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  1. I respect everyone's opinion on this subject. It will be interesting to find out why the plane went down.
  2. Letting people crawl through an old airplane is a safe thing to do. I did that a few years ago and I had a great experience. It gave me a whole different opinion of the brave young men that fought in those planes. However, flying passengers in a 77 year old airplane is a whole different thing.
  3. According to my brother-in-law, who is a PI attorney, this is what is going to happen. The families of the people that were injured and killed are going to hire personal injury attorneys. The company that owned the B-17 and that ran the flight tours is going to be sued for negligence. The waivers of liability that the passengers signed do not absolve the tour company from negligence. I would also guess that insurance companies do not cover negligence. In the event that the tour company is found guilty of negligence they are screwed, which is unfortunate because I am sure that they feel that they are doing a good thing.
  4. Just my opinion, and I am standing by it.
  5. I would think that their insurance will be cancelled due to the accident. If not, it will now be unaffordable.
  6. I agree with both of you. The few remaining, intact, air worthy B-17's need to be saved for future generations.
  7. I have real concerns about allowing those planes to continue flying with passengers. My concern is regarding maintenance of the engines. OEM parts for those engines have not been made in a long, long time. I guess that it is possible to scavenge older engines for parts, but how safe is it to use old parts to replace old parts? I do not think that those planes are safe.
  8. I saw a photo of the B-17 taken from a chopper. The plane looks to be a total loss. Reports are that the plane crashed when trying to land. I saw that plane this past Summer in the Chicago area. It was an incredible looking plane. Just beautiful. I considered taking a ride in it, but the price was too high.
  9. I love that photo of the Mustang wading in the water.
  10. The HK kit is about $100.00 more than a Monogram/Revell kit on eBay. That's a lot of money. I guess that we will need to wait and see if the HK is worth it.
  11. The decals worked great!!! The smallest text is readable and the carrier film is clear.
  12. Well, this has been a long journey. I started this build in March 2018. The next month I put the kit on The Shelf Of Doom because I became feed up with the poor engineering of the model. In June, 2019, I decided to finish the kit. It took three months, and a number of sheets of Bare Metal Foil, to finish the kit. The WIP is here: Following are some photos of the finished build.
  13. This is the repaired joint using PPP. PPP is the best solution because the excess putty can be removed with a wet finger or wet Q-tip.
  14. Are you referring to this joint? It's really nasty. I used Perfect Plastic Putty to fill the seam. The area of the engine nacelle/pylon that is attached to the wing is not foiled, it is painted. After the putty dried I painted the PPP with Testors' aluminum paint. I'll take a photo and post the picture of the repaired seam tomorrow. The repair worked out pretty good.
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