13. I spray my clean out laquer into an old t shirt then toss it out on the deck until it airs out
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