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  1. I just bought the MENG P-51D 1/48. i was wondering if Eduard's PE built for Tamiya 1/48 P-51D could fit MENG's P-51D 1/48
  2. thanks guys for your opinions. I just completed the 109. i build with gears down. with flaps down. it looks beautiful.
  3. I like to judge a good kit base on their kit quality, detail and cockpit. Help me to choose my kit. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hi guys, I bought the Airfix 1/48 Dogfight Double Spitfire Mk Vb & Bf-109-E recently. It came with the display stand. I am wondering how should I build them, with landing gear down or up. Please suggest. Sorry guys, I am new here and also for this hobby. I didnt realised this is a jet section.
  5. hello guys, i am planning to build a 1/72 su-30mkm royal malaysian air force version of su-30, so im planning to buy su-30mkk from trumpeter and convert it into su-30mkm. any suggestion to avoid all the conversion thing? su-30mk is same version with conard?
  6. i am planning to by the 1/72 p-47 and f-86 sabre from acamedy. they come together in a box. are they good?
  7. Thanks Dave. i will looking into your suggestions.
  8. that's is a beautiful delta aircraft from RAF. thanks for suggestion
  9. in general. what else models from tamiya? all the models in the warbirds series are italeri rebox? italeri is not good model huh?
  10. hello there, i am new for the jet modelling hobby, i just started couple of months ago. i like know what are the best kits to collect for starts. i love ww2 warbirds and 4th generation aircrafts. currently i have completed; 1.p-51d mustang (Tuskegee Airmen) 1/72 airfix 2.A6m2b zero 1/72 airfix 3.bf109E 1/72 airfix 4.Focke wulf FW190A 1/72 airfix i am planning to buy ; B-17 Flying Fortress 1/72 revell ( i wanna display it next to p-51d ) f4u-corsair 1/48 hasegawa ( i dont like the detail on 1/72 ww2 planes, too small) su-35 1/72 hasegawa MiG-29 1/72 tamiya f/a -18 1/72 tamiya superm
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