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  1. The vast majority of F-4s never had 'gunsites'... they had GUNSIGHTS kidding... check here. Desert Storm/late F-4G cockpit pics
  2. It was a nice try, but a bit naive to actually think it could be nipped in the bud. Hears for tryin'.
  3. That's one sweet looking office there. ;) I've got one of those Aires pits ready to go into an F-4B - can't wait. ;)
  4. Why the to we need yet another ing emoticon? Maybe we should just not use ing profanity!
  5. Woodman

    Tamiya F4U-1

    My bad - thought he was talking about the lights.
  6. Woodman

    Tamiya F4U-1

    The upper dimples are blue formation lights. Check a copy of F4U Corsair in Detail and Scale (Vol. 55) - page 42. Don't putty them over! Paint 'em.... well... blue. Not sure what you are referring to on the lower side. They did add the blue formation lights (same as upper ones) to both lower wings in later versions like the F4U-5, but not on earlier versions. Also, there are 3 coloured (red, green and amber - front to rear) identification lights, but only on the lower right wing - the left lower wing should be clean as far as the reference shows for versions before the F4U-5 . Barry, s
  7. Okay... 40 years ago today (Crap!, I'm older than I thought) ...at an altitude of 354,000 ft in North American's X-15A-2 - the highest, and fastest point of the amazing X-15 program. :) <_<
  8. I'l start with a few of Phantom shots.. All were taken at Maple Flag 2007 in Cold Lake, AB
  9. Thumbs up on this Smithery guy We completed a flawless trade last week - he even threw in a tow tug as kicker on the deal! BTW - this was the first trade for me, so in a way... Smithery took my trade cherry! :lol: If all trades go this smoothly, I'll have to do this more often.
  10. Here's a couple I know of, and visit when I'm in the Toronto area. Both of these places are on the western edge of Toronto, and fairly near Brampton Aviation World and North Star Military Hobbies Have Fun! :blink:
  11. Very cool... thanks for posting!
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