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  1. I’ve never been one to model crew in place unless the aircraft is to be depicted in flight or in motion. I’ll model the crew milling about, or in the case of a Gotha or Felixstowe, standing or lounging in the aircraft, but no pilot clenching the yoke like he’s fighting a carpet of flak over the target. Flight posed pilots look silly in a supposedly parked aircraft
  2. Cut and Shoot, Texas Jot ‘em Down, Texas Uncertain, Texas Notrees, Texas Nameless, Texas Dimebox, Texas Muleshoe, Texas
  3. I ordered a couple rolls of that tape as well. Fingers crossed.
  4. 32 scale just seemed natural for me. As an ex commercial freight pilot, I’ve pretty familiar with old used dirty worn out aircraft and I like a scale that’s big enough to show the wear and tear on an aircraft without going overboard to the ‘artistic’ look. So, 32 plus most, plus some 48 for modern jets and even 1/72 for big transports such as the An-22 and A400M.
  5. A Tiffie needs targets. The King Target will be most welcome. 🙂
  6. Yeah, if the HPH C-47 came out in time, plans could change.
  7. Either MDC or Airfix Tiffie time...
  8. Awesome. I can buy or replace, your choice. To work Sir, this will somehow need to get to Fedex or UPS today or tomorrow morning for tomorrow or Saturday delivery.
  9. Desperately need a canopy for the Trumpy F-18E Super Hornet. A good friend was prepping his for the US IPMS Nats and it cracked. I'll gladly buy one or borrow one from your kit and replace it ASAP as soon as I can find one. I'll pay for the part, your time, and the fastest overnight service to California. Time is of the essence here, he's leaving for Phoenix early Monday. thanks, Ernie
  10. I'm still guessing on dimensions, but say 2.2 lbs and 24x16x5 we have priority at 26.00 and ground at 12
  11. Guessing weight at about 3 lbs and aprox dimensions of 30x24x11 shows regular parcel at 37.12. Priority is stupid high. 63.00
  12. HK B-17G first boxing pending HK B-17E/F $250.00 Trumpeter P-47 Razorback. $80.00 Hasegawa P-47D $75.00 Hasegawa Bf-109 G-14 $50.00 Academy F/A-18D Night Attack Sold Tamiya F4U-1 Birdcage sealed $100.00 HPH Me-410 $250.00 MDC Ki-61 $120.00 MDC Typhoon $120.00 Craftworks
  13. Hiya Joel! It’s nice to be among friends.
  14. Hey y’all! Has anyone built this kit? I have it in my stash, and it’s a sweet kit. It’s supplied with a complete interior, but HPH would have you cut out the windows, cockpit glass, and nose glazing as well. I’d love to hear thoughts from those who built it. Did you use the interior, or paint the windows? Thoughts? Ernie
  15. Yup. I’m ashamed to say that our Police Dept has discovered the financial thrills of ticketing commercial vehicles. Look me up when you’re around. I live five miles east off of 455. A little ranch out in the sticks.
  16. Glad I’m here, y’all! I know Jerry and a few more I’m sure. Most know I’m primarily 1/32, but also build modern Russian jets in 1/48, and transports in 1/72. Aircraft only as of now. As many also know, I’m a bit of a joker and love to mess around with people’s minds, so when I saw y’all had a joke page, I was here like white on rice!
  17. I’ve been a member with zero posts for a few years. It’s time to stop putting my eggs in one basket. Let’s build! And have fun doing so too. Hoorah!
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