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  1. ...has it really been 10 years? time flies!
  2. Oh yeah...I used to order from Sprue Brothers a good bit. Lots of other good leads too. Thanks guys!
  3. I used to be a pretty active builder (joined ARC back in 2003) but stepped away for a while. Thinking about trying a kit or three now...mainly interested in 1:48 jets with some other interests. I used to buy from Squadron a lot but looks like they don't have as many kits as they used to unless I'm doing something wrong in the search box... Happy to see the forum here is still pretty active. I got my fair share of help here back in the day, tried to give a little too. -Mike
  4. I have two versions of the Great Book of Modern Warplanes I'd like to sell. The 2000 version is in good shape, light wear. The 1987 version looks a little rough however all pages are there and actually in decent shape-mainly the outer binding is shot. The '87 version covers some older aircraft that the 2000's does not. Both are by Mike Spick...somewhat doubtful writing in places, but a lot of really cool old pictures if you're an aviation buff...and you're here, so you are, right ? LoL. Asking $20 plus shipping for both. They are big and heavy so not sure how much shipping will be (I'm loc
  5. My first flight,we took a 'big jet" from New Orleans to Denver. for the hop from Stapleton to Vail, we took a Dash-7 (not sure why I remember that and not what the jet was). That Dash-7 was a very bumpy ride. Also fun was when we started to let down over Denver, (again, my very first plane ride-I think I was 11 years old)we were sitting just aft of the wing and I had the window seat. I knew nothing about how the control surfaces worked. When the flaps came down and the ailerons started moving, I thought the wing was coming off....felt it was my job to yell out the news to the entire plane. D
  6. thanks much! What about the L-1011? was it ever used for domestic flights?
  7. bored the other day, so I started trying to list the different jets I've flown on over the years. During the early 1980's, I went on a trip from New Orleans to Denver...I know it was American Airlines, and later on Pan Am from New Orleans to Pittsburgh (via Atlanta, IIRC) Any idea how I could find info on what airframes were being used in that era? Not terribly important, just curious. thanks -Mike
  8. landing gear and other bits have been stolen...must be in Jacksonville...
  9. neat video on this page: http://airshowvid.com/naf-el-centro-winter-photocall-2013
  10. anybody see the Sons of Anarchy episode a year or two back where they played the 'help, my baby isn't breathing" trick to get somebody?...
  11. Need to get rid of two kits, <Prowler gone> Second is the Revell F/A-18C, Blue Angel kit. New still in shrinkwrap $5.00 plus postage. if interested please contact via PM or email sunliner403<at> yahoo.com http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v280/sunliner/fer%20sale/Prowler/
  12. This is just about the last of my modelling stuff I'm trying to place. 1:48 scale, mostly F/A-18 Hornet/Superhornet canopies, with a few exceptions: 1 F-16 single seat canopy from the Tamiya kit & 1 S-3 Viking canopy some new, some were pulled off of old kits. no major scratches Decal left overs from Hornets with a set from the Academy MiG-29 several instruction sheets from various kits. I'm not expecting a lot...make me an offer worth schlepping it to the post office and it's all yours. Please PM me or email: sunliner403<at>yahoo.com. Thanks...see the link: http://smg.photobu
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