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  1. Looking for part number A-15 Thanks for any reply, Greg.
  2. No one is perfect, not even Tamiya... I will still buy one. LOL first glance why did they install a battery in a WW2 warbird? To bad the spade doors will need work to fill in the inner pan and the radiator exit door is shaped wrong. Total doom and gloom ha!!
  3. you guys are a riot!! my ol stangs include 1967 coupe straight 6 with 3 on the floor 1968 coupe 302 2bbl automatic on the floor 1969 fastback 302 4bbl automatic on the floor 1970 Mach 1 351C 4bbl factory hurst 4 on the floor, toploader, shaker hood (my favorite) 1970 coupe 302 4 bbl automatic on the floor(I had three of these at the same time) I also had the cousin a 1971 mercury cougar
  4. Mike good to see you old friend, shot this short video the other morning at work, yep staying busy with the real ones. click on image.
  5. Cavalier really didn't have a cookie cutter when they refurbished their mustangs but more of a option check list for the buyers, plus all the 'Cavalier' mods came from North American / Rockwell research and development(not including the enforcer program), Dave Lindsey merely applied them after he bought all of the rights to the Mustang.
  6. Thank you Lord Jesus... and forgive those who wanted another Bf 109.
  7. I love it! I'll be sorting out my spare parts now!
  8. here's a better break down of the cowling panels the two pieces in the upper left hand corner are the only two bottom cowling panels. another shot of the same parts.
  9. the extra panel line comes from not filling a join line seam, it is where the bottom wing meets the fuselage halves on the underside aft cowling, just forward of the main gear bays. HTH. Greg.
  10. nice job! every thing looks great to my eye but you may want o set the canopy down on the sills. and one other point to note would be that you only have two lower cowling panels on the "D" not three (the joining of the wing to fuselage needs to be filled).
  11. Great Pics thanks for sharing I wish I coulda made it. BTW do you know who did the Dixieboy P-51?
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