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  1. R-40s longer than a Hummer H2 1/72 model, those missiles are huge! Had to put nylon strings on the wheels as the MLG tend to angle wider… should have replaced with brass tubes appropriately. With my previous build
  2. Inspired by Haneto's (aka Yufei) Mig-25 build. :)/> Aftemarket used: Neomega MiG-25 cockpit set Armory R-40TD and R-40RD (AA-6 Acrid) Click2Detail MiG-25 Exhausts (short type) Begemot MiG-25 Decal Sheet Begemot Mig-25 Stencils Decal Sheet
  3. Thank you very much Vesa, I will take time to visit these places :)
  4. I am currently on a business trip in Helsinki and would like to visit some hobby shops here that has aircraft and car model kits. Thanks for the help, Kel
  5. mdlchiw

    SU-34 Fans

    subtitle says "trumpy 1/32" but i think its a 1/48 scale model...
  6. here is the review thread by one of our members Link test shots was sent to our group.
  7. Thanks for the link, I'll try e-mailing them. And hoping the replacement won't shrink also.
  8. Lately been wondering whats the cause of wolfpack's resin shrinking considerably. Span on each wing is reduced to about 3mm, which is a lot in 1/72. Is it because of resin density? or type of resin? etc... Other resin manufacturers doesn't seem to have this problem like Zactoman's resin which is a lot bigger in 1/32. Now I don't have anything against wolfpack. I like the quality of details they add to the model, but with the parts shrinking, its just rendered useless. Just maybe they can read this and remedy the resin in their future productions. Any thoughts?
  9. Thanks for the inputs! hmmmm, for the diamondbacks 2X kits, is the decal standard hasegawa one or a cartograf one?
  10. I have the flap down set, details on par with the kit wings but the resin has shrunk considerably, making them unusable.
  11. no prob, I didn't know it was a limited release!
  12. over at Lucky Model, is this a good deal? TIA Kel
  13. Oh I see :) Great job on the main landing gears, do the italeri MLG fit ok with the Academy wheel wells? I might have to go this route with mine too!
  14. for the vertical stabs, do they really tilt inwards? this pictures shows they are displaced outward: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:F-18C_VFA-25_CVN-72_2000.JPEG
  15. awesome! what colors did you use for the greys?
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