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  1. I just received my purchase and I highly recommend Dmitri. The transaction was easy, he follows up on email fast and his packaging and shipping was the best I've seen to date. Buy with extreme confidence. Best Regards, Thomas
  2. Thank you for the reply! Just the HARM launch rails from the 1/48 F-16CJ (Block 50) or any of the Kinetic 1/48 Vipers.
  3. Thank you for the head's up, but I am aware of the fact. I am looking for the LAU-118 rails from the Tamiya viper as the only other options would be 1) to find the discontinued Attack Squadron Shrike sets, 2) Purchase two sets of the Eduard HARM sets to sacrifice their rails, 3) try to update the LAU-34 launch rails from the Hasegawa weapons set A, or 4) To scratchbuild the rails. You know, I forgot to add the scale!! I am looking for 1/48 scale and if there is anyone that has a set available, I would love to purchase them!
  4. Good Morning everyone! I'm currently in the midst of building an A-4F and an A-7E, both destined to have an Iron Hand loud-out for a late Vietnam war motif, yet I am in need of a set of LAU-34 HARM rails from the Tamiya F-16 kits. I currently have only one set, but I am in need of a second. I would gladly pay for a set, if anyone has one available. Thomas
  5. I have them if you are interested. I can even ship them at no charge if you're in the U.S. Would you happen to have a set of HARM rails from the Tamiya F-16 kits available?
  6. Here's a little preview of something I've been working on: They're masters for an early model crusader conversion that I was working on for 3rd Wire, but with the current state of affairs with the company, I'll probably have to find some other biz to add them to their catalog. If anyone's interested, drop me a line. The sets were mastered with a ton of help from Superheat, a former Crusader driver and expert of everything involving the last of the gunfighters. Brian, I promise my first born to you if you release some Crusader sheets! Thomas
  7. Don't forget the Paragon wingfolds and Flaps/Slats.
  8. Fury


    Thanks guys, I was holding out for this; Brian, can you PM me your email addy, your PM inbox is full. Thomas
  9. Fury


    Brian, I just need your address and the instructions are on the way. Thomas
  10. It's been a long time since I've dropped by and posted an update. Steve's pretty well covered the fact that we're still shopping for a reliable, yet quality caster. I know Bugfan's been busy working his tail off lining up someone to get us back up and running. If anyone can give us a lead, it would be greatly appreciated. The reason for this is that my job has kept me way too busy over the pat year to really dedicate the time necessary to cast well. I did a run last summer and because it was rushed, there was a disproportionate amount of rejects and quality suffered. If we cannot find anyone
  11. The answer would be no. The fold mechanisms are completely different for the two Hornet variants. Here's the Super Hornet; Here's the Legacy Hornet; I hope this helps! Thomas
  12. Looks like we have our first orders for the Broodwich from these guys. Do they deliver to the pit of Ultimate Darkness?
  13. It's white, like the rest of the underwing bay. Take Care, Thomas
  14. You're pretty well stuck with the Collect-Aire kit if you're wanting to do it in 48. I've had an idea floating in my head for a while to try to convert the Tamiya Skyray. It'll be a ton of work if I ever get the time and guile to get it started.
  15. Jim, It's not a question of if the Trumpeter bays are that bad. They are quite good as a matter of fact. It's more a question of that the Aires bays are light years ahead in detail. Yes, not much is visible with the forward doors closed, as an accurate build would dictate. It's all a question of how much detail the modeler prefers, even if visible only with a pen light. Jeff, I'll try and get some pics up soon to show you how to make the CE foreward fuselage work with the BB pit and the Aires nose gear bay. Great work and keep the pics coming!!! Take Care, Thomas
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