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  1. hi fellas, finished this bird last night thought i would share it here. as the topic title says, this is the trimaster 1/48 Fw190 A-8. this is a GREAT kit! nice engraved panels, molded well, white metal landing gear, PE detail galore, tubing for the cannons and pitot tube, just a really nice kit. the only gripe i have was the old wing root fit!! anyway, i finished her with MM enamels, weathered with an artist oil dark grey wash, some dry brushing, very little pastel, and some paint chipping with testors silver and a silver pencil. she's full of mistakes and there are plenty of missing parts that really tried my patience (PE bending issues). the visible seam on the leading edge of the wing cracked during the photo shoot so i just let it ride. the truth, i simply ran out of patience in some key areas(PE seat belts and other cockpit PE) and feel really luke warm towards the build. but, i still enjoy gazing at it on the shelf and thats all that counts. hope you enjoy. later.









  2. anything lacquer based paint is going to be "hot", meaning it will dry quickly. your psi shouldn't be any higher than 12psi. also, you shouldn't be too far from the model with your airbrush or the paint will be almost dry before it reaches the kit causing orange peel, or grainy surface. too high psi will cause this too. always tweak in the psi/distance on a scrap model before applying it to the real deal.

  3. hi chris, i build houses for a living and oneday on a final walkthrough the customer pointed out a defect in the drywall finish. all i had to mark it with was a sharpie. well, about 12 coats of paint later, the mark was still bleeding through. after about 5 coats of kilz, she finally gave it up. i see on this forum where the same happens on models. what kind of paint did you use on the mig?

  4. i don't think you overdid the fade job on the navy decals, i think they look more realistic that the others. i was in the navy for a 4 year enlistment and you could barely see some of the insignia on the real machines. later.

  5. i see talk of the nightmare of using permanent marker to preshade panel lines with. i bought an italeri 1/48 F-4E a while back and when i popped the top on it i realized it had raised panel lines. at this point in my modeling career, i don't feel confident/patient enough to sand and rescribe. during the construction process, i have had to sand off quite a bit of the raised detail due to poor fit. what if i drew the panel lines back with a fine point marker and let dry, then futured over the marker to seal it in a prevent bleed through. have any of you tried this?

  6. i'm working on multimedia kit that has included some tiny tubing for my gun barrels. i haven't tried cutting it yet, but i know i'm gonna have to cross that bridge soon. how do i cut this delicate stuff without pinching the end shut? TIA.

  7. i use a paint brush and dip it into the nail polish remover and lightly go over the area i puttied and it smooths it out very nicely. works well in wing root areas. be careful though, too many passes and it'll begin to remove the paint too.

  8. nice work on the 190 ww2nut. i'm workin' on a 1/48 trimaster A8 right now. i got a question for you, i notice that you have an open canopy, does the wire from the canopy to the tail section stay tight like that, or should it have slack in it? not trying to point anything out, just an honest question. i'm gonna put the wire on mine, but i'm wrestling with how it will look all loose. thanks for sharing.

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