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  1. Thanks guys. I wasn't aware of this. I do have an account here that is a little more vet, as I was once a fairly active member on the forum. I hardly do scale modeling anymore (still keep my stash though) as I am now a full time vfx artist. Looks like many things changed, as these info was once discussed rather freely.
  2. Gratz. Its a gem worth keeping always.
  3. I can tell you but then I'd have to kill you
  4. It is possible to hold them in place while the aircraft is on ground. With the use of some belt. Search for some RSAF skyhawks and you should find some.
  5. This question will lead to nowhere. There isn't many tomcat schemes out there that doesnt have a fan. I have asked myself this question and found out that the only answer is to build all of them! IMO, the coolest looking one will be any VF-31 cats. Can't go wrong with Felix. Other cool schemes I like are the VF-103 santa cat, Miss molly from sundowners, VF-2 low vis scheme, VF-1 Wolfpack CAG scheme. Of course I can go on and on.
  6. Yes its still my top fav kit in that scale.
  7. I had brittle plastic problems on several of my Hasegawa kits too. It seems that the newer tools have these problems. Some actually chip off simply after dropping onto the floor.
  8. IMO the Acadmy tomcat isn't much easier to build than the Hasegawa one. Yes the parts are lesser and thus less complex. But the time spent on the fit takes up majority of the build process. Main;y on the forward fuselage,the intakes and the speedbrakes. Not to mention rescribing the forward fuselage. Still I have to agree it builds up into a good tomcat (I ain't really bothered by the nose thing). When Hasegawa tomcats gets too pricey, I just have to look elsewhere.
  9. dreammh


    Thinned colors airbrushed lightly over the decals. Works well everytime.
  10. dreammh

    3D Sufa

    Cool, we have an expert in the house! I have soooo much to ask :D Paul, pardon my questions if they sound obvious. I just picked up some knowledge of this software a few days ago. Do you break down different parts of the model, say the tail, wings, even antennas and such into elements? Say if I detach the canopy of my model away from the fuselage and turbosmooth them, there wil be a seam between the edges of the fuselage and the canopy. Any tips to go about doing the panel lines? BTW, your website is awesome. I will definitely refer to your works when I go on to texturing!
  11. dreammh

    3D Sufa

    Just learnt abit on 3DS Max, so decided to give it a try. Doing up a Sufa. :D COmparing with some scale drawings. Gonna smooth it out and add details. I don't have any F-16I drawings to compare against. I only had a side view of an F-16B. The top, front views are F-16C.I have to really use sense for the CFT and spine. If any of you guys have some good scale drawings of the F-16I, please kindly guide me to them. :) Thx Henry
  12. The problems are there but not as bad as your photos showed. Just try to fit them carefully when you weld them together. There should be little fit problem to deal with. As for the intakes, you've fit them as best as they could be fitted. You gonna need putty to deal with those seams. They don't look half bad from the photos.
  13. I use aluminium foil for the covers. For hard type, you can try styrene. Frankly speaking, the Tamiya intake is so nice you should just try to play with it.
  14. Thx Moritz! Seems like Hasegawa left this one out, while other drawings blew it up to much.
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