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  1. Guys I need a pdf scan of the book "Dictionary of Colour Standards, BSI Standards for Ready Mix Paints". Cannot seem to find a copy anywhere, it would be most appreciated if a pdf scan can be supplied, its for my personal research use only. Thanks a lot. William Marshall mechinf@netactive.co.za
  2. Hi Guys I need some help with the colour scheme that Aermacchi used on the factory built MB326 (Impala), it consisted of four colours in a very intricate pattern, these colours were: Tan Colour, Dark Green, Olive drab and Grey I would appreciate the FS numbers or equivalent if you happen to know them. If not the Air International December 1982 issue has this profile on page 300 (a scan of the article would help), fourth from the top as it seemed that the Brazilian AF MB326's were also painted in this colour/scheme. Any help would be appreciated Regards William mechinf@netactive.co.za
  3. Thanks to all with the help so far, nobody with the AI article yet? Regards William
  4. Hi guys I need the correct colours for the French Air Force Mirage III E/R. The Grey-Blue and Green camouflage colour. Not much on the web about the FAF. I know that Air International Magazine Vol 9 Number 9 (approx 1975) has an article on the FAF possible it mentioned the colours, anyone who can supply me with a scan of the article? It will be much appreciated. My email is: mechinf(at)netactive.co.za. Regards and a prosperous New Year to all! William Marshall Pretoria, ZA
  5. Two profiles can be seen at Hartmann http://news.webshots.com/photo/25036224500...qFdy?vhost=news Marseille http://news.webshots.com/photo/27649426400...aZla?vhost=news Regards William Marshall
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