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  1. I'm selling the following as a package: Revell CH-53 GS/G Camouflage kit#04446. Box is open, parts are still sealed in plastic Cobra Co. MH-53 Pavelow conversion set CC48024. Bag is open, but everything is there. Cobra Co. MH-53J/M interior detail set CC48048. Package still sealed. Cobra Co. MH-53 Weapons package CC 480049. Package sealed. Wolfpak Decals 48-004 Choppers Galore sheet. Package sealed Asking 125.00$ US including shipping within North America Paypal only please. Thanks, Rick
  2. I have the following for sale. Aires 1/32 Su-27 Flanker cockpit #2026 45$ sold Aires 1/32 Su-27 Flanker exhaust #2032 50$sold Aires 1/32 Su-27 Flanker wheelwell # 2030 35$sold Zactomodels Su-27 combo correction set; comes with canopy, nosecone, and intake detail sets 90$sold Package price for the 4 Flanker sets of 200$. All the Aires sets are sealed in plastic in the original box and have never been opened. 1/32 Revell Mig-29 Fulcrum kit # 04707 new price 60$. The box is still sealed and has never been opened. Wolfpack WP32001 1/32nd F-14D airframe conversion set for Tamiya kit ne
  3. What are some of your recommendations for types of paint for brushing, specifically for cockpit detailing. TIA, Rick
  4. Thanks for the link, I'll be making an order!! Rick
  5. Awesome work Cliff, simply amazing. Are you using TwoBobs decals for the 19th FS? Rick
  6. I saw him when he was packing up, and he said he was moving to either Penticton or Vernon, I can't remember which one and opening up his store there. He said he'll be doing mail order through his website, but I don't know his web address. HTH
  7. Looking forward to seeing that. Rick
  8. How about a T-45 conversion while you're at it. I have a set of decals in 1/48 for the T-45 that I think have your name on them. Rick
  9. Awesome work Honza. I'm looking forward to whatever you build next. Rick
  10. That would be great if you could send scan or post it on here. Rick
  11. Thanks Cliff, I'll pick it that book up. do you have any updates on your fantastic F-15 build? Rick
  12. Thanks for the help guys. Yes I have seen Fede's F-15. It is awesome work. Rick
  13. does anyone know of a source for accurate panel line drawings for the F-15c. I'm rescribing the Monogram kit and was using the existing raised lines as a guide to go by, but then I opened up my Hasegawa kit, and there are quite a few differences between them. Anyone know which kit would have the more accurate panels, probably the Hasegawa kit i'm guessing. TIA, Rick
  14. Hi Honza, Simply outstanding work. Could you explain how you went about repositioning the rudders. They look fantastic. Rick
  15. What decal options are there for the 9-13C, or for that matter the A model in 1/32nd. I'm looking forward to picking up this conversion.
  16. Mark, I ordered your last one in 1/48th and will order more if you make them. Great stuff. Rick
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