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  1. Hi Mark, Will there be the insert with markings for 551st SOS included? Rick
  2. Mark, You just made my day. Thanks much, Rick
  3. Hi Mark, I'll take 2 sets if you make them, here's hoping you do. Rick
  4. Hi guys, Mark S has a thread going in jet modelling about a forth coming release that includes decals for several helicopters of the 20th SOS and also 551st SOS. He indicated that he would possibly resize to 1/48th if enough people expressed interest. I've been waiting for 1/48 Pavelow decals for a long time and would be in for at least a couple of sheets. Rick
  5. Hi Mark, Any chance of seeing the Pavelow decals in 1/48th as well? Rick
  6. Dimitri, Any idea of a release date for the 1/48 Revell Rafale intakes. Rick
  7. Hi guys, I'm just wondering if anyone has used these products before and if they are a big upgrade to the gear that comes with most kits. I have heard that they are with the S-3 Viking, but I'm wondering if they are for the Hasegawa 1/48 F-18's, the Academy F-18's, and the Revell Rafale. Thanks, Rick
  8. Mark, Please tell me you are including 551st SOS in your release. Rick
  9. Chris, I purchased your set and am extremely impressed with the quality and detail.You are definitely a master craftsman.I'm sorry to see that your sales are down because of Trumpeter ripping you off. One suggestion to improve your sales; how about making a Su-33 conversion to package with your update set. I doubt Trumpeter would follow that, and I think the demand is there based on how much the SOL 1/48 conversion fetches on Ebay. I would definitely buy another set if you did that. I am also waiting for the Revell Mig-29A set and am looking forward to the YF-23 kit as well.Keep up the awesom
  10. Does anyone make decals for this apache: http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g256/gre...08/DSC07003.jpg Rick
  11. I found this on another thread, http://i58.photobucket.com/albums/g256/gre...08/DSC06762.jpg Rick
  12. Nice work. What markings are you going to put on her? Rick
  13. Awesome work Jeff.I also like the looks of the Aussie F-18 that you include with your posts.Do you have more pics of that one as well? Rick
  14. I'm definitely in for 1/48th decals for the Pavelow and C-130 sheet.Any chance of doing MH-53 for the 551st out of Kirtland? Rick
  15. Lucky Model has the Hasegawa kit listed as available.I don't know if that means that they have it in stock or not as other items are listed as in stock,but it might be worth enquiring about. HTH, Rick
  16. Thanks for the heads up Matt.I'll check out that web site. Rick
  17. Thanks for the info.Does anyone have any close up fotos of the tail band of 551 SOS squadron and I remember seeing some artwork of a hornet with 3 miniguns on the inside of one,but can't remember where i saw the pics. Rick
  18. Hi, I was wondering if the Academy CH-53E stencils could be used for the Pavelow.I can't find any dedicated MH-53J/M decals. Thanks, Rick
  19. Hi guys, I just received the three detail sets for the Pavelow in 1/48 scale from Chris at Cobra Co.Very beautiful sets and outstanding service to boot.Now I'm wondering if anyone makes decals and stencils for it in 1/48 scale.I've seen some interesting schemes with spiderweb markings in the anti slip walkway on the tanks and some artwork of a hornet with 3 miniguns on the interior,but can't find decals anywhere.Can someone point me in the right direction. Thanks, Rick
  20. I second the request for 1/32 scale and would be happy with any modex number. Cheers, Rick
  21. Outstanding work.What technique did you use for the seat pads?You have nailed the look of a well worn leather seat pad. Cheers, Rick
  22. How about a 1/48 scale conversion for the T-45 for the Airfix kits.
  23. Hi, Count me in for a set or two,especially since Wolfpack has 1/32 B and D airframe conversions coming soon for the Tamiya F-14.Gorgeous decals Brian. Rick
  24. Hi, Can someone tell me who to contact for replacement parts for Hasegawa kits. TIA Rick
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